Granderson on Westbrook

Granderson made it sound like Westbrook gave them a different look today. Keep in mind, the Tigers have hit this guy hard more often than not since 2005. They pick up his sinker well, but today, they couldn’t:

"The interesting thing I remember before," Granderson said, "is he kept the ball down so well prior to this start. The fact that he did elevate it enough helped him out, I think, because everybody was looking to get it up. When he finally did get it up, it was just above your hands or a pitch you couldn’t do anything with. So I think he did a great job of doing that, because you know he’s got the great sinker working. The big thing that I heard from a lot of guys was, ‘Hey, I was looking for this, and he threw something else.’ Sure enough, if he gets you guessing one way, it can help you out, too.

"You could see him throw it every now and then. Boom, it goes straight down to the ground, and guys took it. Then sure enough, the one that looked hittable, we were missing for whatever reason, or if we did happen to hit it, it was right at somebody or he just was able to sneak it past us for whatever reason."

In other words, Westbrook made an adjustment and the Tigers couldn’t adjust back.


“For whatever reason” means…….? Well, if we face him next month, I hope we get more runs……for whatever reason.

Leyland put Zumaya into the exact situation he shouldn’t have today, for whatever reason.

Inge broke from secondbase on a liner that was either going to bang off the wall or be caught, for whatever reason.

Our starting pitching is inconsistent, for whatever reason.

We’re only nine games over .500 for whatever reason.

And we keep hoping they’ll turn it around, for whatever reason.

Today, strangely enough, I thought we had a real shot at winning the game after Cleveland took the 1-0 lead. It meant they would bring in Borowski and there was a real chance at getting a couple runs off him. Unfortunately, the Gomez single ended that prayer. There didn’t seem to be anyone warming in the pen at that point. For whatever reason.

For some reason, I missed the game today. Oh yeah, I was working. For some other reason I didn’t find out the outcome until just a while ago. After reading the blogging “trail of tears” it must have been a gut wrencher. I don’t know, anybody else just feeling like we’re running out of ideas here?

We need some positive commentary. How about Nate’s great pitching performance? That’s a couple of strong outings in a row. Looks like he’s gearing up for the stretch. Kudos to Nate, who has been one of maybe 2 or 3 of my favorites on this team. I haven’t had much good to say about him this year but, well he’s struggled for much of it.

I’ve always liked his work ethic and attitude.

Marcus I think is gearing up too. I think he is clutch and will be key down the stretch. I like you’re lineup Dan, except I’d maybe go with Raburn 6th, Maybin 7th, Casey 8th and Rabelo 9th. How about this one?

Maybin LF

Polanco 2B

Guillen 1B

Ordonez RF

Thames DH

Granderson CF

Raburn 3B

Rabelo C

Santiago SS

Yeah, why not play some of the young guys?

Some of you had mentioned moving Curtis out of lead off, which is fine, but I don’t see him ready for the 3 spot yet, not until he learns to adjust his swing. By the way, what ever happened to that new hitting approach he was employing at the beginning of the season?

The learning curve is getting pretty steep here. 20/20 hindsight, but I’m guessing JL may not be pressing Zumaya into that extra inning for a while. Eventually he’ll have to. I’m sure Joel is more upset than anyone on how the game turned out.

Well I’m still keeping the faith that this team is not finished. If I saw today’s game I might have a different opinion, but I didn’t. They’ve come too far to give up on at this point. Go Tigers!

Ahh–Rich and Marty. The Voices of “Reason”.

It was a gutwrencher and Nate was magnificent. Rich delineated some of the blunders with absilute precision.

Inge should have been thinking that the ball is either a HR an extra base hit, or a fly out. Easy decision, you tag up and get to thirs after being pi$$ed off that the ball was caught or you simply motor home if Gutierrez doesn’t catch it. Pony League mistake.

Zumaya, an I did mention hthis earlier, should not have come in for the 10 th inning. Period. But when JL made that mistake (and I might add that our Friend Rodney probably feels a bit like chopped liver), there was no rule that says JL leaves him in after the double. It was clear he was struggling and was not overpowering enough to get away with it.

