July 31st, 2007

Nothing was down to the wire

Dave Dombrowski just finished his group interview, in which he indicated no potential deal came down to the wire. That said, he indicated they had discussions with a team this morning in which he thought they might have a chance to do something until that club "completely switched directions." He didn’t identify that club, but it sounds like Pittsburgh, which apparently went from trying to unload payroll by dealing Jack Wilson to taking on payroll by acquiring Matt Morris.

One situation Dombrowski would identify is the Octavio Dotel talks, which he believed came down to Royals GM Dayton Moore knowing Kyle Davies better from his time running the Braves farm system. "We were prepared to put up a quality player, who talentwise might even be a better player."

They were told early on in the Gagne talks that they would have to make him their closer for him to accept, which basically killed those talks.

So is there any situation they feel they can pick back up, even though players have to pass through waivers? Doesn’t sound like it.

Pudge to serve suspension

He has dropped his appeal and will take his one-game sentence today. I’m not sure there’s a lesson here, other than it’s hard to beat the system. They seemed intent on having their say when Pudge filed his appeal.

The trade deadline has passed

And the word from the Tigers is there are no deals to announce.