Clemens drops appeal

The Rocket began serving his suspension Friday. So how does this affect the Tigers? Well, the expectation was for him to serve his suspension after his next scheduled start this coming Monday, which would’ve put him on track to return from his suspension next Sunday, which is the finale of the Tigers’ four-game series in the Bronx. Instead, by starting his suspension Friday, he’s eligible to return Wednesday, the day before the Tigers-Yankees series begins. If Clemens pitches Wednesday, he would miss the Tigers next week. However, manager Joe Torre didn’t say when Clemens would re-enter the rotation.

Update from Sunday: The Yankees now say that Clemens will be skipped this turn through the rotation. He’ll face the Tigers on Saturday at Yankee Stadium.


Bring him on! Maybe he’ll be rusty and the Tigers can coax more than 2 walks out of him.
They have now had 4 bases on balls in the last 4 games.

They’re obviously not getting our memos Dan. Pudge’s OBP is a cool 11 points above his average, .288/.277. Rabelo’s OBP is .314 and his BA is .274, at least some improvement. Make the opposing pitchers work guys.

Question: IF Zumaya can come back and be effective, and if Rodney and Jones can also, who would be the other 4 relievers you would keep? They can include any of the farm system pitchers too.

Will Rogers be able to come back? If not then I guess Miller and Durbin will round out the starting 5. We could sure use a healthy Kenny Rogers pitching right now.

Who would be the best 13 position players the Tigers should have before the call ups, and then for (dare I say, the Playoffs)?

We’ll have to beat Clemens and all the other “big names” to win this thing anyway, so wherever and whenever. We can look at the upcoming two weeks as a nightmare or as a real chance to do some damage.

I’m foreseeing NY blowing right past Boston and it’s the Red Sox that will be in the wild card chase. It doesn’t take a crystal ball, just going by past practices.

Hi Marty. I don’t have much confidence in Grilli, McBride, Byrdak, Seay, Miner.
I would give Darensbourg a shot and gladly replace him for McBride.

I think they could give Lopez another look and let Grilli go.

Miner was pretty bad yesterday but I actually prefer him to Grilli.

Seay at aleat throws strikes.

With a plethora of lefties in the pen I don’t know why Leyland seemed to manage like he had a conundrum to deal with when Cust came up yesterday. McBride was done and had a hard time finding the plate–if he doesn’t groove one to get it over then he walks Cust anyway eventually. That is and and alwyas has been McBrides problem–walks. That’s why Atlanta unloaded him on us. The talk at the time of the trade was that Ledezma had no options and McBride did–it was supposed to be a flexiiblity trade–well JL-let’s get flexible. Option him out and bring in Lopez or Darensbourg.

As far as another starter goes well Jurrjens seems logical but there is another guy who has been lights out as a starter in Toledo–Anastacio Martinez is 3-0 with a 0.95 ERA as a starting pitcher.

I still maintain that DD should have bolstered the bullpen. There were a number of second tier relievers that could have helped.

The argument that we wouldn’t be here without DD is very true. But where is here? Is it a World Championship team? Are we a playoff team this year? “Here” is actually on the outside looking in at this point through a very high and seemingly insurmountable fence.

At this point I think the team is pretty much set. Monroe’s value to the team (diminishing every AB) was as trade bait. Now his value is pretty much as a substitute for an injury or for spot duty against a LHP. I can’t even see him pinch hitting for anybody other than Bonderman.

We sure could use a Mickey Stanley or Kirk Gibson personality on this team right now!

Good afternoon gentlemen. I watched the game last night, and had no emotional breakdowns. Try it. It’s easier when you lower your expectations as to what a team can do. Maybe I’ll be surprised again. Some wuick comments. Guillen’s name hasn’t come up a lot, but his power is off. He’s getting a lot osf singles when not needed, not counting last night. But no HR’s in a while; same for Inge and Pudge. I agree that Pudge has lost his batting approach for success. These factors put undue pressure on everybody else. We haven’t mentioned that Inge has played through the broken toe, and I do believe that it has affected him some. I guess more than anything, what bothers me about these last two weeks is that the bonafide stars of the teams we have played, have not destroyed us. It’s the .230 rookie or fill-in who seems to drive the ball to the gap. And then it’s the pitcher with the 9.25 ERA who suddenly learns how to control everything agaisnt the Tigers. It’s a MESS!

Last night was not McBrides fault, I am not saying he it the greatest reliever of all times, but the problem last night is that he came in and cleaned up Tata’s and Grillis mess and then pitched one more inning after that. He was spent, he is a situational guy, maybe a one or two inning guy he cannot and should not throw 50 pitches and be expected to be affective. He was thrown out there in the sixth inning (his third inning of pitching) when there was no way he could be effective. Miner was ready in the pen and should of been brought in when it would of made a difference. Leylands fault not McBrides. He was left in there to explode. So instead of blaming all of these relievers maybe we should be looking at the guy who is putting them in there in situations where they were never going to succeed. And this goes back to the all of a sudden below average starting pitching we have. Coaching staff is not doing there job.

“Here” is also not a bad place to be for fans who lived through all those down years, yet kept up their support.

Anyway, I’m taking tonight off from the Tigers and going to see a class A game, Winston-Salem at Potomac. Rod Allen, the son of the Tiger announcer, is playing outfield for Winston-Salem. It’s also a company picnic and the food is free. 😉

Well said, GK. JL didn’t want to use Seay or Byrdak because he’d used them both in an already lost game Thursday, and heaven forbid he go against that cursed “book” and use a righty to pitch to a lefty. Like I said last night, a massive mistake. That’s the second time this week that we could see a disaster about to happen, then have to sit there helplessly and watch it happen.

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