Flu-like bug spreads

The virus that left Justin Verlander ailing on Sunday has apparently spread to Placido Polanco and Craig Monroe. Both were clearly looking under the weather Tuesday, and neither is expected to be available tonight. Plus, with Carlos Guillen dealing with his sore knees, the lineup is pretty well shuffled for C.C. Sabathia. Guillen’s at first base, Ryan Raburn at second, Omar Infante at short and Marcus Thames in left.

Jair Jurrjens is here, though he can’t be in the dugout during the game unless he’s on the roster. He’ll watch somewhere, then get ready to take in Wednesday’s game from the mound. The game will be broadcast over the air in his native Curacao, so it’s an even bigger deal for him back home.


Absolutely ridiculous. I think Bonderman has the flu in his medulla oblongata. What he is doing in the first inning is beyound absurd and it is killing his team. He “gives up” a couple and then “gives up”. I’m startin’ to wonder if he shouldn’t be playing banjo on a bridge rather than trying to get the ball over the plate and MLB hitters out.
I can’t imagine what is going through JL’s head when this happens every 5th day.

Now the Flu hits it seems like it is on cue to provide this club with a convenient excuse for failure.

We haven’t seen the “tired arm” DL trick used for awhile–any bets that Bonderman ends up on it?

We seem to be the tonic for everyone elses woes. Whether they are in a hitting slump or pitching slump, when they play the Tigers they get to cure themselves instantly.

Bonderman pithced a good 2nd inning and so far the hitters on our club look lost and overmatched. Be nice to see the bottom of the lineup actually do some damage.

We should run a pool on Pudge getting his next base on balls.

I pick sometime in June 2008

Well it can’t be said that Inge and Pudge are inconsitent.
Pudge with his 2nd pitch swing and Inge with the strikeout after being ahead in the count 3-1.

I guess all we can do is shake our heads.

I think I need to do something a little more exciting. Perhaps go cut the grass or paint the workshop.

Well Beckerheads–hang in there and bring us a victory. Maybe JL is accessing data on his laptop in the dugout and will take some of our suggestions.

We need a hero today and it is going to take a 3 run blast I fear to cement this game. I hope it our guys tat provide it. But thinking about the liklihood of that I wouldn’t hold our breath. The only guys supplying any power are Thames and Ordonez. Sheffield’s best shots are warning track fly balls.

Bonderman pitching well and I sure hope it doesn’t get wasted because he sure needs a win.

I don’t think Pudge is gonna hit even .260 this year the way he is swinging the bat right now. He is the living cliche of an easy out.

Good thing Bondo doesn’t know how to play the banjo…or we might not have a chance at this game. Great game Jeremy.

Thank you Curtis Granderson! It now looks like you saved a game that the Tigers should win with a four run lead.

Pudge looked safe.

Beating the Indians and learning that the Tigers will sign Porcello is a good day for fans of the Tigers.

Holy ****! What a game! There were so many heroes I should have made a list. Okay, here’s a list:

Granderson: he saved the day with that fabulous catch, further proving why he should be in there regardless of who’s pitching. He also started the tenth inning rally with his base on balls.

Rodney: the dude was hitting 98 mph on the gun. The leadoff double didn’t send him off into the twilight zone. Best I’ve seen him.

Byrdak: he battled it out and won the battle.

Raburn: not even supposed to start, he gets the penultimate hit in the tenth with a great at bat.

Sheffield: he got the game winning hit which will be overshadowed by highlights of Maggs hitting the homer. No pop up there. How about some props for him?

Ordonez: this guy is incredible.

Bonderman: limited the first inning damage and pitched a whale of a game. Probably the biggest reason we won.

Infante: steps in there and cooly bangs out three big hits.

The Tiger fans: standing up bravely in what Bo would call a “hostile stadium,” they got the “let’s go Tigers” chant going to kick off the tenth inning. Can’t say enough for them.

Okay, that was fun, but it’s only one win. A good one, though, with the youngster starting tomorrow. Entertaining as all get out, though.

Dan, ol’ pal, you don’t seem to be enjoying the games. I haven’t had that much fun since the hogs ate grandpa.

To top it off, we signed the Porcello kid which, if nothing else, proves that this organization is committed to providing us with a good team for years to come.

Thank you Jeremy Bonderman for making all of this win possible. if not for you, we would not have seen the 9th or 10th. Best game of the year from all vantage points.
Go Jair!

lots of things to be proud of this team in this game. It reminded me of Tigers of 20006. Although I must admit I was a bit nervous after Jeremys first inning, but I will give it up to him he was smoking tonight. Hopefully this will give him the confidence to turn the corner.

