Jurrjens Tuesday, Miller in Toledo again

Jair Jurrjens will make another start for the Tigers after all. He’ll go on Tuesday, again versus the Indians, but this time at home. Andrew Miller is with the team in New York, but he’ll make another start for Triple-A Toledo on Monday after throwing a bullpen session at Yankee Stadium this weekend. Joel Zumaya looks set for a return Tuesday, but he’ll throw one more inning for the Mud Hens on Saturday to make sure he’s fine.

There’s a little bit of musical chairs going on in the sick bay. Pudge Rodriguez felt awful this morning but was better this afternoon, so he’s back in the lineup. Placido Polanco is still out. Carlos Guillen is available, but he’s not doing that well, either. He had a carton of orange juice in his hand walking around the clubhouse today.

Todd Jones is avaialble, but now Zach Miner is coming down with the flu. Kenny Rogers might be the worst off of all.

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Thames, LF
  3. Sheffield, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Guillen, SS
  6. Rodriguez, C
  7. Casey, 1B
  8. Raburn, 2B
  9. Inge, 3B

And Sheffield’s return to New York? Nothing new really came out of his meeting with reporters. He said he felt like there was a cloud over him in New York because George Steinbrenner was the only one who wanted him there, but most everything else involved standing by his previous statements.

"I meant what I said, said what I said, and stand by what I said," he said.

There’s a chance of thunderstorms here in New York tonight, but for now the radar is clear, so hopefully they can get it in without any delays.


If there’s a time for the Tigers to turn it around it’s in the Bronx. The Tigers might be slumping, but the Yanks can’t feel too good about losing two of three to the Orioles.

Sheffield will have a triumphant return!


Nice lead so far today. JV seems to be dealing with his virus still though. I was going to say he maight have a long night but hewill likely throw 100-110 pitches regardless.

Good to see Guillen hit the big one and for the club (Raburn continues to hit) to tack on a few more because this Yankee lineup is devastating.

Abreau just tagged one and they said he has 40 RBIs since the Al Star break. That’s phenomenal.

Let’s hope JV can recover and at least get in 5 and hopefully 6 tonight. It won’t be easy as he is facing them with less than his best stuff.

Will be very interesting to see Jurjjens throw again. I don’t think we should give up on Miller though-he had a bad first inning but he was pretty impressive in the other 2.

6-3 and I think Mussina has settled down enough to be a factor in the game.

Kinda glad I won’t be around for the next 3 games–tough to take listening to it on Gameday Audio!!! And watching the live data and graphics on Gameday- it does give you a sense or a feel for the game.

Zack Major came in and put out the fire!!!

Zach showed a lot in the 7th. After walking Jeter and going 3 balls to Abreau he proceeds to strike out Abreau, A-Rod and Matsui!

File that performance away. I expect we will see Rodney in the 8th.

Kinda surprised that JL didn’t bring in Lopez for th 9th. I would have and saved Jones for games 2, 3 and or 4

Well we got #1. Verlander gutted it out and it was good to seem be able to accomplish that considering how he was likely feeling.

The relievers that came in did a good job. Big strikeouts and even Jones got an important one in a rough outing.

He was due for a bad one and maybe that’s out of his way now and he comes in next time and does a bit better.

Pudge’s HR was a big one. I guess that is better than a walk–but I am hoping he starts to realize that it is to his advantage to get into a hitter’s count. He did tonignt.

Big time kudos to Zach Miner.

Rodney looked good and he is throwing very hard right now.

I was thinking the same thing about bringing in Jones. I thought it would have been a good time to bring in Lopez and get him some work. I guess it was because Jones hadn’t been used since Tuesday? I am sure he also wanted to make sure we won the first game. But Lopez was the closer in Toledo so he can’t be that bad either.

