Craig Monroe to the Cubs

For a PTBNL.

Add: The PTBNL is expected to be a pitcher from the 40-man roster. Players on the 40-man have to clear waivers to be traded in any deal between Aug. 1 and the end of the regular season, so that would explain the wait. The Cubs are heavy on left-handers, which the Tigers could use, but short of guys currently on their active 25-man roster, they don’t have many possibilities. Clay Rapada could seemingly be one.


That’s great news for Craig– he’s going to a contending team and should be able to help them out. I think that Soriano’s still out so they can use the help. What’s with the PTBNL? Seems like a trend. Did the Tigers ever get a person in return for Maroth? I hope it wasn’t tied to his performance in St. Louis…

Looks like Nate brought his “A” game today, hopefully the lineup can get some runs against Westbrook.

Good for Monroe. A change of scenery is what he needs. Hopefully the Tigers will get something useful in return. While there haven’t been many big name PTBNL, Jeremy Bonderman was one…

Fantastic defense and by next year’s first baseman.

Nate may be done as they had some pretty good swings off him.

Nice job Nate you could not have pitched any better at any more critical of a time.

They should walk Magglio.

Dan– I’m at work so only gameday for me. Are they really going to take Nate out after only 80 pitches?

And they did. A game if inches eh? Carlos beats that out and Granderson scores. We have not had any breaks offensively today.

I’d let Nate come out again. He simply deserves to. I have little confidence in Jones in a non-save situation.

If they keep first pitch swinging, Nate may go 10… Might have to change his last name to Fidrych…

And they did!

Chris Gomez is hitting .300?

Is it inappropriate for me to stand and applaud Robertson in my cubicle?

If we don’t score now, we should have Zumaya for the 10th and Rodney for the 11th. Should give us time to win the game…

I can’t believe we’re behind this team. Their hitting slumps are worse than ours…

Anyone think Maybin should have run instead of Pudge???

This is where we see if Zumaya is really back…

Sure would be nice to see these guys have some sort of 2 strike approach to hitting. Granderson could have turned the season around with a slap there. The big wide open swing will never work for him against southpaws.

He threw the same pitch to him 5 times that AB. Should have learned something from it.
Tough place for Zumaya to be in right now.


I suppose it is easy to say now but I didn’t think Zumaya should have even been in that situation.

Rodney has shown signs of mastery and control.

Zumaya is dealing with emotions and a physical problem. He is an experiment right now and JL should know better than to have put him in a situation like this in an extrmely important ball game and in particular one that has been as hard fought and draining as this one.

Now you got Rodney shakin his head and wondering if the skipper has confidence in him. Bad move.

My question is why didn’t he pinch hit anyone for Granderson. As much as I love Curtis he is not the reasonable or smart to have him hit against Perez. Infact I think (I know) it was down right stupid. Then to probably have Zumaya go a little too long. He almost did get out of it, but he didn’t and now we will most likely lose another series and now be 2 1/2 games behind Cleveland.

Rod Allen just got done saying that Wedge emptied his bench, well Leyland should of considered doing something a little more than Pudge. I am sorry what an idiot.

You ask for a great pitching performance you get it and as usual for Nate the hitters just decide not to show up. They definately had their chances and f’d it up. Boy if they could ever put anything together. I am freaking sick of this, but it is like a train wreck I cannot stop watching.

Here we go again, Maggs at 3rd and Guillen at 1st with Thames up. Probably not in the cards

swinging strike

Double/ RBI

But oh Pudge is up not the best situation here.

Pudge better take a walk if it is given to him this time.

DISGUSTING!!! What a complete disappointment. Why would Pudge come through?? Why would any of them come through when it could of mattered. And I will say it again why the heck didn’t he pinch hit for Granderson in the 9th. One of the dumbest moves or nonmoves I have seen all year by JL. I would love to hear why the he didn’t make the sensible move. He is losing his mind?? Can anyone tell that I am upset??

Well Chris–there is no way Pudge can do that. He got himself in the same silly position he did last night getting ahead 2-0 and then failing to be disciplined.

This was a crushing defeat. Figuratively and literally.

The fault here lies with the anemic offense with men on base. Casey in particular was awful.

