Tigers call up Hessman, option Perez

The Tigers purchased the contract of 1B/3B Mike Hessman from Triple-A Toledo. He’ll serve as the backup to Sean Casey while Marcus Thames is out. Timo Perez has been optioned back to the Mud Hens.


If he’s physically present, I wouldn’t be surprised if he started tonight against Buehrle.

…Hessman is a low-average guy, K’s a TON, and hit the occasional Hr. I don’t realyy want him starting.

I figured 3 days ago that this move was coming. I think it is a good idea to give Hessman a chance. hitting is funny and he sits and has a few chats with Sheff and maybe he learns something about cutting down on the Ks while not sacrificing power.
He is only 29 and might just come i handy right now. Might even see Inge get some rest as well. Infante doesn’t suit up well at 3B IMO and Hessman fields the position very well for a big man.

Who knows, he may simply be here to be showcased for a trade.

I was watching him last Friday in Richmond. Very long swing. I don’t know, maybe he’ll run into one, but don’t be expecting another Marcus Thames.

My main concern is trying to get him at bats at the expense of Casey’s defense. Inge and Guillen NEED Casey over there.

If he’s being showcased for a trade to Washington, they don’t need either position filled. First and third are the only positions of strength for that team.

Well it is a shame that Big Red didn’t get the call but JL is on record af rewarding minor leaguers and Hessman is the league leader in HRs & RBIs.

Is this the same Mike Hessman that was a Braves prospect four of five years ago? From what I remember he was a great minor league player, but couldn’t handle big league pitching. Hopefully he’ll take advantage of the chance.


Same one–he bailed out Carlos in the 4th on a poor throw with men on 2nd and 3rd.
Even though Carlos is my 2nd favourite Tiger I am getting very worried about him defensively.

I think he will end up being a first sacker if he continues to have trouble with his knees, his hamstring and his arm.

Geez, Grilli is back to no confidence mode. Bottom of the order and he can’t throw strikes.
There is NO way the Tigers let the trading deadline slip by without getting solid bullpen material.

Dan, what do you mean Carlos is your 2nd favorite player? I thought your favorite 2 players were Jones and Grilli!

Very interesting game to this point and we may be lucky to get this one.

Not a good sign when the day before a double header the starter only gives you 4 2/3 IP. Hopefully we can get a solid start from Bonderman in the 1st game tomorrow. If not, it probably will be a long day. It is good to see Hessman and Vasquez getting rewarded with the call ups. I’m interested to see who gets sent down after game 1 and called up on Wednesday. I still have a feeling Byrdak might be activated on Wednesday.

I am absolutey stunned on why Grilli, and for that matter, Miller were allowed to stay in as long as they did.

Yes we have a good team but we have seen signs, and all recently, of:

1)silent bats

2)starter pitcher troubles

3)relief ineffectiveness

4)poor and sloppy defensive play

5)inability to keep a lead

6) apparent difficulty with getting a runner in from 3rd with less than 2 out.

Houston! We have a problem.

This team is not invincible and the most pressing need is still to address the weakness in the bullpen.

The other problems will work themselves out but post season play is unlikely without a GOOD bullpen.

I don’t know what Leyland was thinking when he left Grilli in after the 2nd walk let alone the HBP.

Well we got the bases jammed again C-Mo is up. We simply cannot strand another runner on 3rd again. For some reason I am not overwhelmed with confidence with C-Mo. I hope he keeps it going.

This game does not have that warm fuzzy feeling to it.

Man what a lousy ball game to listen to. Casey, and it took some guts for JL to sub him for C-Mo, who you normally think will get the guy home pos up. Hessman, who you figure Casey should have hit for, bloops us into a lead. Then Pudge gets tossed out at the plate on a wild pitch.

JL must be pulling his hair out.

Alright Hessman! Dan– I agree: our defense stinks and our bullpen is the cardiac team but you gotta love a guy like Hessman who comes up with a hit like that. We gotta win this one now– Hessman delivered. (I’m not watching on tv- just on Gameday– can’t get XM radio to work tonight and haven’t purchased mlb.tv. I usually go to the bar– just didn’t feel like it tonight. (despite Pudge’s play….)

Oh good god– why’s Grilli still in? Are they showcasing him? (yes- that’s a joke.) I guess Leyland is really worried about the bullpen. I can understand but for god’s sake– put in Capellan and save Miner and Durbin.

What’s the season record for a bull pen pitcher walking guys with two outs? I’ve gotta believe that Grilli’s angling for the record. I guess he’s sick of all the attention for Bonds…

Alright– Grilli made me look stupid. I’m glad to admit it– I can’t believe he didn’t walk Konerko…

Alright– here’s where the future mvp puts the game out of reach….

Brent, do you not listen to Gameday Audio? Dan Dickerson and Jim Jim Price Price?

Pretty inexpensive way to keep up and you can sometimes get some work done around the house while listening as opposed to being glued to the TV set. You can order it for a bout $15 and they will even throw in some issues of Sports Illustrated. I’d go crazy without it.

I hope C-mo doesn’t get his nose out of joint being pinch hit for. Remember that was an issue earlier in the season when we needed a run and had Polanco wasting away on the bench. JL took some guff for that one. Monroe struck out.

Anyway, he must be feeling crappy being hit for when the new guy is on deck. It worked out for us but was not what I would have expected.

Seay in throws a pitch and in comes Miner. And I am already on the edge of my chair waiting for the master of the the 3 run save to come in the the 9th.

Wow-good to get that game out of the way. Grilli gets the win and lowers his ERA but not without causing a great deal of angst.

The best move of the day was JL playing Curtis Granderson against Buhrle instead of maybe going with Raburn. I fugure JL knew Granderson plays well in his hometown and the absolute best thing about this win is the fact that Curtis was so successful against the lefties he faced.

Inge hit the ball well all night and his final line could have looked a lot better than 2 x 5.

I liked the way McBride looked tonight and after the horrendous start Grilli threw pretty well too.

2 games tomorrow–should be interesting.

You guys gotta relax a little:-) I think JL left Grilli in because he had a pretty live ball tonight. They weren’t going to do much if Grilli could just throw strikes, which he finally did. I commend JL for leaving Miller in for that last out and a chance for the win. It was a generous act, but in hindsight was costly. I would have left him in too. Taking a pitcher out with the lead after 4 2/3 innings is just not right. Those last two Miller pitches were the definition of running out of gas, weren’t they? Todd Jones with a relatively easy save. My pulse actually went down. He’s getting in cruise mode. Curtis has definitely reached a new level. These other team analysts are taking notice. And Inge is swinging the bat with some authority. Hessman’s flair was the biggest hit of the game. Not the best game technically but another grind it out win non the less.

