Guillen, Granderson rest, Sheff in right

With no off day anytime soon and that long series in Chicago coming soon, Leyland is going to rest some guys. Curtis Granderson has the night off against Royals lefty Jorge De La Rosa, as does Carlos Guillen. Magglio Ordonez is getting kind of a break by DHing tonight, with Gary Sheffield in right. Craig Monroe is back in the lineup in left and batting fifth. Placido Polanco will have Sunday off.

  1. Raburn, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Sheffield, RF
  4. Ordonez, DH
  5. Monroe, LF
  6. Rodriguez, C
  7. Casey, 1B
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Guillen, SS

Only other news is that Joel Zumaya played catch today from 120 feet and came through fine.

I see the speculation has already started on here about who will be called up to start one of the games in Tuesday’s doubleheader. Leyland isn’t announcing his decision yet, but the best guess is Jordan Tata, whose turn in the rotation would fall on Tuesday. He has been pitching relatively well down there, though he was hit around a little his last time out. Virgil Vasquez starts Sunday for Toledo, and Yorman Bazardo goes Monday.


No off day, five games in four days in Chicago, then straight out to the west coast again to play a good Angels team, followed by Oakland, before finally returning to something resembling normalcy. We had discussed this part of the schedule earlier, and we’re smack in the middle of it now. Crazy stuff, just crazy.

I forget who suggested starting Durbin or Miner in Chicago. Nice idea, except the bullpen is going to be needing all hands to get through this stretch. Tata (or whoever) might give you five good innings, which would be a big help.

On an optimistic note, Verlander pitched the Negro Leagues game last year against KC, and it was probably his best start of the season.

Jason….as usual thanks for the info…you are the best. However you used, what i’m seeing the last year and a half as, the ‘new’ most over-used phrase in sports; “a little”. I’m seeing this more and more, mostly from managers/players, as a way NOT to ‘dis’ anyone, or create “bulletin board” material. example: “we swept those guys, they are a good team over there, but they are struggling a little”. Anyway, thanks!


The Tigers are hitting this guy all over the yard so far with less to show for it then they should.

A win today would be a big deal and help to get that Mojo back that we have been talking about.

Lineup was pretty close to what I thought might happen. I thought with the left going he might move Guillen to first though.

C-Mo!!! 3 run HR!!! Is this the start oif his annual 2nd half comeback?

Verlander throwing well again. Hopefully he and Pudge can get things straight, he is not the kind of pitcher you want to be crossed up with. JV threw like this in Seattle too. Lots of breaking stuff, strikeouts but wild.

Be nice to see him go 7.

JL seems to like Tata. I remember him making some personal kind of comment about how much he likes him personally last year. Would not be my choice but I guess they should have a pretty good idea of what is needed.

Wonder how long the club will stick with Capellan if he struggles like he did yesterday.

Well JV and Pudge’s sync never seemed to find itself tonight. JV out now and really the wild pitches and passed ball have factored predominantly tonight.

This game is in question an it will take some results from the bullpen to pull this one out.

Grilli is in and has been looking better lately.

The Tigers are really playing pretty sloppy ball lately. They have gone from one of the better fielding teams to one of the worst in a pretty short time.

This is not what you need with a shaky bullpen.

Geez wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get a K. O-2 on buck and the dreaded 2 strike hit.

Jones is doing his thing. But will it be good enough, just good enough or not good enough at all.

That is my point with this bullpen and Jones in particular.

I think I have answered my own question.

If Cleveland scoops a closer before the trade deadline it is going to make it really difficult to bet em.

Well the one thing Gary has not done this year is win a game in the 9th.

Let’s go Sheff!

(could’t get the critical bunt down)

Well Durbin and Inge win the game but without Casey’s good AB Brandon doesn’t get that fastball to power over the wall.
Too bad JV doesn’t get the W but he really didtn’t totally deserve it as he needs to get his control down and reduce opportunities he is giving with wild pitches. Good solid effort though.

Miner good and Durbin good.

I’ll take a win any way it comes.

Jones gets another blown save (ain’t that a harsh term for these poor guys?) and that’s his fifth. I’ll admit, that’s getting to be an excessive number seeing as how it’s still July.


If he doesn’t tip that DP grounder we’re not having this discussion.


What if you just brought in Durbin to close a game once? And if he succeeded, you did it again?

But the big issue is……

Doesn’t Jonesie own any baseball socks? The long leg look on his throwback uni made him look like a guy pitching in his pajamas. Todd, Todd, Todd, not cool.

I actually do have a serious question in this post. If a reliever comes into a tie game in the ninth, then loses it in the tenth, as Soria tonight and Nathan on Thursday did, does that constitute a blown save? I would think not, so there’s a hole in that statistic too.