Zumaya should not have come out for the 10th. They got as much as they could reasonabley expect from him in the 9th. While he battled Blake and threw well, he didn’t blow him away and JL should have come out with Rodney the next inning.

The problems that have plagued the team all year have not been solved.

Granderson with the very poor 2 strike approach. 1st pitch hitting with man on 3rd and less than 2 out. The inability to co-ordinate the “departments”, (hitting & pitching). The inability to extrapolate a superior pitching performance (which was what JL and everybody else had been complaining about) and great defense to combine with some timely hitting.

Take Casey out of the 3 hole. He does not belong in the top or middle of the order.

Pudge needs to platoon with Rabelo.

Get raburn and Maybin in the lineup.

Make some radical personnel changes—there’s nothing to lose now.

I was just getting ready to write in but Dan hit every point I was going to make. I don’t get why you wouldn’t pinch hit for Granderson when he’s batting around .157 against lefties and the game is on the line. Why not Raburn or even Maybin in that spot? Is it because JL is worried about bruising egos or what?
Also why not keep starting Raburn at 3rd? I don’t see Inge adopting a better approach at the plate.

This has been a long and frustrating 2nd half.

GK, I wouldn’t have PH for Granderson. Just my personal opinion of course. I didn’t feel particulary confident that he would handle Perez but he is the future of the Tigrs. Both in the immediate and longer view sense. He has to hit lefties, he has to hit under pressure situations for this club to win. What did bother me though is the batting behavior. he should have been shortening up on the bat. He should be able to lay off the pitches at his ankles. He should be able to drop a bunt. He should be able to hold back and slap a ball to the opposite field.
He is a nice young man and very coachable, so what is wrong here? My guess is he is not getting adequate coaching. I’d rather see Van Slyke as our hitting coach, myself.

What is equally discouraging about this game is “the message” that I had mentioned in one of my first posts today.

What message do the starters get now? They hear that it is their fault what is happening to the season and then when they do come up big their is no support. How do you go out there not knowing if you pitch a fantastic game the odds are not neccessarily in your favor that you will win anyway.

I’m really ticked off about the use of Zumaya (clearly if he is not throwing ~ 100 then your are taking a big gamble with him) in this game and also very disappointed at veterans like Casey and Rodriguez.

I watched the game not with disappointment or frustration or any of the other mentioned emotions. I watched with an increasing feeling of sadness that it wasn’t going to happen today. I don’t know, you just get a gut feeling for these things. The mighty will fall, and that’s what we’re seeing this season.

I’m not upset with the players or the manager or the coaches. True, I wouldn’t have used Zumaya that way, and I also would not have PH for Granderson. In the end, I don’t think any of it would have mattered because this is not our year. They keep on grinding, of course, and we keep on rooting ’em on, but if things were going to change, they probably would have by now.

But enough of all that emotional and mystical stuff.

I basically like the lineup JL ran out there today. I’d want Sheffield instead of Casey, obviously, but I thought it’s the best we can do right now. Santiago is an incredibly talented shortstop and I think Guillen plays firstbase as well as Casey does. I’m not worried about Ramon’s bat, because there are other things he can do at the plate. And Marcus came darned close to ending that thing in the ninth. They played well, gave a good effort, but it just wasn’t meant to be today. And give some credit to Jake Westbrook. What did he have, some 15 consecutive 0-1 counts? That’s good pitching.

Pudge has probably played himself out of town. When he went in to pinch run, it was a sound managerial strategy, but I was immediately slapped with a premonition that he was going to come up in a big spot later.

Well we will agree to disagree on the Granderson pinch hit thing. I just think that when an extrememly important game on the line you don’t put a guy who hits left handed pitching at a .155 clip in there to save you. You take your best chance with someone else. If they dont get the hit well so be it, but at least you played the odds. With Curtis you were destined to be disappointed.

I think that I have finally resigned myself to the fact that this team is not as good as I thought it was. I need to lower my expectations I guess for them.

The Tigers are not the hungry team we watched last year. They have all the ability, but the desire is not there. For some, yes, but others, no. I don’t blame Leland. They had tons of chances to score and couldn’t. But Nate was magnificent, wasn’t he. The rest of the team just lost.

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