So, Guillen was under the weather and hits a grand slam in the 1st. Sometimes players have to concentrate more or are some how more relaxed or not thinking too much when they are sick. Pudge also hit a homerun and he had been sick. Of course, he could not have been that sick. If he was really sick, he might have actually taken a WALK. He should know what those are since our pitchers like to allow those at inopportune times.

Glad we were able to take the first game. Hopefully we can take 2 of the next 3 as well. That would be great going into next week. While I don’t think that getting Zumaya back will be the only answer, I do believe it will be an emotional lift for the team. Maybe it will help get our pitching going better.

Marty, I hope you were still able to enjoy listening to the game or were able to catch it somehow. I get blacked out when the Tigers play the White Sox. I subscribe to mlb.tv to get the Tigers games and so I don’t pay for cable to help my budget. So I get blacked out on those and I live over 3 hours from Comiskey (that is what I will always call that stadium) and can’t get to the games. The good part about being blacked out for the White Sox is that I don’t have to listen to the world’s 2 biggest ****** and worst broadcasters that the White Sox have.

I wondered about using Jonesie in the ninth too. Other than just going by “the formula,” I guess he can pitch three of the four games while it’s the middle relievers that you need rested and ready. And it’s possible Jones won’t be needed again this series, depending on how the games play out. He had his typical non-save outcome, but like you say, Dan, he’s not feeling the greatest right now.

Speaking of not feeling the greatest, that was a good gutty performance by Verlander. It reminded me of his start in Yankee Stadium in game two of the playoffs last October, although I think he had better stuff that day.

The bullpen did the job. Six consecutive outs by strikeout? I thought Miner had the flu too. If so, his performance was all the better.

It was very important to get out ahead of these guys, and that was handily done in the first inning. It’s always good to get after Mussina after all the nights I had to spend in Camden Yards watching him shut down the “bad” Tigers.

Polanco was so sick he was sent back to the hotel. Don’t know when he’ll be back.

I’m glad we don’t play the Yankees much. Three hours and 40 minutes or so for a nine inning game? Ridiculous.

And speaking of ridiculous, the YES play by play guy, Kay or whatever his name is, seems to be somewhat of a fool. He wondered aloud why Zumaya’s finger injury would keep him from pitching, and actually asked Al Leiter why he couldn’t just pitch with one finger. That blew me away, I’ll tell ya.

More good plays from Inge. He dove into the stands again and would have caught the ball if not for a smart Yankee fan who tipped it right out of his glove.

Nice win and a gusty performance by a lot of sick guys in a very hard environment to play. Kudos to all. I was worried about this game all day. I am really concerned about Polanco, we need the dude back. Nice rollercoaster job by all the relievers but they got the job done I guess.

I was listening to 1270 this afternoon and Steve Phillips from ESPN was in doing his weekly interview and the guys asked him about what he though about Jurrjens. Something that I thought was interesting is he said that he is a really composed young pitcher but thought that it might be a mistake to have him pitch again against the Indians. He was unsure if he would be able to adjust since these hitters had already seen him just a few days earlier???? He thought he might get spanked around?? Curious I just wonder.

Exactly the same situation with me Tiger Fan, and thanks for asking. I gave up cable a few years ago. Too much money for a lot of **** channels. (And I kidded Dan about not buying mlb for August:) I always maintained that if I could just pay for the ones I wanted I’d do it. Cable companies don’t want to give anyone that option. They just keep piling more **** on and charging more for it. So we get what I call the bare bones menu. It’s cheap too. In western New York it’s Rochester and Buffalo, each carrying the big 4 including Fox, Public Television, and the CW? out of NYC I guess. I’m a 6 hour drive from NYC but still am considered in their market. We’re in the same boat Tiger Fan.

I did get to listen to some of tonight’s game but missed the good stuff in the early innings. So I’ll leave the commentary to those who watched. Nice victory.

Rich, I caught those questions by the play by play guy also. I am guessing he was trying to make a point about how important it is to be able to grip the ball and have both fingers to do it. But yes, he sounded pretty ridiculous asking that question.

