Pudge to serve suspension

He has dropped his appeal and will take his one-game sentence today. I’m not sure there’s a lesson here, other than it’s hard to beat the system. They seemed intent on having their say when Pudge filed his appeal.


My guess here is that he was going to have the night off anyway, and play the day game tomorrow. No big deal, except for the fact that he didn’t deserve the suspension anyway, that was ****.

That WAS **** GK. By the way did anyone notice the glare Pudge got from the plate umpire after exchanging words and walking away from the called 3rd strike?

I’m kind of glad the Tigers didn’t make a trade. I know I’m in the smaller camp on this issue. We’ll have to see how things shake out. The Tigers have hit all three of those Boston relievers and I think Zumaya, Rodney and Jones stack up well against them. The key is hanging in a while longer until they’re back. There are still 2 months until playoffs. That’s a lot of healing time. We really need Rogers as well. We didn’t need Wilson from Pittsburg either. I checked his numbers, not that impressive. Barring any major injury, all JL needs is an occasional spot start from Infante to give Guillen a rest. Bottom line, this team has the talent already. They just need to get it going.

Rich, that’s the last Serling I attempt. Way too hard. It was just my way of dealing with the disgust of getting swept soundly by the Angels. I had absolutely no constructive comments to make after that mess. Better not to say anything.

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