Maybin called up, Ramon Santiago called up. Craig Monroe is designated for assignment. Omar Infante is optioned to Toledo.


Maybe Santiago and Monroe for Wilson? I wouldn’t know why they would call Santiago up and send Infante down though, unless Santiago was being used as trade bait.

Designated for assignment? Wow. That means they have to trade or release him, right?

And isn’t Infante out of options? I’m definitely confused…


That is an incredible development. I feel real bad for Infante though. Somehow that just doesn’t seem right.

I knew Maybin would be ready for 2008 and figured they would test the baby in the bathwater after Aug 31—but this?

If true he will for sure be in the lineup tonight. I hope they don’t sit Granderson down against Petit to do this. Put him in left and at least make him think he is payings “some dues”.

I suspect Monroe has a lingering virus and Thames is hobbled by the hammy.

Man–I am going to miss these games too!!!

If anybody can text message me some of the game (Especially Maybin’s 1st AB)you’ll be creating Nirvana within a heaven on earth. Text is 2503147015.

Hope we brought a broom to NY and we get to use it!

Good luck Beckerheads.

Looks like Carlos will be playing 1B tonight.

With Santiago being called up I don’t expect DD will be doing a deal for Jack Wilson now. Unless it included Santiago and Monroe perhaps.

Who–DD has our heads spinning and he was true to his word in that he said Maybin was not going to be a SEPTEMBER call-up!

Boy- I certainly didn’t expect all this news today.

I agree Dan- it just doesn’t seem right about Infante. He plays hard and performs whenever he gets the chance. Unfortunately, I think he’s a casualty of the Tigers having too many good players for a limited number of spots.

More will be revealed I suppose. Certainly makes for alot to talk about today at the office……

Question: Is it easier for minor league players to clear waivers, or do they even have to? If Dave Dombrowski is looking to get Wilson from the Pirates, maybe he sent Infante down so it would be easier to complete a deal including him? Just kinda flying by the seat of my pants here, you guys seem to know more, but maybe theyre trying to move Monroe and Infante for Wilson?

Wow, these guys don’t mess around. They may not make the trades we want but they’re not afraid to shake it up within the organization.

My speculation: it’s not for a deal for Wilson. They’re shoring up the defense for the stretch run. Guillen plays more firstbase (he really should have gotten Jeter’s first inning single last night), Santiago plays more shortstop, Thames is finished as a firstbaseman for the year, and he and Maybin play outfield. Infante goes down for two weeks until the September callups. The shocker is Monroe. He can be claimed on waivers. If that happens, and I’m sure it will, I hope they at least make a trade with the claiming team.

Pure speculation on my part. It’s hard for me to believe they’d do anything I had suggested, but this is pretty close to it.

Big day in Tigertown.

Or Monroe and Santiago?

What matters most today though is Nate Robertson. Big Big, game fro nate and for our reliance on our starters.

According to my extensive research, it sounds like when you designate someone for assignment, they are immediately off the 40-man roster. You then have 10 days to figure out what to do with them. If they clear waivers, you can send them down to the minors, but it sounds like they don’t have to clear waivers to trade them, once they’ve been DFA’ed. So, it’s possible there’s something in the works involving Monroe that wouldn’t necessitate him clearing waivers.


Looks like it’s C-Ya to C-Mo, who we’ll see no-mo. I have some theories on what contributed to his struggles this season, but I’m not going to kick the guy around.

Anyway, all the best to Craig. He wore the uniform of Detroit well and never did anything negative during his years here. Let’s not forget his postseason performance last year, including those five homers he hit. Good guy, good teammate. The kind of fella you root for.

I agree that Craig was a valuable part of our success last year. But as I had predicted 2 weeks ago right here that he was done in Detroit, that reality came true today. He was a great positive to the team chemistry last year, but this year never made the necessary adjustments to continue that success. And Thames and Inge were just as critical to his success too. Baseball, a funny game sometimes especially on the human emotion side. I’m ashamed that I have nearly forgotten Mike Maroth, and I was one of those loud gripers when he was traded. I too wish Monroe a new found career with another team. Thanks for many exciting moments.

Wow, I’m more than a little bummed about sending Infante down. He always seems to have quality at bats and filled in wherever when needed. And I’d like to see Craig do great somewhere else like Dimitri did. Maybe a different environment would help. Really looking forward to Maybin tonight at Yankee stadium. Just like Andrew Miller debuted last year in NY Leyland and DD sure like to throw these kids into big situations. GO Tigers.

Remember last year when Omar wasn’t even included on the WS roster. Instead the Nefster made it. That was one decision made by management that IMO was just morally wrong and I said as much last year. He was so much better a player than Perez, it wasn’t even close. And I’ll argue that forever. For some reason he doesn’t get much respect from management, or do they just not have enough faith in him? Maybe his weakness is that he’s good at most aspects of the game but not great at any one thing. Seldom relied on as a pinch hitter or even as a key late inning defensive replacement in a close game. Situationally he got in there once in a while as a pinch runner and he would spot start because he could play 4 positions, but unfortunately Santiago is better defensively, and obviously Guillen is better offensively and can play first. Also Casey’s and Thames roles are obviously diminished with these call ups. I feel very sad for Craig and really about as sad for Omar. You wonder now who will pick up Monroe. Will it be a contender knowing his potential, or will it be a losing team looking to plug a temporary hole? We’ll find out soon enough. Omar will get called back up but, barring injury, he won’t make the post season roster should our Tigers get in. I feel bad for him as he was one of the players I always rooted a little harder for.