Wow, I thought you guys were watching the games. I can’t tell jack from listening to it. I’ve got to see with my own eyes.

I thought JL may have done Miller a disservice by leaving him in so long. Hard to say since I’m not down there with them. Miller started throwing fastballs on every pitch and it worked for a minute, but after he got above 100 pitches, he really lost control. Well, as JL himself said after the game, Miller showed his youth in every way possible tonight.

I did tear the rest of my hair out with Grilli in the sixth. I’m assuming he was brought back for the seventh because of the way the schedule is stacking up. It was a case where he just had to do it, and in the seventh he did. Dan, when you talk of obtaining relief help, I’m assuming you’re replacing Grilli and Capellan? I don’t know if Grilli will ever be gone.

Great night for Granderson. He started because lefties are hitting Buerhle at about a .324 clip, which is why I thought Casey should start. JL is giving Hessman at bats, same as he did Thames.

Hessman showed me a much more compact and quick swing then I saw Friday night in Richmond, so I’m going to back off on that one. Perhaps he was using a different approach against the Richmond staff. His go-ahead single was a bloop off the handle. In fact, the Tigers had a large number of dinks tonight. Inge had two, and there were more that I can’t remember right now. Good teams get those, though.

I thought it was a good move to pinch hit Casey for Monroe. C-Mo has no track record of getting the run home in that situation, and I would have bet the house that Casey would have. So he pops up. Incredible. Then Hessman bloops his single and everything’s good.

Another thing I thought I saw tonight was the difference in the team’s demeanor when playing on the road. They are much more serious and businesslike on the road, and somewhat more celebratory during home games. Perhaps I’m imagining that. Anyone else see this?

That was a good win to get. Tomorrow we need a long start from Bonderman. I’m pretty confident that he’ll provide that, whether he has his good stuff or not. That will make the Vasquez start easier, as most of the pen is ready to go.

And Marty, you got it. Another grind it out win. That’s what gets it done.

Oh, and Pudge was safe. Bad call. It was funny watching Pudge argue the call with his hands clasped behind his back. 🙂

I usually listen to the game on the radio– I always listened to games that way with my dad and Dan’s right– I can still get stuff done around the house. For some reason, I couldn’t get it to work last night so I just pulled up Gameday and checked back frequently. When you’re seeing all those walks from Grilli with two outs, it gets a little antsy. Glad to hear that it was due to a live ball and definitely glad that he settled down in his second inning of work.

I used to listen on the radio too, back in the old days. I remember one year the Tigers made a major announcement that the number of TV games would increase. To 40. 🙂

After I moved here, I couldn’t follow the Tigers by any medium anymore. There was a day when MLB.com put out a free day of radio coverage, perhaps it was a test or something. Anyway, I ran speakers out to my deck and spent the afternoon with a cold one(s) and listened to Ernie Harwell do the game. That was special.

In 2004, Extra Innings made one of those offers where you get September for a cut rate and that, along with the Tigers becoming a very interesting bunch of guys, got me hooked. Now it’s just part of my budget.

They can create all the “reality shows” they want, we’ve been watching reality shows for years. It’s called TV sports.

JL is going with the “A” team for the first one–replete with Bonderman pitching.
He must realy want this game bad.

I suspect we will see Rabelo, Hessman, Raburn and Infante all playing in game 2.

Ya know what I was thinking about Curtis’s game last night which was awesome. If he would of been able to get to bat one more time and been able to hit a triple he would of hit for the cycle (obviously) but he also would of gotten on base by a walk and being hit by a pitch?? Every possible way to get on base. That would of been awesome.

He has been close to the cycle before too. Ddidn’t he hit for the cycle in Spring Training?

Bonderman and his psychiatric session with the first inning again! I was hoping after Seattle that this would stop.

It’s not just a coincidence either–he actually is not making as good pitches in the first as he is in the rest of the game.

My imagination or is Pudge’s accuracy not nearly as precise as it was in previous years?

I’ve seen many many good pitchers have first inning troubles, but none as consistently as Bonderman. And you’re right, Dan, the quality of pitches is like night and day.

I can’t think of any good reason why you’d send Casey on a 3-2 pitch with Monroe at the plate. Can you?

Granderson is on fire.

Okay, Bondo is hanging pitches left and right now. And he needs to pitch at least one more inning.

Fastball to Konerko, with “hit me” written all over it. With instructions, as they say.

Well Rich we really need the middle of the order to do something in the 9th.

Funny how they were saying Vasquez’ record indicates he gets better each time thru the order during a game. The opposite of most starters.

That is exactly what he has done today. We need a prayer and a miracle to come away with this one.

I expect Vasquez will pitch the 9th. Why not?

Monroe and Inge are going to have a long day. I expect both will sit next game and they will be thinking about their at bats all day long.

Ai Yi Yi!
Thome parks a 3-0 gopher ball. Durbin shouldv’e known better than to groove that pitch.

Durbin actually was looking pretty strong then 1 swing of the bat. Those 3 run HRs have a way changing ball games in a hurry.

Just when I was thinking good thoughts about the bullpen with all the talk of Zumaya and Rodney and Durbin and Miner contributing.

Still think DD is gonna make a deal.

Sure would be nice to get a couple here in the 8th.

Obviously we have lost the momentum and that is not a good thing to lose on the road in the late innings.

Beautiful weather here in B.C
I now wish I would have spent more time enjoying it rather than enduring an exercise in masochism by listening to that 2nd game today.

It doesn’t get worse than that-well Maybe June 1st was worse but at least it was only one game and not two.

I know it’s really easy to say after a loss like this but tonight’s loss defines our bullpen. Yes durbin can look good, so can Miner and even McBride from time to time. But they are inconsistent. You are not really sure of what you are gonna get each time out. These guys are so inconsistent they can be effective in one inning and horrible the next.

Tough break for Vasquez- he pitched very well and deserved the victory.

Guillen kind of let us down again today. He is having a rough time at short. Fabulous guy and a guy you want on your team but I think he may not be playing SS , maybe as early as next year.

If this is the case then the Tigers will be on the hunt for a catcher, a first baseman and a shortstop all around the same time.

Man that is a tough loss.

