About the rain delay

Normally the Tigers would be in charge of when to call the game. Since it’s the Yankees’ only trip to Detroit, however, the decision whether to play is in the hands of the umpiring crew, led by crew chief Rick Reed. Thus, we’re waiting for the rain to end. And waiting. And waiting.


Well I got to say that it is ridiculous. It is 10:25 at night. We have tickets for tonights game and we decided to delay our trip down, finally drove down to the park again when they started taking the tarp off the field the first time only to get down there to have it start raining again. Instead of paying for parking we decided to drive around for a second because we were sure that they were going to have the good sense to call it. Then decided to just come home. We both have to work in the morning and decided even if they did start it by 10:30 we wouldn’t at best get to bed by 2:00 am.

But what I really think about is all the kids that are there that are going to have to go home because they can’t wait that long not to mention all the drunks that have been sitting there drinking.

Actually I just heard that they are going to start the game at 11:00. I think that the umpiring crew ought to be ashamed of themselves. They stole money from a lot of people who had to leave for some of the same reason that I just stated and probably other reasons as well. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!

It is absurd to start a game this late.

I am going to wathc the game on the internet while working late at the office in Tennessee.

It is not fair to Tiger fans at the game for the umpires to start a game this late.

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