Miller to start Friday

Durbin moves to the bullpen. Since they’ll wait until Friday to make the roster move, that means the Tigers have an eight-man bullpen for this series.

Anyway, here’s the lineup:

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Sheffield, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Guillen, SS
  6. Rodriguez, C
  7. Casey, 1B
  8. Thames, LF
  9. Raburn, 3B

Leyland cautioned that he wasn’t punishing Inge (or benching him, for that matter). He’s just giving him a day or two to clear his head. "We need Brandon Inge, no question about it," Leyland said. "He isn’t in jail."


Translation: it will be very interesting to see what kind of job Raburn can do at 3rd, and see if he continues to contribute offensively. Surprised he’s batting 9th, but I do like him back to back with Curtis. It’s great to see Polanco back in the lineup. If JJ can throw strikes early and keep them off the board (no HR’s) the Tigers will be right in this one. They’ll have to battle, no poor at bats. Can they get Carmona out of there by the 5th? Or sooner would be nice.

Nice at bat by Sheffield. Beautiful curve by Carmona. But it took 10 pitches, that’s how to wear a pitcher down.

Wow. Nice catch by the fan. The long ball is back! OK the next 3 hitters let Carmona off the hook too quickly. Let’s go JJ.

Just show um the curve JJ. Your stuff is plenty good. Let’s get that run back. Wow! that close to a no hitter.

I think the Tigers have just found a new starter and reliever. Both passed the audition I believe. Now let’s give them a cushion.

Win or lose, and I’m entertaining no thoughts of losing, this has been a game we’ve been waiting for. Guess I was hoping for too much to see Carmona exit early.

This was an exceptional outing by JJ. It is a bit mind boggling to think that we may end up having 4 starters under 25 next year. Presuming Bondo is still under 25? At any rate it bodes very well.

JL pulled 2 interesting moves in calling in Zoom and then taking him out. I think they were bot prett good moves and shows the way he also thinks about how to protect his players psychologically as well as physically. Oh I forgot about bringing in Inge to play 3B–also a good move.

I hope he is right about Jones though!

Pudge and Sheffield not contributing.

sorry for the typos

That was a beautius game! Sooo close to a no hitter! Where are you bloggers? I was just about hung out to dry here.

Just when you are almost ready to give up on them, they give you a perfect game like this!

Why does Inge need to clear his head? Sorry, I missed it…

What is up with KR? when can he come back?

Why is Bondo so bad and what are the Tigers going to do about it?

Well when I am wrong I am wrong. There was no doubt in my mind that it was a mistake to pitch Jurrjens tonight. Other than the no hitter by Verlander probably the best pitched game of the year by a Tigers pitcher.

Great to see Zumaya back, perfect way to use him for his first outing get him in and out. Not too much pressure but he got the job done.

Great game, one of those games that no one deserves to lose.

Yes to all your thoughts Dan. Except I thought Shef’s 10 pitch at bat the inning before the 2 HR’s was very important in that it seemed to get Carmona just a bit out of his rhythm and may have frustrated him. Just a hunch…Yes, don’t allow JJ to face the winning run. JJ, by the way, showed much wisdom in not giving in to Haffner. Bringing Zoom back out for the next inning might have been anticlimactic, plus we all know that JL likes to keep the tried and true formula. Rodney seems like he’s back in control, and I mean that literally. JL showing Inge he’s still the guy at 3rd. This is the kind of early defensive substitution a manager makes when he has complete confidence in the hurlers holding a one run lead. Kind of refreshing isn’t it? This is but one game…let’s not get too carried away but it sure was sweet!

I was forced to go SHOPPING by my wife. Hurried home but it must have been a very fast game with the quality of pitching.

I hope the starters waere paying attention to what they saw on the mound out there today–from both sides. Throw strikes–amazing how much that can help.

Still worried, (I know it was Carmona we faced) about the bats though. Sheffield, Rodriguez, Casey, Thames have to produce more.

Zumaya’s appearance was brief but I think well handled by JL.

Jones was very very good.

I sure like Dan Dickerson but Price (even though I kinda like him too) is so repetitive. In speech, phraseology, and anecdote. I hope I never hear him talk about the “Art of Pitching, the Art of Pitching” one more time this year! Find a new line Jim.

Well the boys have to continue this and if they take the next 2 I think we are looking at a revival of dramatic proportions. 1 more and at least we are still only 1/2 behind.

Would naybody here be surprised to see a Monroe for Wilson deal?

Marty-Like I said in another post. I think Sheffield is hurting and quite a bit more than we would like to see. you may be right about getting Carmona flummoxed for Ordonez and Guillen but still, Sheff has to be knocking fences down.

Nice to see Guillen follow the Maggs shot up.

How did Polanco look?

Steve, I don’t think Jason will mind so I will post his comments re KR here for you:


“Speaking of Rogers: He threw what he called a light bullpen session during batting practice Tuesday afternoon and felt fine with his elbow. It wasn’t meant to see how his pitches are so much as he wanted to see how his elbow felt throwing off a mound for the first time in a few weeks.

“There’s no setbacks, so that was good,” Rogers said. “I was only going about 75 percent, so it was nothing major. I was just testing out the stress level, and hopefully I can go a little bit more next time.”

That follow-up outing, which would be a more intense side session, is expected to come on Thursday or Friday. Unless the Tigers insist on a rehab assignment for the 42-year-old, which doesn’t seem likely, another side session or two could be the final steps to put him back into the rotation as soon as next week.