It’s hard to point fingers after that one, strangely enough. The hitters hit, Vasquez pitched. Durbin made a stupid pitch to Thome and Miner had a bad outing. Of the guys in the bullpen, those are the two I’d want out there.

Bobby Jenks is now 12 for 12 in saves against Detroit. Tonight was the night to get him, but Hessman swung at ball two and Rabelo’s shot turned into a doubleplay.

Guillen made that error.

So what do you do? You can’t trade for an entirely new bullpen. Even with Rodney and Zumuya back, some of those guys still have to pitch. Guillen still has to play shortstop. You can’t bring up Santiago if you wanted to, he’s got a broken finger. Even if you did, then what? Sheffield to the outfield and Guillen to DH? No. Inge and Guillen swap positions? No. Guillen plays first and you trade Casey and Monroe for…..anyway, it gets silly.

I saw that Capellan was optioned to Toledo, but didn’t see who was replacing him. I would have thought McBride would go down, since he’s not getting lefties out anyway. I suppose all that is still in flux.

The biggest obstacle to the Tigers making the postseason is the Chicago White Sox. They’ve played poorly all year, but the Tigers have yet to establish that they can beat them. There are what, nine games left with them? Ten? That’s not a very comfortable proposition.

Bottom line, however, is if Detroit doesn’t win the division, then who? Cleveland? Minnesota? Doesn’t seem likely to me, but somebody’s got to win.

And the pennant race grinds on…..and on…….and on.

I think the biggest obstacle to the Tigers making the postseason is not the competition but themselves.
Presuming Zumaya and Rodney come back they don’t need a whole new bullpen. They do need one more solid reliable arm out there though. As far as who goes, well it just doesn’t matter. McBride will go for sure. Durbin will stay and Miner is iffy. Grilli is the perpetual golden boy waiting to bloom. JL likes hkm and he will likely stay too.

I only mention Guillen because I think his body is letting him down and the rigors of playing the second most demanding postion on the club are getting difficult for him to manage physically.

His throwing has been poor all year, and his errors almost always seem to be at very critical times. I wouldn’t any change there though I am just anticipating that there will come a time for him to change positions. Heck even Kaline ended up playing 1B!!

Casey has been a defensive stalwart but he too, is getting long on the tooth and say what you will about Home Runs-when you play 1B, bat left handed, stand 6’4″ and go about 235, you have to be able to hit more homeruns than Nellie Fox or Ray Oyler.

I don’t see Casey in the plans for next year. Maybe Shelton gets his chance-again.

The outfield looks like it is set for the next couple of years. Thames, Raburn, Clevlen, Maybin, Hernandez provide current and future support for Granderson and Ordonez.

OT- Gagane saved 2 games for the Rangers today over the Mariners. Guess his arm is OK.

I believe Capellan was sent to Toledo in order for Vasquez to come up to pitch last night.

All I can say is absolutely
UNBELIEVABLE to get beat like that. They were totally whomping them and bang its over, just like that. Championship teams don’t let that kind of thing happen, they just don’t. How can you lose to that kind of team all weekend and apperently this week too. They better figure something out a at least get the split in this. Hopefully the pitching can get themselves together, real soon, like today. I think that most people (not me though) gave them a break for Kansas series becuase they were so called emotionally drained after the serier in Minnesota. Well what is the excuse now. The day game they simply ran into a good pitcher but last night was unexusable in my opinion. I swear I am going to get an ulcer.

Rather prophetic that the two White Sox announcers, Harrelson and whoever, were talking about the components of a team before the meltdown. They were saying that you can have a great hitting team, strong starting pitching, but a weak bull pen will negate those two. It was certainly true last night. Even at 7-1 I was hoping the Tigers would not let up. I figured if they could get 10 I’d go to bed. Miner gets the loss but Durbin deserves it. But Thome had been fairly quiet and you just knew he was gonna kill us given the chance. He usually does. I thought maybe Durbin would just walk him, after the 3rd ball, but then of course you’ve got Konerco with the bases loaded. Anyway I would never pitch a right hander against Thome late in a game with guys on. With a lefty you’ve at least got a chance of getting him out. Where was Seay? Dan, you’re probably right about needing a quality reliever, but who? As crazy at it sounds, Grilli might be the guy ready to step up. If he would just attack hitters and maintain control, he may be the guy to plug in these crucial situations in late innings. He may have the livest arm in the bull pen right now. Anyway as bad as it seems, Cleveland and Minnesota both lost too. Rogers needs to pitch well today, with maybe Grilli and Jones effectively finishing. The offense cannot let them off the hook like last night.

Harrelson and Jackson need to focus on the game at hand and spare us their long drawn out discussions. You should never put two former players together in the same booth. One of them needs to be a professional announcer, like Mario or that fella in Minnesota. Even Josh Lewin in Texas. If there’s ever a way to turn that Chicago crew off……

I was figuring the idea was to have Durbin pitch on into the eighth, so he pitches to Thome. He shouldn’t have nibbled. We can’t run a lefty out there everytime Thome hits. Somebody just has to get him out.

That bit with Capellan, that’s what I get for reading those scrollers at the bottom of the screen. I read that after the game was over.

The following is just for discussion’s sake.

Championship teams do lose games like that, I’ve seen them do it many times. Even last year’s championship Tiger team had that meltdown in Toronto right in the midst of their magical part of the season.

Dan, it sounds like you’re saying the Tigers are beating themselves. As I said above, Durbin threw a dumb pitch but you had to have a Thome to take advantage like that. I just think the White Sox raise their game when they play Detroit and there are eleven games left with them, including the season finale.

Anyway, the future is in the future. In the present, we just have a real tough pennant race in a real tough division. Somebody is going to win it and my money still says the Tigers.

I just want to add, I think Jim Leyland has done everything possible to put his team in a position to win. Manager of the Year again.

I think they are beating themselves. They are not performing up to their abilities.

The 3;4;5 guys are not coming through. Ordonez is hitting not too bad (5×17) and has a few RBIs over the last 4 games

but he is sandwiched between 2 guys that are absolutely not doing anything. Sheffield is (1×13) with 1 RBI and Carlos is (3×15) with no RBIs over the last 4 games.

Inconsistent bullpen, heart of the order not producing, starters faltering (except Vasquez who is not even on the roster), poor play in the field, wild pitches all over the place, yes I think they are beating themselves or at least major contributors to their recent demise.

