Nats eyeing Jurrjens

The Washington Nationals had scouts watching Double-A Erie on the road Saturday night at Bowie, where Jair Jurrjens was starting for the SeaWolves. The Nats have a pair of relievers on the market who could be of interest to the Tigers depending on the price in closer Chad Cordero and big right-hander Jon Rauch. According to our Nats reporter, GM Jim Bowden is again sticking to his prices on his most tradeable commodities. From Bill Ladson:

There have been reports linking Cordero and Rauch to the Mets, but, according to another baseball source, the chances of those players going to New York are slim. The source said that general manager Jim Bowden is asking too much for those players. The source said that Bowden is asking for outfielder Lastings Milledge and pitcher Mike Pelfrey.

Unlike with Alfonso Soriano, Bowden might actually have a chance to get something for his trade bait this time. If the Rangers end up holding onto Eric Gagne and Akinori Otsuka and trade one or more of their lefty relievers instead, the ripple effect would likely make guys like Cordero and Kansas City’s Octavio Dotel more valuable.


I don’t usually comment on trade rumors, but since the Nats are in my territory, I’ll go ahead.

Cordero, only 25, has several seasons of experience closing games. He has a live fastball and has an excellent stikeout/walk ratio. He is definitely a guy who can rack up the Ks, so Dan, you’d like him. The downside is that he’s prone to giving up homers, sometimes at an alarming rate. Whereas if Todd Jones is off, he gives up singles, when Chad is off, he gives up the big fly.

Big Jon Rauch, and he most definitely is a big guy, has similar attributes and has been more and more effective as the season goes on.

I’m not sure the Tigers need either guy (depending on price of course), but it wouldn’t have to have them either. Personally speaking, Chad “Chief” Cordero has been a household favorite here for several years. He’s an easy guy to root for. We’ve even named household pets “Chief.”

Correction to above post:

I meant to say “it wouldn’t hurt to have them.”

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