Last time it happened

In case you were wondering (or in case you just wanted to pass the time) …

  • The last time the Tigers gave up double-digit runs in three straight games was July 3-5, 2004, which included two games at Coors Field and one at Yankee Stadium. They actually did it twice that year.
  • The last time the Tigers did it in three straight games against the same team was July 11-13, 1996, the first three games of a four-game set against the Red Sox.
  • The last time the Tigers did it in all three games of a series was May 17-19 of that season against the White Sox. It was a week and a half after they gave up double digits in three straight games at Yankee Stadium.

Thanks to and their Play Index for the info.


And now the last time is July 27-29 against the LAAOA. Say, doesn’t LAAOA sound kind of like that soccer song?

Not much to discuss here, is there? The team simply needs to play better. It’s gone beyond possible trades, possible strategy, possible call ups.

So, I’m going to offer three possible comments that might be made on September 30, 2007:

1: “It all bottomed out during that west coast swing in July, but it was great after that.”

2: “The entire season went in the tank during that stretch after the All Star Game.”

3: “All this and we’re STILL in first place???”

This is how the season has gone. Can you imagine where this team would be if they could get all components running in sync.???

In April, pitching was pretty good, fielding was good, hatting poor.

May and June and early July, Starting pitching was good, batting was great, and relief pitching was poor.

Now, poor starting pitching, batting okay, fielding bad, relief pitching spotty.

I don’t know if I really see any end in sight. I said they would be okay after the Kansas series, then it was just a fluke in Chicago because of the extra game. Now I am not so sure. I don’t know what the reason is but they have to get over now. They must win this series against Oakland. They must.

When the entire pitching staff melts down at once, is it fair to take a closer look at the pitching coach?

Thanks Yanks–but no Thanks:
“July 30, 2007 — BALTIMORE – A very tired Yankees team found enough energy to overcome the handicap that Kyle Farnsworth has become to a club whose season is circling the drain.

Brought into yesterday’s game against the Orioles at Camden Yards with a six-run bulge in the eighth inning, Farnsworth not only walked the first batter and gave up a two-run homer, he crossed up Jorge Posada and then had the audacity to walk off the mound when the catcher went to talk to him about why he threw a fastball that hit Posada in the arm when Posada called for a slider. Things became so heated Alex Rodriguez played peacemaker on the mound.

Asked if he and Posada, who glared at the pitcher immediately after the cross up, were OK following a 10-6 Yankees victory in front of 47,936, Farnsworth added fuel to the problem by saying, “We will see.”

And then the erratic reliever may have done with his mouth what his ineffective pitching hasn’t been able to do: Punch his ticket out of The Bronx by complaining about not being used.

“I don’t like it at all,” said Farnsworth, who appeared in three games in 12 days going into yesterday’s debacle when he forced Joe Torre to use Mariano Rivera in the ninth. “I didn’t come here to sit on the bench.”

Good report, Dan. I’ve been amazed at how many people actually want to trade for this overgrown, overconfident, undertalented slob. Myself, I don’t ever want to have to watch him lick rosin off his fingers again. That’s disgusting.

I don’t think the pitching coach is the problem. The problem is, you’ve got one starter down with injury just after coming off a major one, another starter with marginal skills who has a confidence issue, and a third starter who was pitching in college last year. Then you have two guys you count on for late inning work who have been unable to contribute anything at all this season, due to injury. To replace all of this, you end up depending on a number of untried pitchers. I say again, it’s a feat that we’re still in first place.

Marty, that Twilight Zone thing you did was great. You do a good Rod Serling. Maybe you can do one at the end of the season. You know, that “so be careful what you wish for, because your dreams just might take you to the Twilight Zone” and all that.

I keep on coming to this page every few hours to hope that there is a trade. At least a glimmer of hope in the near future. Please DD do something. As my dad would say do something even if it is wrong.???

And as we in the medical profession say, first do no harm. 🙂

There are two kinds of trades to be made. One is of the small, who cares variety. The other is a blockbuster that makes the headlines. I don’t think we fans would be happy with either one. In the first case, we didn’t get anything. In the second case, we probably gave away too much, fan favorites and such.

I don’t think there will be a deal at all. No one out there and the ones that are out there are too expensive.