Even teams we have recently played poorly against are getting beat right now–Royals, Mariners, by other clubs.

The team is in need of a pick-me-up. Granderson has been nominated for that in my books but they need someone else to help and “step up to the plate”.

I agree that JL has done a remarkable job this year. Much better than last IMO.

The club is a game and a half in front but that lead will evaporate quickly if they sit back, do nothing and HOPE that BOTH Zumaya and Rodney will come back and get people out. That is one area of their team composition that they can actually go out acquire something and improve their team.

The other problems are correctible and can be accounted for as the general ups and downs of baseball, slumps and the grind of playing every day.

The starters can’t go out and get a quality start every time like they were doing–it’s unfortunate that they all suffered setbacks at the same time, but they will turn things around—what matters is who they turn the ball over to when they do. JL likes to use the term “mixing & matching” out of the bullpen, this is really a euphemism for “hoping & dreaming”.

Yeah Rich, Harrelson and Jackson are awful. When one of their guys hits a home run, what is it they yell in ‘in unison’, “You can put it in the books.” Or smoething like that. Wow. That’s good stuff. I have visions of them jumping up in the air and bumping their butts together, then dancing aimlessly about the booth, like a ‘Homer Simpson in your face’ routine after he’s beaten up on poor Bart in some idiotic game of skill/chance. So Rich, can we get rid of these guys? I guess we COULD turn off the sound. I still say Seay could have pitched to Thome:-)And yes the Tigers are not the only team that blows big leads late in games. It’s going to happen to the best. All you need do is look at the team records.

Good post, Dan. I think DD would like to make a deal for a relief pitcher, but the price may be too high. The strange part is, we’re supposed to be the club with all the pitching. Anyway, there may be a deal, or there may not be. If it’s just too expensive, I guess you wait for Zumaya. As you know, I’ve never counted on Rodney.

Here’s another issue: if you trade for a closer, what becomes of Jones? The problem isn’t always so much Jones himself, but getting to him. If you picked up, say, Greg Gagne, can Jones still be effective in a non-closer role?

It seems to me like Durbin, Miner, and Seay can be effective most of the time. The rest is up in the air. Miner does have trouble with Chicago.

Monroe is no help. He’s not going to become Mr. Clutch again by magic. I liked Rayburn in the spring, and still do. And that was some homerun your boy Hessman hit. He does bring a little flexibility, as in how JL pinch ran Inge for Casey last night.

Marty, I can’t watch with no sound at all. If they could only get the radio and TV feeds in sync, I’d do that. I was lucky to get Mario last night, I’m sure it’s back to the Dimwit Duo tonight. Can we put that on the board??? YES!

I knew I didn’t get that right Rich. OK boys you can put it on the board, then you’ll have to remove it, and then please, move it along. (Yes I’ll continue to listen too)

I take it no one thinks much of my Grilli comments. He’s not one of my favorites either but I just felt he was improving. And he’s been called upon to pitch in a number of different situations from ugly mop up to getting the team out of a tight jam. He looks like he’s into it even when it’s mop up work.

Rich, I’ve lost confidence in Monroe too. Just as soon see Raburn out there. In fact last night I thought Raburn, Rabelo, Hessman, and Vasquez infused the team with some life. They were the ones generally producing on offense. Keep playing them as far as I’m concerned. I think Shef is due to break out of his warning track power soon. He’s been just missing. I agree with you Dan, I get nervous every time a ball is hit to Carlos. He plays almost too loose. He has had some costly errors like last night’s DP or game over in the 8th. He’s as smooth as they come but sometimes that doesn’t get it done. Let’s hope for better tonight.

I’m hearing that Sheffield has a bad shoulder and will sit tonight and maybe tomorrow.

In news that I’m sure is accurate, Byrdak is called up, so he does, in fact, effectively replace Capellan. That’s three lefties in the pen.

Marty, I didn’t comment on Grilli because everytime I compliment him, he makes me look foolish. I like him but I’d rather have someone else. Unless, that is, Jason decides to just attack hitters instead of nibbling. And by attacking, I don’t mean slamming one into the hitter’s shoulder.

Guys– nice timing on the Raburn compliments– he’s tearing it up tonight. I’m sure you guys were confident that he’d have 5 RBIs!

As far as Grilli– I have no confidence. I agree- great stuff but if they added him to Jones in the late inning mix and I’d have to get my wife CPR lessons. That guy just drives me nuts when he starts throwing balls. I agree- he has potential but not sure that he’ll ever put it together.

How many runs until someone feels comfortable? I’m thinking 17 or 18 should do it… nothing like a good ole defensive struggle, eh?

One more comment on Grilli– I’m watching the game again on Gameday– really trying to catch up on work emails and its my way of staying distracted. The Gameday option while not as good as radio or television does have one cool function- it shows the location of every pitch during an at bat. With most pitchers, you can see that the pitcher is focused on one area of the strike zone– ideally the hitter’s weakness– and works to exploit it. This is obvious with the Gameday tracker as you can see where the pitcher is focused. With Grilli, there’s no pattern or rhyme or reason– you just see pitches all over the place. I’m not knocking it tonight since it just set the Sox down in the 5th but man, it looks like he has no idea where that things going when it leaves his hand…

Great comments by all.
I was going to take the day off but couldn’t stay away. Turned on the game just in time for the two Chisox homers to put them ahead 7-5.

Figured– oh boy bad bad news them the bats came alive.

Well Grilli is in. He is really a likeable guy–I sure hope he can get it together but I have never liked to see him come in a game. He has stuff and boy could the club use a dependable guy out there.

JL is playing hardball with Rodney–laid the cards on the table and told him he actually has to perform down on the farm. Novel idea. Rodney has to prove himself again. I don’t think Zumaya does because of his intensity, demeanor and talent. Rodney needs to get that “fire in the belly” that he seems to lack.

Capellan is likely the guy that becomes expendable, I also think they will eventually take advantage of McBride’s remaining option. Don’t need him out there with seay and Byrdak around.

Raburn was one of my favourites before tonight. He has cemented my opinion of him. On top of everything he does he is also one of the more versatile players around.

Rabelo is starting to really play nicely. I think the jury is still out on him defensively but I like what he brings to the table.

Hessman has performed well and I hope he can stay up as he also brings us a backup 3B as well as 1B. We will have to get used to his strikeout ratio. The only thing that will change that is a season or 2 of full time MLB experience.

Guillen is a bit of an enigma at short. You’re right Marty, smooth as silk then clank! He is a quality ballplayer though.

