It's a sunny day in New York

That usually seems to happen the day after the obligatory rainy night that always seems to follow the Tigers to New York. You know it’s a slow day when I’m complaining about the weather.

Maybin is back in the lineup again against Roger Clemens. Thames is at first base instead of Casey, Leyland said, because Clemens has been more effective against left-handed hitters this season (.227 average vs. LH, .280 vs. RH, though Clemens has walked more left-handed hitters). Polanco gets one more day off, but is expected back on Sunday. Pudge will catch today and have tomorrow off ahead of the off-day. At this point, the flu bug seems to be lifting, or else players are developing an immunity.

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Thames, 1B
  3. Sheffield, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Guillen, SS
  6. Rodriguez, C
  7. Raburn, 2B
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Maybin, LF


The losses?
I honestly don’t know what to say anymore.

I tell you what we need, we need Polance back. It is just like last year, when he is out of the lineup it just stops moving. Curtis and Marcus all day were leaving guys in scoring position. Not coming through in the clutch. Stranded way too many guys. Come on 1st and 3rd no one out and they didn’t get it done. Drives me nuts. We again actually got more hits then were just not very productive. Durbin did a pretty good job, as good as you could expect. Kinda like Robertson last night didn’t really get what he deserved. Yankees got some pretty chincy bloops and and seeing eyes.

Tomorrow against Wang should be tough.

Stupid Indians are winning. Tampa has only managed one hit off of Westbrook, for gods sake. They couldn’t stop hitting against us.

You can add Ordonez to those 2 GK. There was absolutely no clutch hitting when it was needed. That has been the disappointing story for too long now. The Yankees basically had one clutch inning. Abreu’s bloop HR hits the foul pole.
That double steal play was awful. It’s a lousy play call, too risky when runs are at a premium. Inge just took off and the Yanks used an old beer league softball play to nail him. Thames striking out didn’t help of course.

I’m pretty sick of Clemens who lucked into another win. 8 strike outs…pathetic. Then he hits Maybin next time up after the homerun…classy. The lower part of the batting order plus Shef did all the hitting. They could have won this one. Durbin pitched well, and didn’t deserve the loss. Hope for better tomorrow and yes, we need Polanco in there.

The team definitely functions less effective without Polanco. As I made my peace on this blog last week, I am almost forced to admit that Cleveland is a little better than we are. You should always beat the teams your’e supposed to. They beat TB; we didn’t. They beat Texas; we didn’t. It puts too much pressure on our team. Wang will “wong” our righty’s tomorrow. I hope I’m way off base.

The Yankees get four in the sixth and never hit the ball hard, while we spend most of the day swinging at ball four. I lost count of how many times ball four was either missed or fouled off.

Going in, you don’t figure Durbin to beat Clemens and the Tigers rarely surprise me anymore. Overmanaged their way out of one rally and continually failed to get that one hit that would have put this one away. Half their runs on a homer. No homers, no wins.

I don’t care who the pitcher is, a good team doesn’t get shut down by a 45 year old. We’re not seeing a good team, we’re seeing one having a second half collapse for the second year in a row.

A word on Sheffield and the warm reception he’s received from his former fans in NY: these people are booing their heads off at him, and they have no idea if he even made a valid point in his observations on Torre. They have no way of knowing, no way. I wonder if any African-Americans were booing him? I doubt it. Oh well, they have fun with it, just as they had fun mindlessly chanting “who’s your daddy” a few years ago.

Anyway, this team needs to string some darned wins together. I’m going to bring this up again. If we lose tomorrow, that’s three in a row. By Tuesday, we could be 3 back in the loss column. You still send Jurrjens out there against Cleveland?

RL I totally agree with you regarding the pitching rotation. With a day off it is a way to get more favorable matchups. This is the way that I see it if Leyland keeps it as is –

Sun. Bonderman—-Wang

Mon. off

Tue. Jurrjens—- Carmona

Wed. Verlander— Byrd

Thur. Robertson— Westbrook

Fri. Durbin—— Clemens

Sat. Bonderman—-Wang

Sun. Jurrjens—- Hughes

Mon. Verllander—Mussina

If he skips Jurrjens on Tuesday is is as follows

Sun…Bonderman—– Wang


Tues..Verlander—– Carmona

Wed…Robertson—– Byrd

Thur..Durbin——– Westbrook

Fri.. Bonderman—– Clemens

Sat.. Jurrjens—— Wang

Sun.. Verlander—– Hughes

Mon.. Robertson—– Mussina

So obviously in the second way both teams see a majority of our best pitchers. God I wish that Kenny would come back. Miller won’t be back in time for one these I don’t think. Maybe the weekend against the Yankees if he does okay on Tuesday? We had our chances to win the game on Saturday, they decided they didn’t want to hit again. It isn’t as though Clemens was that good, where you would just say he outpitched the Tigers. No clutch hitting at all. Just when you are starting to feel a little better about the pitching the hitting leaves. For gods sake they cannot seem to get it all working can they. I am very frustrated again.

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