I think there will be a trade. Perhaps even a big one. The club is need of a stimulant (sorry Neifi, poor choice of words)-let’s see rather, stimulus.
Also, JL is not opposed to sending a message to his players and is aware that he must guard against complacency.

I see Monroe going somewhere. Grilli and possibly Infante are possibles to. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Robertson traded either.

I still Vasquez, who started last night in Toledo, as the more logical choice for tonights game. He could have have been set back 1 day to get ready for his 3rd major league start today. His last outing was actually one of the better ones we’ve seen by our starters in the last couple of weeks.

Wow, Dan, I don’t know if they’d make that kind of deal mid-season. Off season, absolutely. Anyway, we’re down to our last day of speculation. It’s certainly not the circus it was last season, ESPN’s “trade desk” notwithstanding.

Speaking of Neifi, shouldn’t his suspension end along about this coming weekend? Wonder what will happen there?

I’m assuming they want to see what Tata can do. It’s a strange time to be holding “tryouts,” but sometimes you do come up with a gem that way. What they have now hasn’t been working. And his start tonight will give DD more of an idea in his dealings.

Anybody notice when Cameron Maybin is supposed to return?
He has been out for some time now with his injury?

Marcus should be back soon.

Neifi is finished as a Tiger.

Well the “A”s are a pretty soft hitting team. The bottom 3 are bad and the bottom 5 are all, well, soft.
Tata’s start couldn’t be pitted against a much better opponent IMO.

The Tigers need to go out put the past past, and kick some butt. Get the bats going and don’t turn ’em off.

Down 2-1. Let’s go no Tata-Taters tonight.

The club is really in a funk rightn now. Almost in a state of disarray-not sure if I should go that far but it is bordering on it.

Can’t put anything together against Blanton (and they should be capable of that).

What was I saying about the bottom of the order? Discouraging, to say the least.

Sheffield needs to crank it up again and Casey needs to corntribut again soon. Monroe and Inge–well if they are able to chip in every 3 or 4 games I guess we should be happy.

I think Rabelo is going to be a good major leaguer.

Grilli (as nice a man as he is) is never going to be a major factor.

Granderson leadoff single–can he make it 14 for 14? Send him Jimbo.

Nice job Jordan!!

Great game and impressive numbers to prove it.

No doubter tonight, never had that sinking “we’re gonna lose” feeling.

Tata combined a moving fastball, effective change, and his unfamilarity to good effect. He had trouble controlling the curve, but threw some good ones near the end. It might not be that easy with Chicago. And he gracefully received his obligatory shaving cream pie to the face, courtesy of Todd Jones.

Inge made two more gold glove plays, and we finally got some bloops to drop tonight. Leyland seemed to be on, the way he had Casey, Guillen and Raburn laughing over something. I thought Sean would fall off the bench and I’ve never seen Carlos laugh like that. That’s why I say, the fans are the ones that panic, not the team.

Durbin had that sharp breaking ball working, and Jones was throwing strikes and dominating.

I always like to watch Nick Swisher. He’d struck out three times but there he was over at first, laughing and cutting up with Casey and Van Slyke. Swisher is a piece of work.

Granderson, Polanco, and Ordonez supplied the offense. Sheffield’s shoulder is obviously bothering him.

On the trade front, DD has all but confirmed that everyone wants Maybin. I see no trades. The key will be Rodney, not Zumaya. It’s Rodney that has to get the job done.

There has been some talk circulating about Willy Mo for Chad Cordero.

Don’t know why the Nats would want Willy Mo Pena more than Craig Monroe. Monroe is an all around ball player and can play (and needs to be playing) everyday. Pena is a role player and as far as I know has no defensive skills.

Wouldn’t be you my Kaline Rookie Card on it Rich (wel maybe my reprint!) , but I thin they are going to do some kind of deal today.

I wouldn’t bet my autographed Norm Cash photo either, but I think they won’t. Some of the players left could be picked up later via waiver trade.

I wouldn’t mind having Cordero or Rauch, but we won’t get either one for Monroe alone. I think that Willy Mo talk is either garbage or very incomplete.

A three team deal could be swung that might bring something, but that’s unlikely, IMO. Heck, it’s all opinion on trade deadline day.

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