I also agree about Monroe. I actually think he will be gone and is certainly expendable. Unfortunately I don’t think we will be happy with what we get for him in an even up trade.

Well back to reality—this club needs to win this one today. Rogers had his 3rd connsecutive brutal outing and stands to win this one if the guys can K-E-E-P playing and plate a few more runs.

Man–Chuck Hernandez must be tired of going out to the mound and tell these guys the same things every day.

Grilli walks a guy to put 2 on then loses confidence and you know what can happen next.

Figures 2-1 to Iguchi then he gets a fat one.

I have no idea why Grilli is still in the game. His pattern of complicating his outing after he gives up a hit by following it up with a walk is unmistakable. He should be pulled immediately when he starts to lose control.

Does JL have any hair left?

I’m watching the game and Grilli had that guy struck out TWICE and never got the call. Hence the walk then the Iguchi double. Grilli then mowed down Thome, Konerko and Dye.

He looked good guys, real good. We just need a plate umpire with some consistency.

Hmm! I still don’t like the fact that Iguchi smoked the ball on a 3-1 pitch.

He did come back and K Thome and get Dye to pop up. Got a bit lucky on the Konerko ground out for sure.

I’ll cut him some slack Rich but if he walks anyboy else they need to yank him.

Good seventh. He did the job tonight. His pitches jump all over the place. Hard to hit but hard to control.

Whew! I’m exhausted from throwing all those pitches with him. 🙂

Byrdak come isn throws 8 pitches—-all strikes.

I don’t suppose Jl will leave him in to pitch to Thome. I would. Then bring in Jones.

Good comments tonight. As I’m writing this Byrdak just set them down. Grilli did OK don’t you think. Not efficient but he got the job done. I think he got shafted on a couple calls prior to the 2 runs. Well Guillen makes me look like an idiot after my comment about his fielding. Monroe just got the hit. I’m done

Would those of us who said nice things about Raburn please stand up and take a bow. Can they hold on?

Raburn is the man tonight. And frankly he has done well since he has been here. I hope he doesn’t pull a Brent Clevlen. What people don’t really remember about him (Clevlen is that he was good at first and then really struck out a lot and floundered.) GO RABURN

Great job by Byrdak, he rocked.

But seriously guys, does anyone think that Kennys arm is not doing as well as we had hoped, could he possibly not be feeling well?? Because he has been brutal his last few outings and tonight was the worst of them all. As time goes on he has gotten worse and worse.

This game will be good for the team batting average but not so much the team ERA.

Good call Dan on leaving Byrdak in. And I’m impressed that JL left him in for the whole inning. Sometimes you just got to color outside the lines. JL finally did. I doubt Todd’s feelings were hurt any. Hey, a victory for Jason. I think Guillen can still play a little shortstop:-) Nice game Tigers. That was so ugly it was beautiful.

You know, coming in I was afraid that Contreras, who is having a terrible year, would revert to his form of 2005-2006. Not so. He looks like the same guy who pitched for the Yankees.

Poor old Raburn has already had his career game. Now what does he look forward to? But seriously (and realistically), he should be playing in place of Monroe until the pitchers get a book on him. Then we’ll find out what we’ve got, although I think the guy can play big league ball.

This offense is a mindblower sometimes, if I may revert to 60s speak. 19 hits, 15 hits, 17 hits, it’s like a video game.

I’ll repeat that Grilli got robbed on two important calls or else he may have gone scoreless. He came up big in my book. We needed the innings and he provided them. Byrdak, with his Nate Robertson look, was better than before, and before wasn’t too shabby.

There’s always a downside, and tonight it was Rogers. The thought creeps into the back of my mind that we may have to learn to get along without him. I only say this, only say this, because he’s just had surgery and he’s 42 years old. It’s that age that bothers me. As a guy who aged past the game myself, I know how it feels. I sure do hope I’m wrong about this one. Only time will tell.

So……if we win tomorrow, it’s a successful visit to Chicago. If we lose, it wasn’t a total disaster. I think we win.

Verlander is due for one of his outstanding games. I hope he can give us 7 but wouldn’t 8 be delightful?
Grilli did do the job, no question though he does run into control problems that can get him into real big trouble.

Marty- I fear the only reason Byrdak was left in was that we had a 4 run lead. If we had only a 3 run lead I think JL would have given his good buddy Jones the save opportunity. Let’s hope he gets one tomorrow.

Nice to see Byrdak get the save. 20 pitches 16 strikes.

Rich, I understand you’re thinking on Kenny. Let’s just hope this is temporary. He deserves to have this surgery work out for him and another shot at a World Series start.

I have been away for a few days, and didn’t realize Capellan was sent to Toledo. Was there some special reasoning for this? The main reason I wonder about it is we sent a young kid, Cody, who had shown some early promise to the Brewers for Capellan, pitch him 9 innings, he has an era of 3.00 and he now is in the minors?

I also am worried about Rogers. Surgery at 42 is not to be taken lightly. As much as I agree he deserves one last shot in the World Series, I’m thinking sadly that this may be about the end for Kenny.

I have been looking over some stats for Toledo and Detroit.
I believe the time has come, to let C-Mo go – don’t wait for him to get ‘healthy’ again – just release him. Keep Raburn (which I have liked watching in Toledo for years) and have him and Thames (which is a nice guy by the way) platoon left field for the rest of the year.

As far as the bullpen goes, we all know, including JL and DD how up and down it is. I don’t believe it is terrible though – when they are hot they are HOT but when they are cold they are FRICKIN COLD!

I think thought some moves (I don’t see a trade) in the minors to Detroit, that we will get it shored up for the run.

As far as the standings….I get a worse feeling about Minnesota than I do Cleveland. Cleveland has a TON of young players (although they do have a FEW good ones on the roster) and some veterans that have been playing decent ball this year.

The Indians offense is hot and cold though. They don’t nearly have the firepower as Detroit (just look at the two teams stats) and the only reason they are close to us is that they have a pretty good starting pitching, hold and save guy(s). Look for them to fail down the road as the pressure increases and for Minnesota to move into the #2 spot in the division.

I do see Detroit winning the division by 2 games – this will be decided in the last 2 games of this season – just to make us all crazy.

As for the post-season. The Yankees will be the wildcard team as they continue to close on the ********. We will end up beating them in the series, move on to the Red Sox and beat them in 6 games. Moving on to the World Series, we will play the Mets and beat them in 5.