Pudge’s AB was grotesque at best and selfish (again) at worst. He really should give himself a good spanking.

Granderson has to ignit this team–pure and simple. The way he is swinging now will not suffice. He is flying open and is not watching a real hitter like Polanco closely enough—especially with 2 strikes. There are time that a batter needs to adopt a 2 strike approach from the moment he steps into the batter’s box. Today in the 9th was one of those times.

That was a very discouraging loss. And oh yeah, one more thing, Casey is not a good #3 hitter.

No giving up here, it’s just getting more and more difficult to pull this thing off with each loss. Especially with the Yankees coming to town. Today would have had a much different ending if that ninth inning bomb Thames hit hadn’t gone foul. He absolutely crushed that pitch.

Dan, thanks for the visual on Pudge. I was going to bed, but I don’t want the nightmares. 🙂

It should be remembered that Zumaya wasn’t doing all that hot before he got injured. I can’t fathom JL leaving him in today. He’s got the arms and he didn’t use them.

Casey can’t help us anymore. You may as well use Raburn. At any rate, you don’t hit the Mayor third. I didn’t like that from the start.

Okay, to the bright side. Nate is becoming a dependable starter, something that’s sorely needed if it’s not too late already. He pitched a similar game against New York two years ago, complete game and, you guessed it, lost 1-0.

Santiago I just want in there most days. He nearly pulled a miracle play on Lofton’s single. I remember Ramon was good, but I’d forgotten just how good. Lord, that young man can play. This also gives you a good hitting firstbaseman, Guillen. I also want Thames on a daily basis. Marcus is dangerous, and you never see him giving up. He might get fooled some, but most at bats see him getting at least one good hack. Maybin should be used some, but don’t be depending on him yet. I’m wondering how you can sit Raburn hitting .340 or whatever he’s doing. I know Leyland is one of the best managers in the game, but I sometimes wonder why he doesn’t see what we see? Do we have a better view? If anyone’s taken notice, we’re right a good deal of the time. Pat pat on the back. 🙂

It is hard, however, to create a really good lineup without Sheffield in it. One reason to not give up is if he can get better and do what he did in May and June. If that happened, we might even go on a hot streak. Wouldn’t that turn the baseball world on it’s ear?

I hear you Rich.
We all like Inge a lot right? Right. But he is not hitting. No hits in the last 4 games and 11 x 61 with no HRs in August.

Casey is a little better: 14 x 61 with 1 HR

They have 15 RBIs between them in August. These are from the power infield positions.

Pudge is 14 x 57 and, hold on now, has TWO RBIs in August. TWO! This from your 6th place hitter?

All three of those guys are very replaceable right now. So why aren’t they?

Let Thames DH and bat 3rd.

Play Raburn at 3B

Play Maybin in LF

Play Carlos at 1B

There is little persuasive argument as far as I am concerned about Casey being a LHB. If he is out then Santiago is in and HELLO, there really is not a serious drop in power.

It will be interesting to see Maybin play CF, where he is comfortable. Not sure what his arm is like but I hear he has a canon. Granderson has been great out there but he does not have a great arm for a center fielder. He showed that again today on a throw to 2nd to try to get Sizemore. The throw took about 4 or 5 hops then rolled meekly in–and it came from medium depth CF. That happens, but Curtis who can go get them like nobody’s business was not blessed with a good arm. I can see him in LF next year.

Rabelo is looking better behind the plate and is hitting better than Pudge. The SH aspect helps too. I don’t think he will be the heir apparent but but maybe the here apparent for right now.

Miner sent down (I guess he had an option) and pretty bitter about it. Kind of understandable when you look around the locker room and see Grilli there.

The guys are just about ready to fold the collective tent. They really need someone to snap them out of their funk and get them playing good all around baseball again.

