Sheffield to have shoulder examined

It’s only been a week since his cortisone injection, and it’s bothering him again. What’s worse, he’s feeling numbness around the base of his right hand. He’s being treated with medication for now, but he’ll visit a doctor back home in Detroit to try to make sure it’s nothing worse. He’s had problems with his shoulder before, as I wrote last week, but this is something new.

"I can deal with pain," he said, "but it feels like a nerve or something."

On an entirely different (and happier) note, Chad Durbin is heading home join his wife Crystal in Baton Rouge for the birth of their first child, a baby boy.  They’ll have labor induced, and he hopes to be back with the team as soon as Saturday.


Great another blow to the team. Although I am not suprised.

Under most circumstances, I wouldn’t address outside events on this blog, but it occurs to me that some of the victims of the tragedy in Minneapolis are probably our fellow fans. It was an hour before gametime up there, and the odds are good that some of them were heading to the game.

I would urge everyone to spend a moment of prayerful silence for our brothers and sisters in Minneapolis.


RL agreed, a lot of my husbands family (aunts uncles and cousins) are from Minnesota. We are quite worried about everyone.

Okay everybody, let’s lighten things up a bit on this off day. I suggest you all go read Granderson’s blog entry of August 1st, and be sure to read all the comments. You’ll be glad you did.

In addition, I’m starting a new sports award, in the spirit of the Espy. This award goes to the play by play guy with the best one-liner, and will be called the “Richie Award.”

The Richie for 2006 goes to the Tampa Bay announcer. After Dimitri Young butchered a couple of plays at firstbase, the announcer said “Young, like Michael Jackson, is wearing a glove on one hand for no apparent reason.”

The top nominee for this year’s Richie is, believe it or not, Hawk Harrelson in Chicago. After Pudge took yet another foul tip to the body last week, Harrelson said “Pudge’s body must look like he’s been playing paintball naked.”

Feel free to nominate your own.


Can there be any doubt that as Sheffield goes, so go the Tigers. He along with Ordonez were money when we were winning. Now Sheff goes in the tank and so do the Tigers. I’m not a hitting coach, but he looked terrible in CA especially on outside pitches. Also was it just me or were the umps giving the pitchers more and more of the outside corner the worse he looked. I’d love to see him go on the DL and get healthy. Then, nurse him along until the stretch run then use the heck out of him. Hurry back Marcus!

I just read on MSN that Neifi Perez tested positive for a 3rd time and has been suspended 80 games. If this is true, his days with the Tigers are truly over and possibly his career. I wish the best for him to solve this problem yet it is not a major loss for the Tigers.

It’s not a loss long term, but we do need a backup shortstop right now. I wonder if Dave Dombrowski considers this the worst trade he’s ever made? I’d hate to think of a worse one. Sounds like Perez had no intention of playing anymore ball.

Congratulations to the Durbins. I hope all went, or will go, well.

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