Word is Bond!

Kenny started out not throwing any curveballs at all, then when he finally did, they got hammered. He was kind of subdued after the game too. I don’t know, there are reasons why people don’t play well into their 40s. Things start to break down.

He was getting the outside corner called for strikes to the first two hitters, then the umpire, Mr. Marquez, suddenly stopped calling them. Marquez was inconsistent all night. Even the Chicago announcers said Grilli was hosed on those two calls I referred to. Can you believe that?

Hawk and DJ are a little more subdued when the Sox are behind and a little easier to take. Less of those rambling ten minute conversations about some guy who doesn’t even play anymore.

Zumaya in Lakeland?

Yes he certainly is–but Richard not Joel (even though a click through on the roster http://www.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?t=t_ros&did=milb&cid=473 might give you that impression).

Lookin’ forward to today’s game as I am getting it on TV in beautiful British Columbia.

I would expect we will see Raburn in right, Hessman at first and Infante at short today. Infante had a big hit last night but he really needs to start helping out more at the plate. I actually wouldn’t be too surprised if Rabelo got another start on this breakaway day game to give Pudge a little more time to recoup. The guy is really hitting and gone 6×9 over the last 2 games. Anyone know why Pudge entered the game last night? I didn’t realize it but noticed his name in the box score.

I assume for defensive purposes Dan. But Harrelson mentioned Rabelo gimped down to first on his bunt. I didn’t notice. He looked fine jogging back to the dugout.

Rabelo was tired from running around the bases. 🙂 The kid has been putting on a hitting display. How about that hit and run single?

Actually, I think he has some nagging thing, ankle or something.

Un-flipping-believable. I cannot believe they let these two bad teams (Kansas and CWS) make them look really really stupid.

A real stinker

PFP. I am pretty disgusted with the bullpen once again. 50-50 is not good enough.
Seay comes in and his only job is to get O-N-E left handed batter out–he commits a cardingal sin and walks him.

Miner the same.

Miner is allowed to continue in the 9th (bad move JL) and essentially walks Podsednik. I say this because he took him to a 3 ball count and then had to serve one up to him.

The bunt was a total fiasco (and one that been revistited far too often).

Wake up DD you need Help with a capital H in the bullpen. And we can hope and dream all the way throaugh the off-season if you like, but Rodney and Zumaya are not a guarantee that the problem is going to correct itself.

This was a tough loss, an unfair one for JV, and demoralizing.

We got a huge break when Verlander got out of the inning that Infante started off with a Joe Casual error and couldn’t take advantage.

As much as we love Curtis Granderson he has a very tought time getting a runner home from third with less than 2 out. I would like to see the stats on it but it seems he strikes out a lot under those circumstances.

One last *****—Raburn screwed up on the coverage on that bunt–he was not in position to keep Podsednik from scoring. A heads up play may actually have kept him from getting to third.

2 out of 5 (when you had a chance at 4) is not good.

I know you guys get tired of my diatribe but the Tigers will not make the post season with this bullpen. PERIOD.

Something else to consider:

The last 2 series against Chi and KC has seen the Tigers win only when they get darn near double digits. If the game is lower scoring they tend to lose.

This is a trend that can be directly attributed to the bullpen. You guys getting tired of ths griping yet? I hope DD is getting aggravated with it at least.

I sat here and correctly predicted that Chicago would win 4-3. I didn’t know how, but it is so routine with our team. First, we cannot score against Jenks. Second, it is so obvious that as Dan says, there will be no return trip to the playoffs as the bullpen now is.
Excellent observation on the role of “role players” in the pen. We always help the opponent out by walking a leadoff, or after they have a runner on first and no one out. Seay should have challenged Thome. If he beats you with his best, that’s better than giving him our worst. The pen guys are always pitching behind the count, except for Byrdak. This is getting to be a royal embarassment. And third, when we go to Chitown, the nauseating Harrelson forces me to turn down the sound, unless we are well ahead.

This team is really easy to telegraph. I love Brandon Inge, but he will foul off a couple of pitches, and then look like a fool on strike three. I’m sad to report that Craig Monroe is a non factor on this team. And I question having so many established starters sitting at the same time. Sheffield can’t be helped, but I think you need real veteran experience in games and series like this. And then when I remember that we lost a coach to a foul ball, I’m almost embarassed to be ranting like this. It’sonly a game. Help Joel!

David, what worries me (and I am a Tiger fan too), is the fact that I am starting to get more interested in who is coming up and who they might get in a trade. I am starting to think that I am prepared to write the season off and look to the future!!

A lot of what I say is admittedly reactionary but it is coloured with some sense of perspective, logic and reality.

It is very clear that if the bullpen doesn’t cut it then the final record for the year won’t either. How long we feel we can postpone any changes out there may well go a long way to determining the final standings. Every game counts. Obviously. And to tread water thinking Zumaya and Rodney will be the ultimate solution is taking for too much of a gamble.

My only advice to us here is to take a deep breath, before we all drop dead, and try to wait until Tuesday, which is the trade deadline. If a trade is to be made, it probably won’t be until then, and perhaps even late that day. If no trade is made, then it’s open season for dire predictions. I’m not making light, mind you, just trying to help.

That was ridiculous today. Two relievers, two walks? We still haven’t learned to beat the White Sox, no matter how bad they get. That’s still my chief concern.

It’s painfully obvious there’s no one in the pen that can be counted on. They’ll get the job done at times, but you never know what you’re going to get. The only answer is to score more runs. Again.

The Tigers stand just under .600. That percentage will get you into the postseason. That assumes, of course, that they play .600 the remainder of the season. Might happen, might not. I am pretty sure it’s going down to the wire, and we have over two months of building tension to go.

In a way, it’s harder on us than it is on the players. They just do their job. Think about it, we probably all get into tight spots on our own jobs, and we probably pride ourselves on our ability to remain cool and confident. That’s exactly the kind of employee you want. The Tigers seem better at that than anyone (thank you Mr. Leyland) and they’ll stay in this race. This is a real rough stretch of games we’re in right now.

Dan, I had to laugh when you said cardinal sin. Seems to me the Cardinal sin was committed when Miner threw the bunt away.

I have NEVER heard two supposed professional announcers whine like Harrelson and Jackson. Sure, the strike zone was weird (again) but it’s weird for both sides. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a Sox fan because those two embarrass even me. We just go back to Chicago one more time, right? We don’t get the Chicago feed on EI when the games are in Detroit.

