Nothing was down to the wire

Dave Dombrowski just finished his group interview, in which he indicated no potential deal came down to the wire. That said, he indicated they had discussions with a team this morning in which he thought they might have a chance to do something until that club "completely switched directions." He didn’t identify that club, but it sounds like Pittsburgh, which apparently went from trying to unload payroll by dealing Jack Wilson to taking on payroll by acquiring Matt Morris.

One situation Dombrowski would identify is the Octavio Dotel talks, which he believed came down to Royals GM Dayton Moore knowing Kyle Davies better from his time running the Braves farm system. "We were prepared to put up a quality player, who talentwise might even be a better player."

They were told early on in the Gagne talks that they would have to make him their closer for him to accept, which basically killed those talks.

So is there any situation they feel they can pick back up, even though players have to pass through waivers? Doesn’t sound like it.


the tigers have been running this 4a bullpen for to long now.we should have made changes this last winter.
so now we pay.


Now wait a minute, if Gagne came to Detroit he insisted on being the closer, but he went to Boston to be their setup man? Okay well, we didn’t need this dude.

3-0 Tigers. Nice squeeze bunt by Rabelo and Casey.

I caught the end of the Indians loss to Texas. Some boos there in the Jake. Frustration setting in, looks like.

They should have picked up relief help. If either Rodney or Zumaya can’t do the job we are gonna wish we had somebody else wiath bullpen experieince to hand the ball to.
Miner, Durbin, McBride (who isn’t gonna cut it), are all experiments out there. Grillis has shown he is at best iffy, and Cappelan and seay are huge question marks.

I am personally very disappointed that DD did not see fit to bolster the bullpen. I guess it’s mix & match and hope & dream for the next 2 months.

I can hear the pitching expolosion here in Michigan.
Justin pitched like **** he lost this game for the Tigers long before he left the game.

He couldn’t locate, walked way too many guys and again a starting pitcher that couldn’t stay in the game long enough.

Then the relief pitching does its usual of not throwing strikes walking batters and giving up hits. Of course a couple of errors didn’t help the cause either.

Or I’ve got an idea. Bring up all the Toledo pitchers, that is the only good starting pitching we have gotten in a few weeks. It is getting really tiring seeing this good rotation pitch way below average. I know that is how teams attack the Tigers though, foul off a lot of pitches get his pitch count up and get into the bull pen. Then you can score runs. But I blame this completely on Justin.

Did anyone else notice that three of the runs that Oakland

scored scored because of walks, errors and or a combination of the two.

Very frustrating team to watch lately. The other thing that I have noticed is that it is usually not the top of the opponents lineup that gets us it is the bottom half. It is almost like they take them lightly and they attack. The guys that got us tonight is a guy that has struck out 97 times in a little over 200 at bats, a guy batting 236, a 235, a 160 and a guy batting 220. Pathetic.

Sure glad that DD didn’t make any moves. Not. I guess our only hope is to just have Cleveland continue to lose as well.

Where was this relief help going to come from? Gagne had a no-trade clause and he never wanted to come to Detroit. He’s a Los Angeles/Boston/New York kind of guy. Washington was a non-starter for negotiations. KC wanted too much for Dotel. We probably could have gotten Farnsworth. There was just nothing out there that DD could get. Besides, we have a number of bullpen guys that could be replaced and one trade wasn’t going to get it done. Everybody wants someone to “fix it.”

Now, on to tonight’s game. Verlander wasn’t controlling his curveball early, but started to get it later. He went into the sixth with 96 pitches and, as soon as Guillen made the error (again), that was the ballgame. Justin went over the magical 100 mark and JL yanked him immediately. How is a starter supposed to pitch seven or eight innings in this day and age if he’s limited to 100 pitches? So here comes McKay McBride who, other than having a cool name for an old west gunslinger, has done nothing here. McBride for Ledezma, a failed trade for both sides. I’m assuming that Rodney will replace McBride. I hope? Then Grilli comes on and finishes things off. So there you are. Starters good for 100 pitches (Haren only got 91), mediocre relief pitching, and hope for the best. And every team in the Major Leagues does the same thing. It’s the way today’s game is played, and we remain in first place.

This has been a brutal road trip, as we thought it probably would be. There are two entire months to go and I don’t see anyone anywhere who’s just rolling along. It will grind on.

I guess my real concern is that Minnesota was on it’s death bed, and now has cut 4 games off the 10 game lead in a week. That’s less of a margin than last year. Also
a very good point from gk1 about the scrubs always beating us. Basically all they can hit is a fastball, and Justin obliged. He has not taken that next step to greatness; I have harped on pitch count and walks all year long. We have no depenable starter, who uses 80 pitches in 6-7 innings this year. Bonderman’s first inning woes tax his arm, his emotion, and his ability to be dominant in the seventh. Our lineup, again as good as it is, is too righty oriented;

there are just too many good right handed relievers and starters who can get our number unless we are really on fire that day. As big as an Inge fan that I am, you can sit and coreograph every at bat; always behind in the count, strikes out on a breaking ball. I really believe that Casey should be in the lineup every day; his defense is valuable, and when his timing is right, he does make good contact. Sheffield has cooled off, which has forced Mags into trying a little too hard, which makes him off a bit. I know it will be good to get home, but as bad as we have been over the last 12 days, we still have a better record on the road. Finally, I see us moving back toward last year, when we didn’t work the pitch count; Pudge walks once a year, and for a leadoff man,(dare I criticize a star in the making)Granderson does not walk enough. When we have two men on with one out, I dread to see Pudge, Monroe. and Inge coming to bat. Notice I said nothing about our bullpen; I’m only blogging, not writing a novel. If we don’t win another series this year, I will love my Detroit Tigers.