But there were lots of big things to look at in this game.

Curtis’s catch -spectacular

Raburn getting the blooper in the 9th.

Of course Gary Sheffield




Jones getting himself out of trouble

Basically everyon chipped in tonight Good all around effort.

Lets see if we can put a few together here and win two or three in a row. Then I will be convinced that this team has turned the page.


I sure enjoyed the end result (I didin’t hear the scor till about a half ahour ago).
Yeah Rich, I was a bit miffed that they weren’t hitting early in the game and I had to go out knowing I would miss the rest of the game. I think I was hoiping for a 6 run cushion before I left!

Soun ds like it was a great game and it sure is nice to see some of the clutch performances pulled off by a spectrum of contributors.

Rodney striking out 3 must have fantastic to watch.

Bonderman really settled down and once he got his slider going he was dominant. If he can just get over that first inning hump.

Infante and Raburn did fantastic jobs.

Inge and Pudge need to do something about their approach at the plate.

Sorry to rain on the parade but call a spade a spade.

I think Granderson needs to be in there every day too. Another center fielder (especially a right handed one) doesn’t catch that ball.

If Raburn contines to play well, JL will probably give him some time at 3B if he starts to see a need to take Brandon out.

I am really pulling for Jurrjens tomorrow. I hope he comes in and gets over his jitters quickly. Pretty tough spot to put him in but a baptism under fire might be the best thing for him.

JL, make sure these guys wash their hands before they grab some more chew—we don’t want no more flu bugs round here.

Pudge and Inge should swap their approaches. Think about it……

That “flu” (actually it’s Norovirus) is going to cause problems. It’s just too easy to catch that bug. Durbin and Inge, with those new babies, should bunk in the clubhouse. 🙂

They did an interview with Jair before last night’s game. Nice kid. As usual in these situations, you hope for five innings and that you’re still in the game at that point. Not as much pressure with last night’s win, but it’s still a leeetle bit early for much added pressure.

The Yankees, after their sweep of Cleveland, nearly blew a game to Baltimore then got blown out last night. This stuff happens. Can’t bring the “A” game 162 times a year.

I know a lot of us, myself included, hope the Tigers “turn a corner” and start reeling off wins. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if this thing just keeps grinding on in the coming weeks.

This is the type of game we’ve been hoping for for a while. I think even if they would have lost, there were so many positives….I hope they can build on it. Dan_Byrne seems to get a little worked up early in the game…but the best thing about baseball is that the game isn’t limited by time, only by outs. You could be down by 10 in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and still have a chance to win the game. That’s why I can’t believe the Cleveland fans started leaving after Sheff’s RBI…even before the Magg’s three run dinger. Awesome game!!! GO TIGERS!!!! By the way, Dan, regarding the comment “I think Granderson needs to be in there every day too. Another center fielder (especially a right handed one) doesn’t catch that ball”, I totally agree….but maybe you didn’t realize that Grandy plays the field right handed….which makes the catch all that more spectacular!!

I do get worked up when I see negative repetitive patterns early in the game. I am a big fan and like these guys a bunch but I am also a big critic when I see that they are stubbornly hurting themselves and at this stage, the team. Inge and Rodriguez and Monroe are prime examples.

I got typing ahead of myself re Granderson, I meant to say that no other right-handed center fielder catches that ball. I have been watcdhing long enough to know what hand the boys throw with. Though I do think Grilli might be well advised to try his left.

Great game last night. Got to see the first part but then had to catch the rest on Sportscenter. That is the way a team is suppose to come together.
I live in Cleveland, but have been a lifelong Tiger fan. Which is the reason I got a tat awhile back of the “D” on my arm.

I hate Cleveland to death (you might think Detroit drivers are crazy on I-75, you should see these Cleveland drivers in the snow…YIKES!).

Take it to them again tonight boys! GO TIGERS!!!

Hey Dan, I’m attending all three games in Cleveland next month. Come on and join me. It’s only what, 3000+ miles for you? 🙂

It looks like it took head to head with Cleveland for them to ramp up to that playoff style effort I was looking for back in the Chicago series. You could almost feel it last night. I wonder if these guys really can turn it on for the month of September?

Zumaya is slated to pitch again tonight, along with Miller, last I heard. 90 miles from here, very very tempting. But no, I’m not going. They said Zoom hit 94 mph Monday, which is very decent for his first outing.

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