Hey Rich, I guess I answered your question too from earlier today… And thanks for asking.

By the way, is anyone else feeling just the least bit ill from all this flu talk? Like you don’t want to get too far from a bathroom…

Jason or anyone else who might have some insight??

I was checking out the pitching probables for the next week and when it comes to the Cleveland series next week they have Carmona pitching on Tuesday and also pitching on Wednesday?? That has to be some sort of error right?? And which case who will be pitching do you think??

Carmona’s normal turn in a five man rotation would be Wednesday. However, since the Indians had two off days (Thurs and Mon) he can pitch on Tuesday with his normal four days rest. Tonight’s starter, Paul Byrd, could also pitch Wednesday for the same reason. I think they’ve got a hole in the spot that Cliff Lee used to fill, and things may be up in the air for them right now.

By the same token, the Tigers could have skipped to Verlander to face Carmona next Tuesday but have chosen not to.

Ya I get and I heard that they are skipping Laffey (SP??) in the rotation, they are chickens and have Carmona pitching on Tuesday. However they show him pitching on Wednesday as well.

My estimation on the pitching rotation should be

Carmona Jurrjens

Verlander Byrd

Robertson Westbrook

And I agree I think that they should of put Verlander in for Jurrjens that way he (Verlander) can pitch against Pettite on Sunday and Jurrjens could me matched up against Hughes on Saturday. I think that I said this yesterday, but I will listening to 1270 sports radio and Steve Phillips was on. He also mentioned that he thought they should skip Jurrjens because he is young and maybe does not have the ability to adjust against the same team within a week and that the Indians may just tee off on him?? But is it better have possibly the Yankees tee off on him?? I don’t know but it all makes me wonder.

Listening to the radio right now and they are saying that there are reports that Maybin will be playing in Yankee stadium tonight?? Wonder what that means as far as roster moves?? Raburn has been doing so well I wouldn’t think that they would send him down. They cannot send Monroe down no options? I wonder if Thames reinjured himself again. He did look a little uncomfortable running to first last night?? We’ll see

“Tigers call up Maybin to the big leagues”

The Tigers club has decided to call top prospect Cameron Maybin up to the big leagues. An announcement is expected today, although it’s not clear what the roster move will be”

Holy Cow-This one is out of the blue and I don’t see the reason for it. I’m excited about the kid and all but I wonder what the twist is?

JL not likely to drop a pitching spot. Can’t drop Raburn or Infante.

I hope this does not mean that Polanco is injured, or Granderson?.–Forget I mentioned that I am just being an alarmist.

Perhaps there is deal for Monroe that is being done.

Well, according to SI (and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette):


Jack Wilson has apparently cleared waivers… Sounds like something is in the works.


That is an incredible development. I knew he would be ready for 2008 and figured they would test the baby in the bathwater after Aug 31—but this?

If true he will for sure be in the lineup tonight. I hope they don’t sit Granderson down against Petit to do this. Put him in left and at least make him think he is payings “some dues”.

I suspect Monroe has a lingering virus and Thames is hobbled by the hammy.

Man–I am going to miss these games too!!!

If anybody can text message me some of the game (Especially Maybin’s 1st AB)you’ll be creating Nirvana within a heaven on earth. Text is 2503147015.

Hope we brought a broom to NY and we get to use it!

Good luck Beckerheads.

Well the roster moves are in

Craig Monroe designated for assigment – Maybin in

Omar Infante designated for assignment Ramon Santiago in

Wow I am really really shocked. Not sure how I feel about all of this. I know Craig wasn’t getting it done, but how do we know how Maybin will turn out at this point. He actually could do worse.

And Omar, I am not sure at all about that one. Omar is a pretty reliable bat and plays a so so short stop. But from what I can remember Santiago was no good at the plate??

Double WOW

Dont forget to text me!! 2503147015


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