Sheff day-to-day, Miner back

The news is good on Gary Sheffield, whose numbness in his hand was caused by falling on his elbow
making a catch July 21. His collarbone apparently popped up on the play and is irritating a nerve. He’ll take medication and physical therapy to get it back into place, which will keep him out for at least a couple days if not more. Still, Leyland says he doesn’t figure it to be a lengthy injury from what he was told. X-rays and an MRI came back negative.

The bullpen is shuffled around tonight. Zach Miner has returned from the bereavement list and is available to pitch tonight. Jose Capellan was optioned to Toledo to make room. The Tigers might well need Miner tonight because Chad Durbin at home with his wife as expected for the birth of their first child. He’s expected back tomorrow. Meanwhile, Dr. Charles Melone has cleared Joel Zumaya to throw all his pitches, including curveballs. He’ll be back in Detroit tonight and will pick up his strengthening program from there.


This is all good news. This thing is going to be won in September. If the Tigers are relatively healthy next month, they’ve got the advantage. This is going to turn into a three team race.

For now, they just need to win these series, especially the ones at home.

Hopefully Sheff only misses a couple of games and Zumaya comes back strong.
Any word on when Marcus comes off the DL? We haven’t won much since he got hurt.

At another game tonight and another bummer of a game. I went to this game tonight thinking they can’t possible lose another one?? Well appearently they can. I really though after the first inning it looked like Miller had his good stuff and well maybe the good guys could finally muscle out a win.

Well I guess I cannot figure out why we cannot keep a team down which their best batter in the lineup tonight is batting 275. It is just amazing and it was about the same thing with the Oakland series. Just mystifies me completely.

Good new about Joel. Cannot wait to have him back, in good shape.

I am very frustrated with this team right now and the way things are going. Please baseball gods help our Tigers.

You know, GK, I thought about you being at that game when Uribe’s slam sailed out. Like, here we go again. I know the feeling. Last season I documented how I was able to get to five Tigers games and they lost them all. Have done better this year.

I thought Miller was on the mark too. He made a bad pitch to Dye, who is red hot, so I can live with that. Hitting Podsednik was bad, then Uribe. The White Sox continue to hurt us with big homeruns. Granderson opens the eighth with a walk then Polanco scorches one which turns into a doubleplay. When you’re in a “little funk” as JL puts it, that’s what happens.

Injuries are a part of sports, and everyone says you have to play above it. In truth, few teams do. Jason’s “Tigers Notes” on today’s main site read like a casualty report. We’ve just lost the wrong people at the wrong times this season. We get some of these guys back and we can’t help but win some games, at least enough to carry the thing into September.

Bottom line is, the Tigers have to start beating the White Sox. I’m looking ahead to that season ending three game series, and I’m not liking what I’m foreseeing.

Is Shelton out of options? I’m not seeing why Hessman is up and Chris isn’t. Hitters 6-9 tonight were Pudge, Hessman, Monroe and Inge. Where does the offense come from there?

Hey Jason,

What ever happened to the “Play 9 Innings” mantra of last year?

I don’t think it’s a question of not playing hard but rather not playing focused, mostly offensively. I’ve harped on this before. Too often it seems the Tiger batters don’t go up there with a game plan, I don’t see it in their eyes anyway. Rarely should anyone swing at the first pitch. You’ve got to work a pitcher like Buerle, any pitcher for that matter. I mean especially after a Tiger pitcher struggles through an inning, it’s the batters’ jobs to buy him some rest time. I don’t care what the score is. You can’t do that by going up there hacking first pitch. Is it my imagination or does it seem all the other teams have figured this out? It’s the most basic game plan there is. Baseball 101. I know Placido is a special player and it’s not fair using him as the good example, but you can see game plan all over his face when he gets in the box. He knows how to work the pitcher. He’s gonna take whatever the pitcher gives him, and it’s paying off for him (and his pitchers) because he’s been walking more lately. More and more you see him waiting and even taking that second strike because it doesn’t matter to him, he’ll make contact 1-2, 2-2 anyway.

Defensively they don’t seem as quick. Overall I don’t see the same range with them as I do with other teams. Now obviously there are a couple exceptions, Curtis ranges, and I think Placido and Brandon range well. It’s refreshing to see Raburn cover ground in the OF, getting good jumps and moving quickly to the ball. He seems very suited to RF. But that’s the Catch 22 because with Shef DHing, Mags has to play there. No options period.

Ironically, as soon as the bull pen has a good stretch, the starters and offense struggle. Maybe the pen just pitches better with the team trailing(plenty of that lately). That would make sense…less pressure.

So to me it’s more a lack of focus, and as JL mentioned, a need for a little bit of nasty determination rather than the team not playing hard for 9 innings. But, if playing hard REQUIRES playing focused, then yes, you have made a good point. Let’s hope the Tigers get a little “attitudinal focus” tonight. You get the feeling patience is wearing thin on this blog.

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