July 29th, 2007

Last time it happened

In case you were wondering (or in case you just wanted to pass the time) …

  • The last time the Tigers gave up double-digit runs in three straight games was July 3-5, 2004, which included two games at Coors Field and one at Yankee Stadium. They actually did it twice that year.
  • The last time the Tigers did it in three straight games against the same team was July 11-13, 1996, the first three games of a four-game set against the Red Sox.
  • The last time the Tigers did it in all three games of a series was May 17-19 of that season against the White Sox. It was a week and a half after they gave up double digits in three straight games at Yankee Stadium.

Thanks to baseball-reference.com and their Play Index for the info.

Rogers to DL

He has left elbow inflammation. Jordan Tata will start in his place Monday.


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