Couple of moves

Macay McBride and Jordan Tata were optioned to Triple-A Toledo. In their place come Aquilino Lopez and Eulogio De La Cruz. However, De La Cruz will be only be up today; Yorman Bazardo will take his place on Sunday. Bazardo would’ve been the choice today, but he isn’t ready to pitch tonight because he pitched eight innings in a start three days ago.

These are not long-term moves to shift around bullpen, but moves to get fresh arms available. As Leyland put it, "We need to get by today and tomorrow."

With Tata sent down, Wednesday’s starting assignment is now open. No announcement on that yet, though Vasquez could be available to start on an extra day’s rest if need be.

On the injury front, Joel Zumaya’s arm felt fine today, so his rehab assignment is set. He’ll pitch an inning each on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for Toledo. If he gets through that OK, he would be ready to be activated on Tuesday for the start of the next homestand. Andrew Miller, meanwhile, will throw a side session on Sunday and would then be sent out to start Wednesday for Toledo. If he’s healthy, it’s feasible he could be slotted in to start for the Tigers on Tuesday, the next time Tata’s old rotation spot comes up.


Why, oh why is Jason Grilli still on this team? Will someone please put him out of his misery?

Well Verlander is pitching well except the 2 walks really were a gift run for them. A Walk, you ask?
Walk – That is when a batter (on some other team than the Detroit Tigers) patiently scrutinizes the array of pitches dealt to him from the opposing pitcher, and is permitted a free pass to the 1st base upon receiving four deliveries outside of the strike zone (see def).

Strike Zone – anywhere the home plate umpire (see def) decides to call a strike.

Home Plate Umpire – Generally an obese man who disguises himself behind a face mask.

Brandon just was nominated for “Foolish Play of the Year”.

Must be thinking about the little guy at home!

Question: since he figured there was a force at 3rd and I presume Murphy ended up at 3rd–did he not have time to discover the “error” of his ways and simply slap a tag o him? Or was he running off the field?

(I’m listening not watching)

I figured I would purchase MLB TV for August and September but with the lousy play I didn’t bite for August. If things don’t change maybe the team will save me another $20.

My Gosh— A WALK.. A WALK!! (To Sheffield leading off the inning–gotta score him)

Whoa–Ordonez smacked one good. C’mon you guys keep it going.

Nice to see Lopez recalled from the minors–no so sure about de la Cruz but the losing the 2 guys they sent down will not hurt us.

Very important inning for the Tigers. Verlander did not help things by serving up an 0-2 single though. Honestly can’t figure what these guys are thinking out there. I would think Hernandez needs to school these guys in the Pitching 101.
He pitched a good game but we are back to the bullpen in the 7th inning syndrome.

Ya gotta hope for the best but I don’t like our chances as seay has not self destructed like his bullpen mates recently and I am just hoping he has not been infected with the same disease as Grilli, Miner and McBride.


JL sure like to heap the pressure on the new guys!
Baptism under fire for Aqulino. So important to get this victory and he entrusts it to a MudHen. I think he is gonna come out of this smelling like a rose though!

Nice job by Aquilino but darn, Sheffield just does not come up big with the bat when we could really use it.
Important walk his last AB but we NEED this guy to come up and crush the ball at critical times, not pop up.

Guaranteed—- JL will bring in the “formula”. Rodney in the 8th and hopefully Jones the 9th.

I must extend my thanks to Jason for this BLOG. I am stuck out here in the desert of British Columbia where most everyone thinks a Tiger is from Sri Lanka not from Detroit.
I am allowed to express myself (to myself) and relieve myself of this suppressed anxiety by use of this forum. I hope you all can indulge my use of bandwidth.

Just 1 more comment.

This is a huge game for the club. Lots of pressure on Jones to close this.

We have have had all the ingredients we have been lacking.

Starting piching.

Timely Hitting

Home Run Power

Excellent relief work

Seay gets the situational lefty out

Lopez shuts the door

Rodney clamps down in the 8th inning

If they lose this the irony and the wasted effort will be too much for the club to handle.

They need this one and it will be the biggest win of the year if they get it.

Infante does the job of getting the guy in from 3rd with less than 2 out. That is another ingredient that they have been lacking.

Is this light I see at the end of the tunnel?

And the formula completes itself with a 3 run Todd Jones Save!

Huge victory and the way it was done was the key. All the ingredients that were killing us reversed themselves tonight.

We got a walk and it paid off.

We got a run in from 3rd with less than 2 out.

we were able to takc on insurance runs.

We shut the door after scoring runs ourselves.

Bullpen came through.

Starter did the job.

Now let’s just hope that Polanco is OK.

Thats the way – Dan is right that was the formula that is where we have our success. It sure was a nice win to get. Decent starting pitching (not great really) shutdown (not tired) relief pitching and good timely hitting.

We will have to forgive Brandon the mental error. I am sure you have gotten 0 sleep in the last few nights with the birth of the baby and all.

Got home from a Rochester Red Wing/Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankee game and was very relieved and happy to read about this victory. The last score I saw posted at the game was 2-1 Oakland, top 6th, and I thought, man they’re gonna lose a close low scoring game just to balance out last night’s high scoring loss. But thank goodness, they won! Stranger than fiction!

Enjoyed all the blogs and your play by play Dan. If $20 bucks is holding you back from watching the Tigers in August, then we ought to all chip in and buy you the subscription/prescription. Because if we have to stress out watching these games, it’s only fair that you should have to watch too.

The San Diego Chicken was at the Red Wings game. He/she was really very funny and entertaining. The funniest/cutest act was long about the 3rd inning when the Chicken kind of slowly marched out on the field with 4 of the littlest chicks that you could get to follow simple directions lined up behind him. They were probably 4 or 5 year olds. Well they slowly marched out to home plate and up to the umpire who was shaped just as you described home plate umpires Dan…each little chick mimicking the SD Chicken all the way out. So the SD Chicken lifts his leg to urinate on the ump (not normally chicken like behavior), and darned if each of those little tikes didn’t, one by one, stop and do the same as they marched by. I about fell out of my seat. It was a good night for baseball.

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