August 23rd, 2007

Granderson on Westbrook

Granderson made it sound like Westbrook gave them a different look today. Keep in mind, the Tigers have hit this guy hard more often than not since 2005. They pick up his sinker well, but today, they couldn’t:

"The interesting thing I remember before," Granderson said, "is he kept the ball down so well prior to this start. The fact that he did elevate it enough helped him out, I think, because everybody was looking to get it up. When he finally did get it up, it was just above your hands or a pitch you couldn’t do anything with. So I think he did a great job of doing that, because you know he’s got the great sinker working. The big thing that I heard from a lot of guys was, ‘Hey, I was looking for this, and he threw something else.’ Sure enough, if he gets you guessing one way, it can help you out, too.

"You could see him throw it every now and then. Boom, it goes straight down to the ground, and guys took it. Then sure enough, the one that looked hittable, we were missing for whatever reason, or if we did happen to hit it, it was right at somebody or he just was able to sneak it past us for whatever reason."

In other words, Westbrook made an adjustment and the Tigers couldn’t adjust back.

Craig Monroe to the Cubs

For a PTBNL.

Add: The PTBNL is expected to be a pitcher from the 40-man roster. Players on the 40-man have to clear waivers to be traded in any deal between Aug. 1 and the end of the regular season, so that would explain the wait. The Cubs are heavy on left-handers, which the Tigers could use, but short of guys currently on their active 25-man roster, they don’t have many possibilities. Clay Rapada could seemingly be one.