Andrew Miller's rehab outing

First, the numbers: 3 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 5 K

He threw 34 pitches, 25 of them for strikes, a really good ratio and pitch count for three innings of work — even if it was against Triple-A hitters (albeit some prospects from a Pirates farm system catching up on position players). After five walks his last time out for the Hens and falling behind other hitters, he didn’t mess around in his second outing. He threw fewer pitches in three innings tonight than he did in his first inning alone last week.

The only run that he allowed basically scored because of his only wild pitch. Steven Pearce flared an opposite-field single leading off the second, then Miller threw a wild pitch on his first delivery of the night out of the stretch. Groundouts from Neil Walker and Jose Hernandez (yes, that Jose Hernandez) brought Pearce around to score.

As for his stuff, most of his strikeouts apparently came on his breaking ball. He also threw a very good slider.

So, where to now? By going three innings by design, he seems to have set himself up as an option to start Friday on three days’ rest should the Tigers want to keep Jurrjens around. If the Tigers do that, it would move Chad Durbin to the bullpen, but you could make a good argument from the statistics and other facets that Durbin would be a better option as a reliever than Miller would be.


Blow the doors off Miller! from my point of view the tigers need miller, bondy and verlander to start and in alot of ways continue to throw shutdown baseball for the chase…with the bullpen potentially ready to go with rodney, zumaya and jones. durbin is a good move to the pen. i liked what he did to the yanks, just an inning too long.

the ‘staff’ has been questionable all year, you shouldn’t lead in EVERY major offensive category and still have to trail the tribe and wedge’s managerial techniques…

it’s time to rise to the challege…make the push! carpe diem tigers!

Assuming that Jason’s hunch is correct– and he usually is– Miller would be brought up for Friday’s game against the Yanks and Jurrjens would remain in the rotation. This also depends on Jurrjens pitching well tonight. Let’s just assume that both of these things happen. Who would the Tigers send down?

Based on my review of the roster, the only bullpen pitcher with remaining options is Miner. Would we really send Miner down and keep Grilli? I guess they could send down a position player– Santiago would be a possibility but I can’t see that happening. I guess my point is this: at what point will the Tigers stop wasting a roster spot on Grilli? I get heartburn knowing that they might bring him in in a close game.

One could argue that Miner could be sent down for a relatively short period until the rosters are expanded in September but why would we do this? I know that Leyland has a soft spot for Grilli but I keep thinking that they’ll realize he’s too much of a liability.

Okay– enough ranting for now. Just taking a break and trying to figure out how the roster might shake out. Lets go Jurrjens!

PS– Any word on Kenny’s health? I haven’t seen anything for at least a few days.

Yesterday I kinda went off the wall and started talking more about next season than this. Don’t get me wrong, I still have that Tiger Faith!

Brent, you make some excellent points. In fact, after reading your post, it brought a warm fuzzy feeling inside me..ha ha…

On Grilli…I have watched him the last two years and yes, like everyone says, he does have “good stuff” but heck, I consider myself pretty good at picking up a burger and stuffing it into my mouth, but that doesn’t mean I would take on the Kobayashi in a eating contest.

What I mean is, that someone can have good stuff and still not be able to execute, which is the case with Grilli. The problem is, that JL loves him and he isn’t going anywhere this year. Next year maybe, but not this year. Hopefully, DD can talk JL into canning him in the offseason. GO TIGERS!

Seems to me like the Yankees would have Miller’s pitch count up to 100 before the third inning is over. And yeah, I know the Yanks send a lot of lefties up there.

The club is showing they are very concerned about this year. Maybin being hurried along, Rogers coming back with no minor league rehab, giving up on two veteran position players, 2 rookies in starting rotation, etc.

And right they should. With all the horrendous play we have seen since the all-star break (there has been only that 1 series vs. the Twins that they played well) they can actually still make the post-season!

They have to beat Cleveland and they can beat Cleveland. But if they think there is a chance they can back in through a Wild Card spot—they are badly mistaken. Beating Cleveland is there only option. The Yanks AND Seattle are ahead of them in the wild card and both of them are playing far better baseball than we are.

A lot of us are preparing (maybe subconciously) for next year. That’s not a good sign. I hope the ball club isn’t doing the same thing. They need to concentrate on solid teamwork right now, forget their individual stats for contract time, and get themselves back into the race for THIS year.

Whatever happens, you can bet we will see a very different composition of players in 2008.

Yikes! I meant “Beating Cleveland is THEIR only option.”

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