Dan and Rich, these are all good suggestions. Your observations and recommendations should be implemented. OK..Well..ah..good, meeting’s over.
I agree Dan, Thames batting 3rd. I always thought of Ordonez as being the prototypical 3 hitter but it would not be wise to move around the guys who ARE actually producing.

I don’t envy JL if he does make the decision to play Rabelo more regularly. I would suspect we will mostly see Pudge in the Yankee series.

I really didn’t understand either why he sat Raburn the last few days either. He in the last month has been one of the Tigers most dependable hitters. (Maggs, Raburn, Guillen and Polanco.) I suppose I will say it till I am blue in the face Raburn should of pinch hit for Granderson in the 9th. Oh Well.

I do like Casey in the lineup I agree though I am not sure with the hittig funk he is in #3 is the spot. And I guess I am a little more willing to give Inge a break on that baserunning error yesterday, while unfortunate did anyone out there really think that he was going to catch that ball??? I sure as **** didn’t. A mistake yes, but my god no one catches that ball in this park??? Frankly I off the crack of the bat I thought that was an HR.

As far as Nate goes, he was absolutely awesome yesterday. You couldn’t have asked for anymore from him he really stepped up to the plate and the rest of the team decided not to. (yes there are a few exceptions Santiago was good and there were some other nice defensive plays) Where oh where has the Tiger hitting gone????

By the way for those of you not in the Detroit area, I think that there is a real strong possibility that they don’t play tonight. Not looking good now and supposed to be worse later on.

If there’s no game tonight, that means Clemens would have to actually stay with the team tonight instead of going home? Or does his contract allow him to opt out of that in case of inclement weather? As you can tell, I’m not a big fan of this man.

GK, I mentioned the Inge baserunning gaffe only in passing as they still would have had to drive him in from second with two out. But whether he thought the ball would be a hit or not, basic baseball 101 dictates that you wait to see. That should be instinctual at this level. He pulled a rock as we used to call it, but everybody’s human. Actually, I’m not convinced he should come out of the lineup. Maybe share a little with Raburn (who’s not really a thirdbaseman), but his glove is priceless in low run games.

Yeah, I’ll take Thames third because he might see better pitches in front of Maggs.

A lineup with Rabelo, Guillen, Santiago, and Granderson gives you four lefties. That was the popular complaint last year and led to Matt Stairs. Supposed to change the pitcher’s arm angle or something, as Rod Allen liked to say. More pluses than negatives, I’d think.

When assessing Pudge, we need to take the handling of pitchers into account. We need to know how the pitchers fare according to who’s catching. Anyone got an hour to compile that? My point is, we can come up with these great ideas but we still don’t have the facts that Leyland has.

Has anyone noticed that a lot of teams have pitchers who throw as hard as Zumaya? He needs to have a working curveball to be effective.

I think Craig Monroe will like “The Friendly Confines” of Wrigley Field.
I’m sure he will find Waveland Ave. inviting.

I used to live nearby when I was a kid playing ball in the great park system in the Windy City.

Now as to recompense, how about Giavany Soto? That’d be nice.

I am not a big fan of the PTBNL idea, especially for a bonafide big leaguer.

My guess is the get to choose from a predetermined (at the the time of trade) list of maybe 2 or 3 players.

One thing for sure is that DD is not gonna fool around next year.

Casey will be gone and with the need for a LHB my guess is they will live with Guillen over there until Jeff Larish is ready. (Texiera would have looked good with an Olde English D.)

I would not be surprised to see Sheffield dealt. He will be physically suspect and 1 year older. Ordonez will be given some time as DH and they will give some more playing time to Raburn and maybe Perry if they don’t trade for help out there (which I don’t think they will).

Pudge will be finished in Detroit, (Saltalamacchia would have looked good!).

Rich–I know what you mean about his reputation for handling pitchers but “to tell you the truth”, if you gueage this by how the pithcing has performed this year, then even that aspect of his game has declined. How many times have we winced on an 0-2 base hit this year? How many #9 hole hitters have hurt us?