First things first. See ya to Harrelson and Jackson you whining babies. Shouldn’t your employer(s) clue you in on how unprofessional you are badmouthing an umpire’s pitch calls even if they were bad?! You’re supposed to be professionals…Deal with it like men… boys. Nuf of those two for a while at least.

Now to the game. Another very disappointing let down, and it was all the umpire’s fault… I’m kidding. Very depressing though. Seay and Miner just didn’t get the job done. They simply could not throw strikes. It KILLS YA. Leadoff walk in the bottom of the 9th, you knew it was probably over. And we have to have the worst fielding pitchers in the league. That error was little league, how can they continue to psych themselves out like it’s the first time they ever fielded a bunt and threw to first? Man WE could have made that play. And Dan, I too noticed Raburn made a mental error in not backing first base. Huge, and I would doubt he ever does that again playing for JL.

This is easily a better team than last year, the best offense in baseball. I’m disappointed in the defense, I think it is overall, below average in the league. When it’s sharp it can be adequate however. The big difference has obviously been the loss of Zumaya. You can’t fully appreciate the ultimate value a player has on a team until you lose him. Zumaya was probably the very foundation of the Tiger’s success last year. Actually it’s pretty obvious since the Tiger’s were not expected to even play much over .500 let alone contend. How many times did he come in the 7th and 8th and shut the other team down? Plenty. How many wins did he preserve for the starters. And how many times did he set up Jones for the save. Plenty. Can anyone name one other player that made such an impact on the Tiger’s success?

Well the Tigers are 19 games over 500 with 61 to go, and they did it without Zumaya. That’s impressive. But WITH him this team could be 35 games over, because we’ve probably seen around 8 or so losses similar to this one since losing Zoom. Dan, you’re right, they do need bull pen help. I think they can continue like this and make it to the playoffs but without Zumaya or a reliever close to his caliber they wouldn’t get THRU the playoffs.

So is Zumaya coming back and if he is, then when? If that’s too much of a question mark the Tigers will need an impact reliever. Not just a good one but an impact reliever. Who and at what cost? If they are going to do it then go big or stay home as they say. And who or how many players would they have to give up? If I knew Zumaya was coming back by the end of August, I’d say stick and grind it out, and be rewarded for patience and faith in who you have. We’ll see I guess.

The Tigers have been in this pattern for a while where they will play 10 good games and then 4 or 5 stinko ones. It’s why they’re 19 over 500. They’re in a bad stretch now but they have shown the ability to turn it back around . Cleveland lost tonight. They’re not exactly cruising either if that’s any consolation.

One last comment. I’m concerned for Kenny Rogers. Not sure what to think. Yeah he’s 42 but he’s a finesse pitcher and in terrific shape. I wouldn’t write him off yet. Obviously they need him. But if he can’t get back to form in the next couple starts they may have to reinsert Durbin in the rotation and give Kenny some time to work it out (if he can this year). Does anyone have a clue what’s going on with him? Jason? That kind of surgery has to be impacting to the overall body strength. It might not necessarily end his career but it could scratch this year. Let’s hope he works it out. Not having him be effective further exacerbates the bull pen situation. I think JL has done admirably dealing with all the disappointments and setbacks, the mark of an exceptional leader.

After thinking more about it,35 games over 500 is unreasonable. But they could be as many as 30 games over 500. But “could be” is meaningless at this point. No team will win 100 games this year. 95 wins should take the Central.

Funny that you mentioned that Rich (about it being easier on the players than the fans). I was just saying to my wife, (oh no here HE goes again), that as tough as it is to handle a loss like this it must be downright debilitating to the players to have to take a game like that out to dinner with them and back the hotel for the night.

That game actually affected my whole day, I wouldn’t say ruin it, but it certainly created an angry, gnawing feeling and I couldn’t help thinking how devastating this must be for the players and especially the players who goated the game.

I see that JL is not expecting any changes!!. Guaranteed that if no changes are made JL will certainly make some. His patience with the bullpen is razor thin right now.

Some rumors about Farnsworth from the Yankees. I don’t see that as significant enough. He didn’t cut it with the Braves or Yankees and I don’t think he will miraculously transform here.

Even saw some rumors about the scouts looking at the Rockies farms system. Apparently they were looking at 2 corner infielders! Talk about wasting salary. With Shelton, Hessman, Hanahan and Larish in the minors, why waste anyone’s time?

Marty, you mentioned something about waiting for Zumaya and grinding it out till August. My fear with doing that is that we have 34 games to play between now and then. How many games can the team afford to have the bullpen lose? That’s the conundrum. That and the fact that Zumaya and Rodney are not going to be able to come back and be the Zumaya and Rodney we hope they will be. There will most certainly be setbacks and discouragements for them, physical as well as mental.

We need help out there and we need it to be someone who is known to be able to do the job, as I said before, 9 and half times out of 10.

Good comments from everyone. After the last few days, I’m coming around to Dan’s side but not entirely. Here’s why: four years ago the Tigers lost 119 games. I can’t even hear the year 2003 without thinking about how awful that was. I can still name the majority of starters from that team and its a laugher. Santiago at SS, Gene Kingsale/Andres Torres in Center, a bunch of stiffs in the bullpen and rotation… my point in bringing up this horrible summer is that I don’t ever want to go through that again. We now have an unbelievable farm system and, barring a number of major injuries, we’re set for a looooong time. Look at the string of success that the Braves had with Smoltz, Glavine, Maddux, and Avery. I know we have a number of years before we can say this confidently but I think Bonderman, Verlander, and Miller could leave a similar legacy in Motown.

I know you don’t get a chance to win a Series every year but I don’t want to see them mortgage the farm to try and win it this year. Regardless of the moves that DD makes, there is still a lot of luck involved in winning the world series. After all, does anyone believe that the Cardinals were really better than the Tigers? They were better in one 7 game series.

I’m getting away from my main point: I’d rather see no trade at all and watch a number of good years rather than have one marginally good move that sets us back a few steps. Anyone who thinks differently simply needs to watch John Smoltz pitch for the Braves…

All this being said, our bullpen has got to do better or I’m going to go nuts… I know– my post doesn’t make any sense at all… Thanks for letting me rant.

