Rogers to DL

He has left elbow inflammation. Jordan Tata will start in his place Monday.


Not surprised. Something wasn’t right.

sigh…..well, it grinds on.

It was even evident in Seattle. No fastball says it all.

Tata is not my choice but I know Mrs. Leyland likes him. Vasquez seems more logical to

me or just place Durbin back in the rotation (he is not adjusting all that well to life in the bullpen) and call up a reliever.

Gotta hope we don’t get broomed tonight. Bonderman is due for a better than good game (he normally gives you a good outing).

Who’ll play left field tonight boys? My guess is it will be Monroe. Too bad Raburn cooled off so much after his big day. I like him out there better than Monroe.

Thames should be reporting back soon-don’t you think?

Terrific. As if it couldn’t get any worse. Although I am not suprised he hasn’t seemed himself the last few starts. His starts have been getting progressively worse.

I am getting an ulcer!!!??

I already have an ulcer. This series has all but done me in. I can’t watch another game like this.

It like an accident you want to turn away but you just can’t.

What the heck is up with the pitchers?? Unbelievable

and unbearable to watch.

Freaking unbelievable

You know this is the reason why many of us have been so darn picky on the club when things don’t gor right. Because we were inwardly afraid that they were signals of something even worse.

There is not one facet of the game the club is doing properly right now.

At times like this you just hope a light at the end of the tunnely starts to look like it is maybe beginning to illuminate.

The game was on TV here today fed from ESPN–seems when the Tigers get major exposure they don’t do very well.

GK, you’re right. As much as I try to not watch the game, I can’t help myself. As far as I’m concerned, the only good thing to come out of this game is that the Tigers will still be in first place. That, in and of itself, is unbelievable. I thought batting practice happened before the game . . . !

“Case in point. One Detroit Tigers baseball team… Unpretentious leader of MLB’s AL Central, on an ordinary flight to Los Angeles to contest 3 scheduled baseball games, takes a peculiar, sketchy, diverted course, a course leading to a very different place; A place where strikes are balls and outs are hits, and more hits, and more runs…A destination on the baseball map every team stops at from time to time. A little crossroad, a little byway, a little cup of coffee known as…The Twilight Zone…Do,Do,Do, Do…Do,Do,Do,Do…”

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