Santiago is a question mark. I think they may give him a chance in 2008. I like his confidence but unless he finds away to hit above .250 I don’t think he they will commit to him any longer than that.

I think our starters are going to be the most enivied rotation in baseball. After a retreat this year in the Garden of Humility (for Bonderman and Verlander), they should come in as stronger pitchers. Miller, Jurrjens, Vasquez will round out the staff and I think Nate will be an Ace for someone else.

If you look back on the season, Verlander’s No-No seemed to be a turning point for him. I remmeber telling my wife that as exciting as this was, it might be the worst thing to happen to him in the sense that he does seem to have an overdeveloped ego. Big Head Syndrome.

Zumaya will be the closer if his finger is OK. He is the type to go out and work on strength conditioning to (now get this, improve his fastball). He has an intensity that will not permit him to be less than the best he can be. Bobby Jenks/Eric Gagne type potential.

This year will depend on the Yankee series this weekend. If we take 3 I think we have a chance. Any less than that means they lack the desire or ability to win the big one, against the big boys, at the big time, at home. I see this as a possible microcosm of 2007.

0 wins means the season was a disaster

1 win means the season a frustrating disappointment

2 wins means the season was a composite of the good the bad and the ugly

3 wins means the season is a fight to the finish with claws bared

4 wins means the season turns into a post season

Goin for a M/C ride today up one of the most beautiful valleys in Beautiful B.C. I am addicted to these Tigers now though and I am bringing my laptop and hope that I can somewho, somewhere, HOOK UP!

“Good luck” this weekend–we need some now. And that is one of the most frustrating developments this year. We shouldn’t have.

Since my wife is late getting home, I may as well respond to some of Dan’s thoughts above, bearing in mind that this season is far from over and things can change.

I’m happy C-Mo got into another pennant chase, and Trammell probably had a lot to do with that. It’s a good thing for Craig.

I agree Casey doesn’t get another contract. Guillen makes a perfectly good firstbaseman. So good, in fact, that he makes Casey superflous.

I don’t think Sheffield will be dealt because someone would have to pick up his contract. It’s amazing that of the few games he played in the outfield, he got hurt in one of them. What luck we’ve had.

Pudge could be gone because his contract is up, right?

Santiago could develop into a better hitter up here. He has an ability to keep his hands back and could be a project.

I’m not sure if the current pitchers become stronger or not. And the other are kids. That’s a question mark at this point.

Zumaya may become the closer next year but, unless Jones retires, Todd begins the season in that role. Jonesie shows no signs of slowing down.

Now back from the future. If the Tigers lose 3 or 4 to New York this weekend, they’ve pretty much ruled themselves out as serious contenders. If they split, the d__n pennant race grinds on. If they win 3, it could get something started. If they win 4……well, they won’t win 4.

Whether we needed luck this year is impossible to say, since we got nothing but bad luck.

Cleveland isn’t hitting and doesn’t really look like a division winning ballclub. We’re as likely to finish at .500 as we are to win the division. So……watch out for the Twins?

I thought this game would get underway long before this but according to the radar, it just keeps bubbling up and moving east. I wonder who, if anyone, would benefit from a rainout? The Yankees have been playing at 10 PM all week, so the west coast trip could actually help them.

Speaking of the DamYankees, they’ve stolen tonight’s broadcast. On Extra Innings, the feed usually comes from the home team, but “for whatever reason” we’re getting the NY feed tonight. Dan Petry is sitting in for Rod Allen tonight and I was looking forward to that. For you youngsters, Petry was the 1980s version of Mike Maroth, a real gentleman and all around good guy.

I see that Maroth has been on the DL with tendonitis. He’s never gotten over that injury from last year and his numbers are horrendous.

Cleveland is just begging to be taken. They’ve gone through six in KC with no runs on three hits. I can’t believe we’re trailing them.

Well, enough stream of consciousness rambling for now.

Gas Can Grilli
at home in Comerica. Maybe JL know mre tan we do. Well, I guess anything can happen.

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