“I’ll figure out how I can get it done, as long as I don’t have any setbacks,” Rogers said. “The plus side is I do feel like it’s getting better. The down side is I don’t know if we have enough time that I’d like to have, but that’s OK, too. Best case scenario is to be back out there pitching as soon as possible.””

GK–no pressure? 1 run game, 43,000 fans, hasn’t pitched in the bigs for over 11 weeks and coming back from s erious pitching injury? I think he was dealing with a lot of pressure myself. And still will be for the next week.

Hey, did you go to the game? 2 bits says you didn’t go to this one.

I think I may have missed something. What would Brandon be punished for?

One really great stat from tonight’s game guys: 107 total pitches from everyone.
The game flowed so smoothly. Timely but rare hitting, stellar defense, and exceptional pitching. Looking back now, Rodney was probbably not 100 percent on opening day. He is really in a groove now. I will be out of town for the next four games;becoming a true empty nester as I take my last one to James Madison, and then on up to Amish country for a little R&R. No Tiger baseball here; I’m working my way back out of my every year doghouse visits. Keep theblogs churning. I have a sparkle of hope. Boy, Mickey Stanley played a mean shortstop in the 68 series. That’s the gut check performance we need from all over the next 6 weeks. See you all Sunday night. Go Tigers!

Well Dan, better to miss a few innings to shop with your wife than to have to sleep in the garage. That’s right, I’ll never let you forget that one. 🙂

Marty, I’m too busy watching the game to be in here blogging while it’s going on. I might miss a pitch.

Things I saw (or thought I saw) tonight:

Leyland had the Zumaya moved planned a couple of batters in advance. He didn’t want Jerrjens pitching to Garko again and phoned down to the pen so Jeff Jones could tell Zoom that Garko was his man.

The Ordonez homer was definitely interfered with, but that fan made such a slick catch (you could say he framed it) that it looked legit in normal speed. Only the slo-mo told the story. Give that guy kudos for his contribution to the entire season.

Sheffield is still hurt.

I saw Carmona’s pitches coming up late in the fourth inning and thought he could be had. Two pitches up, two homers. Ain’t homers great?

Young Mr. Jerrjens put us doubters away. I’m repeating myself, but I love the way he just throws strikes. He hung a few but they popped ’em up. That’s pitching. The older guys should take a cue from that. Just because you make a bad pitch doesn’t mean it’s leaving the yard.

I think Pudge should get a tremendous amount of credit for the game he called. Off speed early, then the heater later on. A perfect foil to the Cleveland hitters having seen JJ last week.

Zoom will be ready if needed tomorrow. Ain’t that grand?

And shades of 1968, what could be better than a 2-1 game played in two hours? I may be a minority, but that’s good baseball to me.

Okay, I should apologize, or at least back off the comment I made earlier today about Miller throwing 100 pitches to the Yankees before the fourth inning. I had to be in the office today, which I hate, and shouldn’t have posted in a bad mood.

And returning to the subject at the beginning of this post, I got one for you, Dan. It was April of 1984 and I had promised my wife (a previous one, not the lovely lady I’m married to now) I would take here shopping at four o’clock. The time came, and I said I couldn’t go this moment because I wanted to see the end of the game. She got real mad. She didn’t seem to understand that I wanted to see the final out of Jack Morris’s no-hitter against the White Sox. Everytime I see that replay, I think of what happened that day. True story.

CeCe, Brandon’s hitting has been in the toilet and JL just gave him a night off. No big deal. Good move, I thought. He’s back tomorrow night.

David, enjoy yourself up there in Amish country and watch out for those English. We’ll tell you all about how the Tigers swept the homestand when you return.

thanks rlp. I guess I was thinking of something in particular, that would have happened in the last game…not in general. Thanks for the clarification.

Dan for starter no I wasn’t at the game, thank god huh??

Oh and I just meant that by only using Zumaya one batter and not trying to do anymore his first time out was less pressure than having to go back in the 8th. Thats what I meant and didn’t articulate it well.

By the way people keep talking about Brandon’s hitting and yes it has been poor. But if you look at their batting averages for the month of August there are two players that are worse

Granderson and Sheffield. I am inclined to think that Granderson needs a day off and Sheffield although I think that Sheffields is more because of that injury. Granderson is just pressing.

GK–I hear there is a really good movie on TV tonight. I think your wife would like you to stay home and watch it with her!

Just kidding about the “pressure” I kinda knew what you meant but it was fun to “run with it”.

I agree about Sheffield but my problem with that whole thing is that I wonder if a day or two off is gonna fix anything. This injury may force a permanent adjustment that he needs to make to deal with it. I hope I’m wrong.

Granderson will likely get it together. He is still unaware of how deadly a ballplayer he really is. When he realizes the scope of his talents he will be able assert himself more confidently. I also think he will benefit from being moved to a run producing part of the lineup. Maybe next year he can take over the #3 or #6 spot. It all depends on whether the club finds a leadoff hitter type shortstop.

Tonight’s game will be an interesting one for sure, if JV can follow up with a strong, if not dominant, performance, it will send a clear message to his teammates and to the opposition.

Anyone been wondering about the Aug 1st call-ups?

Likely they will bring up Omar, Timo Perez, Shelton, Hessman, maybe Hooper, another catcher (maybe Sardihna?), Vasquez, Bazardo, De la Cruz, and after that I don’t know.

I would not be surprised to see them call up the kid Jeff Larish from Erie ( I think they would have to move him on the 40 man roster through an injury replacement first though). He is a strong LHB first sacker, and JL might want him as a situational option. The Tigers don’t have a lot of pur LHB in their organization-especially ones with power.

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