July 2007

Thames on DL; Timo called up

Perez will be here and is starting in LF.

Leyland on Thames' hammy

"Not good. I’m really not sure I hadn’t screwed that [move] up, to be honest with you. I could’ve left Raburn in the game and put Grandy in center field in Marcus’ spot, but I kept thinking about Marcus’ long ball. If they tied it up or something, Marcus would’ve been coming up. But who knows, Raburn might not have caught it. But the catch might be a little expensive, because he’s not good."

Lineup against Santana

Santana_1 Ryan Raburn gets to start in center against Johan Santana tonight. As well as Granderson has been hitting lately, Leyland said he didn’t want to put him in a situation where a pitcher like Santana messes him up not only tonight, but lingering into the games after that.

  1. Raburn, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Sheffield, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Guillen, SS
  6. Rodriguez, C
  7. Thames, 1B
  8. Monroe, LF
  9. Inge, 3B

This is not Raburn’s first game in a dome. He played at Tampa Bay during his late-season stint for the Tigers in 2004.

Back at it

Covering my first Tigers game in over a week. Anyway, both Zumaya and Rodney played catch today — separately, not together — and felt fine. There’s a chance Rodney could start throwing off of a mound this weekend, but it’s hard to tell right now. No such timetable exists on Zumaya quite yet.

Polanco is in the lineup as expected and will likely start again Wednesday before deciding what to do with the day game Thursday. Rabelo is hurting a little but still available at catcher, so no need for an emergency catcher scenario.

Ledezma's travel nightmare

In the tradition of keeping up with ex-Tigers, here’s the travel misadventure for Wilfredo Ledezma that might have people checking their pockets twice next time they travel. He’s stuck in Venezuela for now because his visa was destroyed in what the Braves called a "washing incident." There’s a punchline here, but as someone who nearly left his cell phone at the airport on the way to San Francisco for the all-star game, I’m in no position to give it. From MLB.com’s Mark Bowman:

While the details aren’t certain, it’s believed that Ledezma’s visaand passport were damaged when he left them in an article of clothing
that was placed in the washer. Consequently, they were destroyed to the
point that he wasn’t able to travel back to Atlanta for Friday night’s
series opener against the Pirates.

Ledezma, who was acquired from the Tigers on June 20, has already
received a new passport. But because it might be until the middle of
next week before he gets the visa that will allow him re-entry into the
United States, the Braves have placed him on the restricted list and
filled his spot on the 25-man roster by recalling right-handed reliever
Jose Ascanio from Double-A Mississippi.

Tigers trade Roman Colon

He’s off to the Royals in exchange for a player to be named later. Like the Maroth trade, the Tigers will choose a minor leaguer off of a list, in this case by Oct. 15.

Colon’s future with the Tigers basically ended when his elbow connected with Jason Karnuth in that Toledo fight. This was the way for the Tigers to send him out and get at least something in return. He’ll join what seems to be a recycling drive for KC, which signed John Thomson in June and has claimed for acquired three other players (including ex-Tiger Jason Smith) this month.

Polanco good for Thursday

He said after the All-Star Game that he has a good feeling about being ready for Thursday, though he’ll have a better idea once he gets through the one day of rest they get.

I’ll have more on the All-Star experience once I get a chance to catch my breath later.

Polanco will start

After walking into clubhouse today, he said his back is still sore, but that he’ll play for a few innings with an at-bat. Unless his back locks up, I don’t think he’ll let himself miss this.

Granderson needs friends

For those of you who frequent Curtis Granderson’s MySpace page and are on his friends list, he needs your help for a minute. His page was apparently deleted by accident, and while his blog entries and photos were recovered, it’s not looking so good for his friends list, numbering nearly 28,000. If you were on it, you need to re-send a friends request to help restore it. Otherwise, he won’t have a lot of friends.

Derby or not derby? Derby it is.

Magglio said as recently as yesterday that he’s not interested in taking part in the home run derby Monday. But league officials are saying today that he’s in. So for now, it looks like MLB talked him into it.