The trade deadline has passed

And the word from the Tigers is there are no deals to announce.


I’m a little bummed cuz I was hoping the Tigers would upgrade the ‘pen (Rauch or Cordero would have been great) but I’m also relieved we didn’t trade for a gas can like Farnsworth or a really expensive backup SS like Jack Wilson (if you think Neifi’s contract was a bad pickup, check out Wilson’s).

I agree that if we have a specific need, we can get someone through waivers but, for the most part, our guys just need to start playing better.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly, Brent. I’m as sure as I can be, without actually knowing, that either Cordero or Rausch would have cost Maybin. And if not him, then a barrelful of players we wouldn’t want to part with. Dave would have made a deal if there was a sensible one to be made.

I’m not sure if Boston got a good deal on Gagne or not.

The main questions are, how long will the following players be out of action, and how effective will they be upon their return:






Did I miss anybody?

I think the key thing is that no team in the AL Central upgraded. Cleveland made no significant trades (eh on Lofton), Minny dumped Luis Castillo, KC got rid of Dotel and Chicago traded off Iguchi and Mackowiak.

The key is winning the AL Central. I wouldn’t care about Boston or LA and what they’re doing. If we win the division, we have a spot in the playoffs, and at this point I actually feel more comfortable playing on the road, so seeding is of no worry, either.

And like you guys mentioned, we really didn’t need to trade for more talent. We have it. But everyone needs to start playing better. Rogers, Robertson, Miller and Bonderman need to pitch better as starters, as well as Grilli and Rodney out of the bullpen.

By the way, guys, here’s the list of the top ten OPS’s in the AL:

Alex Rodriguez

Magglio Ordonez

Carlos Pena

David Ortiz

Jim Thome

Justin Morneau

Curtis Granderson

Vladimir Guerrero

Gary Sheffield

Jorge Posada

Any names pop out at you? Yeah, former Tiger Carlos Pena’s having a heck of a year, but Curtis Granderson. I think he’s the most underrated player in baseball, and probably the guy we could least afford to lose. He’s a much better version of Gary Matthews Jr. that can do virtually anything for the offense.

I’m guessing that Boston spent too much on Gagne to keep him from the Yankees, who had already dealt Proctor. It may never come out if that was a factor or not, but I would have thought that Kason Gabbard alone would’ve been worth 2-3 months of Gagne, but what do I know?

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some post-deadline moves coming down the road.


(not to mention his excellent play in the outfield, too)

Kinda disappointed that they weren’t able to pick up anyone at a reasonable price. And I am scared that Boston got Gagne. With Okjima, Gagne and Pappelbon, if you don’t get to them in the first 5 innings you are not getting to them, their pitching is unbelievable and probably unbelievable. Scared of them if we meet up with them in the playoffs (assuming we get there.)

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