I am not so sure that there was nobody to get, but basicaly that the price was too high. I don’t care about Gagne although it would of been nice. You don’t want a guy here that thinks he is too good to be in Detroit.

But I firmly believe that this loss is firmly on Verlander. No Guillen didn’t help matters. But going into the 6th Justin had already thrown 96 pitches. Yes in the 7th the Kotsay reached on an error, but Justin also then allowed 2 single in the next 3 batters. He had little control all night with the fsst ball. I believe that he was not taken out at that point because of his pitch count, but because he was not getting the job done. Frankly he got lucky all night, and his luck ran out.

They need to figure it out soon.

How long do they stay with Robertson? Both Durban and Miner have shown they can be pretty good starters and they trade Maroth and Robertson keeps being sent out like he has years of proven starting ability. I think take him out and put him in the bullpen to earn his way back. It would be different if we had no other options but we have guyus up here and in Toledo who have shown they can do the job. Seems like we send Robertson out and then hope the damage is not too bad.

The starting pitching has been very disappointing lately. Maybe it’s just me, and I may be dead wrong, but the other night the camera often pans the dugout and shows the players. I could have sworn Justin laughed after one of the Tiger pitchers threw a bad pitch. It sort of disturbed me and he’s also been reported throwing paper airplanes around during the game. Maybe this is the way guys stay relaxed which helps them stay focused during the game. So far, I don’t see that happening. Chuck Hernandez has to take some of the responsibility here. None of the pitchers are performing like they can. Everyone has bad days, but this is getting ridiculous.

You’re staked to a 3-0 lead against their best pitcher and can’t finish it. Frustrating. I put most of the burden of this loss on Verlander.(I’m not saying I’m down on him though) Control issues killed him and ultimately the Tigers. That gift run in the 2nd on two consecutive walks by Justin was signature on what’s been happening for too long now. And the Guillen error in the 6th was much bigger than comments here are indicating. You’ve got a young pitcher struggling with control, and with a high pitch count, you absolutely cannot afford a routine error. Errors are to be expected but it’s WHEN they occur that’s critical.

Not sure the gunslinger from Deadwood would have been my first choice to relieve Justin. I agree it’s very frustrating when JL has no one he can call on to shut down the opposing offense in these situations. A lot of you feel cheated that DD didn’t trade for a top relief guy. There were only 2 names floating around out there and they went elsewhere. Gagne said he wouldn’t go anywhere unless he was going to be the closer…Anywhere except Boston apparently. Anyway, you have to believe that DD did everything he could do within reason to get an impact pitcher. Obviously the Tigers could have used an A arm in the pen but what was the cost going to be. I was just saying that it’s refreshing sometimes to see a GM exercise a conservative approach to this mid season wheeling and dealing.

The fix. This defense has not been, and will not be with this personnel, as quick as I would like it to be. They are what they are. But they at least have to make the basic plays. The offense has to come out of its slumber too. Sheffield is in a bit of a funk and those 7 plus run games have hinged on his production all season. Even Ordonez benefits from Shef when he’s hitting. It is key that they start hitting consistently and in the clutch. They have totally forgotten about the importance of the walk. I don’t know why because the opposing teams are reminding them every game. And it is imparative that the starters start throwing strikes, cause 5 innings and 100 pitches ain’t gonna cut it. The bull pen is not going to win any games for them. Not yet anyway.

And yet we have Cleveland fans booing at the Jake and the Twins can hardly get away from .500. Anytime you have a race where the participants are struggling to reach 90 wins, it’s probably more frustrating for the fans than it is enjoyable. But it is what it is.

Some of the pitchers don’t trust their stuff and nibble too much. Some of them have such lively stuff that they sometimes can’t control it. Both lead to high pitch counts.

Guillen, with all these nagging injuries he always has, may have to switch to firstbase in the future whether he wants to or not. He would prefer thirdbase, but we’ve got someone there, a pretty good one.

Hey, about some props for Polanco who set a MAJOR LEAGUE RECORD for most consecutive errorless chances. That’s a huge accomplishment.

So after Casey’s good running catch Monday night, Leyland joked with him about wanting a no-trade clause. That’s what the laughter was all about. Good stuff. Thanks, Jason.

Myself, I’ll be glad to get away from these 10 PM starts for awhile. My schedule allows me to watch the games, but I sure don’t like it.