I have been reading this blog for over a year now, and finally decided to put my two “sense” in. I just think it’s funny how everyone goes so crazy after a loss or two. We’ve got fans calling for trades, calling guys up, sending guys down, etc…. it just drives me crazy. The Tigers still have the second best record in baseball and I am still confident that they will be the World Series champs this year, or give it a **** of a run. Every team goes through bad times and they need the support of their fans through good and bad. I’ve always thought it was cool that you don’t hear Detroit fans booing their team, even in a bad loss or bad play, like you hear in New York or other big markets. I read a lot of posts after the Maroth trade about the lack of loyalty in baseball, and the same people now seem to want to get rid of C-Moe because he is struggling. I say look at the big picture… the record, the stats, and the chemistry of this team. Don’t panic after the Chicago series because they always seem to play with more confidence against us. Sorry for the rambling post….GO TIGERS!!!!

You all that post very seldom, please jump in. We can always use more opinions. For my money, this is the best MLB Blog out there. You’ll notice there’s never ever a personal attack of any kind.

I think like Leyland, in that I don’t expect any changes. That’s not to say I wouldn’t welcome one, but until that happens, this is your team, as Coach Dale said in “Hoosiers.” He also said “support us for who we are, not for who we are not.”

Now, I’d like to get Jon Rauch myself. He’d help even if both Rodney and Zumaya came back strong. You think Bobby Jenks is big? Midget. The problem in dealing with Washington is Jim Bowden has visions of Cameron Maybin dancing in his head. He always wants too much.

We don’t need Kyle Farnsworth.

I think our posts seem rather scattered because we all want to win this year, yet keep a strong team in the future. That’s a tough call. Did Cleveland give away too good of a catching prospect for Lofton? Only time will tell.

I’m going to re-state my season goal, and that is to get into the postseason. You’ve got to get there. Then anything can happen, and usually does. MLB is very unlike the NFL, NBA, and NHL in that regard. Just build a team that can withstand the grind and get into the postseason, then go about winning it. The Yankees expect to win the entire thing every year. This is why they and their fans are always unhappy. All you can realistically expect is giving yourself the chance to win it all.

I don’t think any player should be debilitated by any loss in July. If they are, they shouldn’t be in the big leagues. When I think of debilitating losses, I think of Brooklyn in 1951, the Angels in 1986, that sort of thing.

I have some really mixed feelings about this team. No I do not want to mortgage the future for right now, however it is frustrating to lose in the late innings games, time after time. And frankly I really wasn’t as mad about yesterdays lose as I was about the Tuesday evening one. To me that was unforgivable. Don’t get me wrong yesterday I was frustrated, Tuesday I was angry.

I don’t think that Farnsworth is the answer, his stats are not any better than anyone else we have. What makes us think they will get better just because he comes to Detroit??? To me Rauch is from the Nationals. But as RLPressley says you are not going to give up Maybin to get him. So is there really anyone else out there???

I probably take this all a little too seriously, after all it is just entertainment but boy has the last week been frustrating. A chance to get 4 or so games on the Indians, with them playing Boston and whoever they played on the weekend. We are playing two of the worst teams in baseball and can’t manage to win one of those series. Over the weekend we were forgiving them because they were emotionally drained from the Twins series, okay, but what is your excuse for the Sox’s??? I don’t know?? It is hard to sweep any team, but they should of least been able to win the series.

Fellow TIBloggers:
I usually don’t comment too often, and especially on the same topic, but I must make a couple of further observations.

In regard to our bullpen reality, (and that’s what it is), my concern is that we said after the initial blown save, that there was a lot of baseball to be played. That mantra has been repeated into the 9th.blown save, yet we are down to 60 games, with six ahead in LA and Oakland. We don’t hit well against nasty righty’s ie Escobar, Weaver, Harin et al. No alternatives are available with left handed bats. Most teams don’t have the quality starting 8 that we have, yet they have good enough platoon players to be pesky. The reality is that Monroe will have to bat sometime this weekend, and I just don’t see passion or confidence in his eyes. I see almost a plea of “get me out of here.” If our starters keep going with 100+ pitch counts by the 5th. inning(Verlander included, but not as bad) then we are indeed doomed. From the Texas series on, many of opponents number 5 starters kept us off balance, and even beat us some, with pitch counts of 80 pitches in the seventh or eighth. Leyland himself siad it two months ago; the starters must go deeper, and my friends they have not done so.

That’s why the bullpen is in the disarray it’s in, plus the inability to limit critical walks. As I have previously crowed, I’m a Tiger fan for 47 years. I have always been spoiled to the starter finishing what he started. We need a split of the six at the very worst, or 4-6 would be a big bonus. Thanks for the memories, Billy Bruton.

Well I do NOT want Farnsworth. You guys do want to see our pitchers throw strikes right? Welcome Tiger Roar and good blog. But careful, this blogging stuff is addicting:-) I’m on a 5 step program and can’t get past step 1. Just for the record, I’m one of those sentimental fans that generally hates to see anyone go. Maroth was my favorite, and no, he didn’t pay me to say that. Trading him was really tough for me to take. I thought he was the poster(more like whipping) boy for the 2003 Tigers, and if anyone deserved a chance in the WS it was him. He wasn’t included last year (that ******)so I figured he’d get his chance this year. He and his wife did a lot for the Detroit area too. A genuinely good guy. I called Miner’s play on the bunt last night a little league miscue but I still like him. Monroe has really struggled and has contributed less than was hoped from him, but I’d like to see him remain a Tiger. There is a thing called loyalty I hold as very important. Is it smart baseball to let sentimentality and loyalty get in the way of making hard realistic decisions? I honestly think it is but that’s just my opinion, my way of thinking. So I’ll go on record as saying lets stick with our players and go for it, and it’ll be a bonus if Zumaya and/or Rodney can return to help. Every team out there has big needs and frustrations. Winning 3 out of 5 from us was probably the best thing that’s happened to the White Sox this season. Sad isn’t it? But we do tend to focus on our needs, as if ours is the only team struggling. We are very much addicted to winning every night when 59 times out of 100 will probably do it. Go Tigers.

Marty – there is a time for loyalty and a time for reality. I have never been a huge fan of C-Mo. He plays with no confidence or fire in his eyes. Just take a look in his eyes and you see emptiness. He has played 5 full seasons and besides one where he hit .293, the last three have been .277, 255 and now .218. It isn’t like he is a huge HR hitter because he only has 103 over 5 full seasons, which isn’t very much. 20-HR’s a year isn’t quite what it use to be, especially if you can’t hit for average either. This guy is done, he’ll never remain a Tiger past this year!

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