About that Tuesday starter

Virgil Vasquez was scratched from his scheduled start Sunday for Toledo. No injury or other reason was given for the move, but it certainly appears he might’ve been held back to start Tuesday for the Tigers. It would be a couple extra days rest instead of on turn like Tata, but Vasquez has thrown better of late, including a complete-game, five-hit shutout in his most recent outing last Tuesday.


Tigers,ought to be humiliated by the way you played against the Kansas City Royals. Down right brutal, even yesterday’s game which they won they played aweful. How the heck can they do so well against good teams like the Twins, Boston, Seattle, and Cleveland and look like a bunch of fools against a poor team. Looking like they really didn’t care. I hope that.

It’s not like KC runs a lineup of circus clowns out there every day. They’ve been getting better, and have been playing some decent ball lately.

Also, I wonder why they went with Vasquez over Tata, when it was Tata’s scheduled day to start?

Exactly right. KC is not that bad of a team, and have indeed been playing good ball over the last month.

In fact, the Tigers have played a large number of series against teams that have been hot. The fact that they are still in first place just demonstrates what a darned good ballclub this is.

It’s been a heckuva good race so far, and will continue to be so. This is what we signed up for, right?

I think Jason answered the question of why Vasquez in his post above.

I agree Rich. We tend to think of baseball teams as being static entities, finishing predictably in the standings They’re in fact very dynamic. KC is beginning to show signs of being a very competitive ball club. This is what the draft is all about, to create parity. If teams are willing to be patient with their young players and assuming they have good scouts that know what they’re doing, eventually it will pay off. It worked for the Tigers.(Lot of high draft picks)Of course KC will always be at somewhat of a disadvantage because they don’t have the same payroll available. They have to draft and develop players as quickly as possible. I actually like this team, but of course I wish they weren’t so successful against the Tigers, especially at home. That’s my concern. It’s puzzling why the Tigers do relatively poorly at home and great on the road. Maybe when they go to KC they’ll return the favor. This might be the year that KC climbs out of the cellar and approaches .500. That Butler can hit, and they have some other good ones too. Nice quick defense, fast outfield, and they’re pitching has improved with experience. No embarrassment to lose to them, just not at home please.

Right, Marty. This is an interesting subject. During the course of a baseball season, many mediocre teams improve. They plug in new parts, experiment with different combinations, and quite often hit on something that works. Meanwhile, your top tier teams pretty much start the season with all parts in working order and often jump out to quick success. Then, as the opposition improves, it becomes a daily grind to get wins. Think of the White Sox in 2005, the Tigers in 2006, and most likely Cleveland and Boston this year. What once came so easy is now a very difficult task. The ones left standing have definitely accomplished something. 162 games. Not the quick 16 of the NFL, or the long series of playoffs of the NBA or NHL, but six long months of a daily grind.

As to why the Tigers win more on the road, who knows? There may not be a reason. I like to think they win on the road because of that hardy little band of Tiger fans that show up everywhere, bravely wearing their colors and chanting “Let’s Go Tigers.” Of course I like to think that because I’m among that hardy band. 🙂

Looks like it will Vasquez vs. Vasquez on Tuesday.

I think it is the right thing to do to give Vasquez another shot after his rough outing against the Twins early in the season. I think he has better stuff than Tata by far.

Let’s hope the Tigers were and are in “Road Mode”.

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