It looked like tonight we had an umpire with a big strike zone and both Pettitte and Nate took advantage of it. Unfortunately, all the breaks went the Yankees’ way. Nate pitched a good game, and he’s beginning to string good starts together. The bad hop off the bat of Abreu was huge, obviously, and there were a couple of other runs that could have been kept off the board. On the other side you’ve got Matsui with his snowcone catch off Sheffield and some other things. Pettitte is darned tough in Yankee Stadium.

Maybin looked pretty much like a guy who’d been whisked out of A ball and dropped into the outfield in Yankee Stadium. He probably should have had the one Phillips hit and struggled with another one. It can’t be easy coming into that huge ballpark with a triple tier after playing most of the season in Lakeland. We’ll see how this goes. JL has already said he’ll play tomorrow. I just hope that Thames, if healthy, isn’t left out of the mix again. I really believe he should be in there everyday. You’ve got to have that longball clout in the lineup, and he’s been ripping the ball, and also playing a good leftfield.

All in all, it appears to me that the Tigers are playing better baseball in general. Seems to be a little more spring in their step, especially when compared to how they looked at the end of the Tampa Bay series.

So at this point, we’re 2-2 for the “tough stretch” of games. I’m not so sure that starting JJ is the best idea for game one of the Cleveland series, but I of course have to defer to Leyland’s vast experience in making that call. I don’t see Eric Wedge playing it that way, but there will still be 5+ weeks left at the conclusion of that series. Time will tell. Do you still go with that rotation if we were to lose the final two games in New York, or do you get Verlander in there on his regular four days rest?

We could really use Polanco right now.

Marty, I well remember our sentiments on Infante last fall. I guess what we forget is that Omar is still only, I think, 25 years old. He seems older because he’s been here for five years, but he was about 20 when he was a starter in 2003. My point is, there’s still time for him to make a good career of it, either here or elsewhere.

I put my thoughts on Thames into my previous post. I’m not sure that less time for Casey is necessarily a bad thing. I thought he’d hit about 12-15 homers this year but he has three. I don’t fall into the camp that thinks we need a big power hitting firstsacker, but three homers doesn’t get it. I realize I’m sounding like a longball buff here lately, but you’ve just got to have it to score runs, especially in the close games that September will bring.

Mainly what we have right now, however, is flexibility. You’ve got multiple players who can play multiple positions. You’ve got good defenders and you’ve got speed. You’ve got some longball threats and you’ve got some line drive rippers. Mr. Leyland should do well with this assortment as things grind down the stretch. Now let’s get Zumaya back in there and have some fun.

Is anybody texting Dan? Texting is a foreign concept to me, so I can’t do it.

I gave Dan several text updates last night.

I can give him a few text update today also.

I meant to say “updates” in the last sentence I posted.

I’m thrilled about singing Porcello. I believe that was very big news.

Regardless of the game results last night, the Tigers are a better team having made these moves. Them’s the cold facts. As you stated Rich they are much more flexible now. Raburn brought some needed flexibility earlier on, and I believe his success and fit was the beginning of Monroe’s exit. Thames’ recent play didn’t help Monroe’s case either. If you look at what he has done lately, I don’t see how you could compare him to Monroe and Inge as far as a weakness in the bottom of the order. As a matter of fact I rate him higher than Rodriguez offensively. He looked bad on that strikeout a couple games ago when Granderson was stranded on third, but overall his hitting approach is superior to those three. He brings a confident presence to the plate. I would imagine pitchers take notice. What Maybin brings is speed and defense. His hitting at this level will take more time to develop (maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised)so I expect JL will give him a good look as a starter but if he doesn’t produce he’ll be used to spot start and in situations, pinch runner, late game defense. More importantly DD and JL apparently want him on the fast mlb grooming track. They apparently have taken note of other teams bringing up good young players and having success. Santiago will be a late inning defensive replacement but he should get some starts at SS and if he produces even a little he will earn more playing time, which means less for Casey assuming Guillen moves over to first. The Tigers now have 2 center fielders and you have to wonder what Curtis is thinking. He’s had such a great year out there. Maybin may or may not get some starts in CF but we’re all agreed Curtis doesn’t need too much rest. I’d enjoy watching an outfield of Granderson, Maybin, and Raburn, but that won’t happen often because of Magg’s phenomenal year and Shef’s DH bat is much needed. That’s the biggest conundrum that I see, although to be fair to Maggs, he has done a steady job in RF. You just have to wonder how much more ground the other 3 could cover. Anyway, I agree Rich, this team has some real flexibility now, and will be quicker defensively, holding those late inning leads, provided there are any:)

Finally, if any of these players is/are suddenly traded, disregard any of the above commentary.

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