I am not really expecting much at this point. I do think they will right the ship but they have lost (and will continue to lose) too many games that should have resulted in a “W” .

Sheffield has had warning track power lately and I think suspicion of his shoulder are well grounded.

The left side of the infield is something less than outstanding in terms of dependability, the starters have lost their way, the hitting comes in spurts, the bullpen is completely undependable, and the tendency for poor team play in the field is seemingly right around the corner in every game.

Alright– here’s where the Tigers have to turn it on. Nate’s hung in there and it looks like he’s going to make it through six (let’s hope). It sure would be nice if he could pitch in the sixth with the lead. We have the heart of the order coming up and should be able to rough Braden up— lets hope we can put together a big inning and Nate can get us to the 7th in good shape.


I am so done with Craig Monroe and him striking out or simply popping up. But lets not give him all the credit for this one, there was plenty of opportunity and they failed. Finally get s good outing by Nate and they turn another subpar pitcher in to Freaking Cy-Young. How many times has this happened. Seemingly good matchups for us and they can’t hit a lick. So tired of this so tired of this team right now. I have little or no faith in their ability. I know they are on a long road trip, but I also know that with the exception of LAA, we were playing sub 500 teams and should of been able to get at least a couple more wins. They are embarressing themselves right now, and I know I am not the only TIger fanatic fed up like crazy.

Going to the park on Friday and will get Buerle, don’t expect us to do much there either. I dont think well get lucky enough to beat up on him again. They are playing without spirit or confidence and it shows.

Can you all tell that I am really ticked off right know. I know that I am ranting. So I will stop.

Boy, these guys sure know how to spoil a party. 🙂

But seriously, we noted back in April what a tough road stretch this would be, but I think it got worse than we anticipated. I could tell how much this team was physically and mentally drained when Polanco didn’t score on Pudge’s single. That’s a play Polly reads everytime, but not today.

JL didn’t send a very imposing lineup out there today. Raburn, Hessman, Monroe, Infante, Pudge. You had to wonder where the offense was going to come from, especially with Sheffield in his current condition.

The bullpen actually held today. Durbin good, Grilli good, Seay very bad. There’s always someone who isn’t on.

More outstanding defense from Inge.

Seems like this year we have seen more singles move a runner from second to third without scoring than ever. I don’t understand it. Polanco is a good base runner too. It was the difference today when the Tigers really needed to capitalize on every opportunity, given Shef’s struggles, and heck, there were plenty of TIMELY strikeouts to go around today, no need to hang it all on Shef. I don’t see any excuse, but Rich, I guess when it gets to the point where you’re mentally tired, you’re really tired. Like the will is gone to even fight. As soon as Placido pulled up at third I had this sinking feeling that that was the one chance we were getting. Curtis comes within a few feet of a grand slam, and Inge crushes one the next inning like he hasn’t in a while, but he pulls it foul. No breaks today. They need a break. They need to come home, sleep in their own beds, relax, and regroup. This team is TIRED, flat, and we’re pretty much tired too… of watching them lose. We need a night off.

This has to go down as the year of the injury. Lets hope Shef will be all right. Wonder how soon Thames will return.

Things often tend to even out. They got cold on the road, maybe they’ll start winning more at home. This would sure be a good time to start.

Just thought you would all find this interesting….

Wilson deal was close, still being discussed

Thursday, August 02, 2007

By Dejan Kovacevic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Pirates and Detroit yesterday continued talks aimed at trading shortstop Jack Wilson to the Tigers, multiple sources confirmed.

The sides failed to close by Major League Baseball’s 4 p.m. Tuesday deadline for non-waiver trades, but players still can be moved and added to a postseason roster by Aug. 31, so long as they clear waivers. Because Wilson is owed $14.5 million for the two seasons after this one, it is highly likely he would clear.

How close was the deal to being done?

One source intimately familiar with the matter said that a deal was virtually done Tuesday and that the Pirates would receive two of Detroit’s top six prospects, including an unnamed pitcher ready to join the major-league staff. But the sides haggled on how much of Wilson’s contract the Pirates would pick up, the source added, and the delay was on.

It is possible Wilson already is on waivers, but that process is not made public.

Are you kidding me!?!? The Tigers giving up 2 of their top 6 pitching prospects for a guy hitting .258 and a .264 lifetime hitter?!?! Didn’t they learn anything from taking Neifi, a sub-par player last year!?!? This Wilson dude will **** no matter where he is at. It has been known for the last 2 years how pitching rich our farm system is…now we are thinking about giving it away for a guy that can’t even hit the ball!? I don’t think we can afford to give up ANY pitchers at this time!

I am about ready to blow my top on this one!

Thanks for that Ty. Wow. How about the Pirates pay the entire 14.5 mil for this deal. They’re the ones stuck with the contract. This is not what the Tigers need. If I’m wrong and this deal can take us to the World Series, please show me the error of my ways. Is he some kind of defensive wizz or something?

An update from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

The silence has been deafening — on each side — regarding the Pirates’ talks with the Detroit Tigers about shortstop Jack Wilson.


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