Alls well that ends well. Congratulations Brandon, and Ryan,Craig, and Placido too. It was key for Durbin to stop KC and he came through. He’s quietly earned a 7-3 record. But it never should have been this close. A lot of good catches by the Monarchs; Pudge got robbed twice.

Those were sharp uniforms, they should wear them more often. But Todd, you’re supposed to hike those things up to your knees so your socks show. It’s like they issued you the wrong size pants with no elastic in the cuffs. So they kind of hung there above your ankles. Not a good look. I’m just trying to help where I can.

On a more serious note, I thought that Todd’s 9th inning wasn’t that bad an effort, just a lot of bleeders, plus Inge should have come home on that hopper to stop the 7th run from scoring. Could have changed things. The Monarchs hit a pile of grounders up the middle tonight, including that 9th.

Rich, I was going to say clown pants but thought better of it, as I didn’t want to risk disrespect for the uniform which I actually liked.

I have to admit that I was at a party tonight and only saw a portion of the game. But what I did see looked a lot like last night with KC a lot of seeing eye singles for them. I don’t think that Jones did a bad job either, I think that he was a little unlucky with those crappy little hits they have been killing us with for two days. And frankly what I saw it didn’t look like Verlander really pitched that well tonight?? Is that true? I TIVOD the game and will watch it in the morning. We really did let the game get away from us. Nice to see Craig do well tonight, we need him to be what we know he can. Way to go C-MO

Well with Bannister tossing today. and Polanco sitting we can expect to see a lineup with Infante at 2B. JL could give Raburn a spin there just to see how he handles it. Raburn has essentially been converted to an outfielder this year but his natural position before that was at second.

Yesterday’s victory was an important one. In the sense that it is always good to come back at home after a home opener loss and also in the sense that the tigers had lost grip on the game and somehow managed to fight hard and not give in to the loss of momentum. It was a character building kind of game.

We will all have to watch Rogers next game very carefully. Our euphoria over his accerlated return has been tempered somewhat and gives us caution over moving Zumaya ahead to quickly.

Durbin was very impressive last night as were Miner and Grilli.

McBride is feeling his way but I think he will stick over Byrdak, unless he falters completely. Seay is a LHB specialist and will stick around. I think Capellan is the boy on the bubble right now.

McBride has pitched well since coming over. However, looking ahead to this next week we know there will be a roster move and one of the pitchers on the active roster will be sent down. This will be done so Tata (or another starter) will start one of the games in the doubleheader. Byrdak is rehabbing in Toledo right now. The main 2 options we have right now are to send down McBride or Capellan. One of them will probably be sent down that day. Tata brought up for a game. Then my best bet would be the next move is to activate Byrdak. Since Byrdak is LHP, my guess is McBride will be sent down since he has an option left and is left handed. Whoever is sent down will not be able to be brought back up for 10 days barring an injury. The other way to bring up a starter is to mess with the bench but then we would be playing one game with only 3 on the bench. I just don’t feel like that will happen. We have good flexibility with our bench right now. The only position that is short right now is 1B but Guillen can play there and so can Pudge if need be. Raburn can play all 3 OF positions, 2B, & 3B. Infante can play 3 IF & OF positions. Perez can play 3 OF positions.

Tigerfan-Byrdak threw well for Toledo yesterday. What I like about him is his potential to throw the ball past a couple of hitters every inning.
Some people minimize the more dramatic elements of baseball like homeruns and strikeouts.

They are both very helpful and lead to success.

Yesterday the Tigers turned the power on-4 homers and they won.

Strikeouts, especially from relievers, are rally killers and demoralizing to the opposition. Give me a late inning flamethrower over a contact pitcher any day. Jones gave up 3 hits yesterday and one could argue that a inch this way or that and the inning wouldn’t have happened. Well an 0-2 strikeout would also have changed the inning. Any time you have a contact pitcher you have an increased chance of a bloop, a flare or an error to make things miserable.

Jones is throwing well and he consistently is getting the ball over th plate for strikes but I just don’t think we have our bullpen drama over yet.

Yeah Gk, I don’t think Verlander should have any complaints about not getting the win last night. He wasn’t that sharp although overpowering at times. Pudge must have been having fits back there. The KC batters were striking out on wild pitches, which would indicate a real live, unpredictable ball. When you strike out and the runner advances, it’s as good as a sac bunt.

Dan, I think you stated the Rogers situation very well. He may have come back prematurely and is now feeling the effects of some fatigue, or rustiness. As JL stated his first 3 appearances might have been more adrenaline and freshness. He may struggle for a while, and hopefully only for a while.

Dan and Tiger Fan, I agree Capellan is on the bubble. Question is, when Byrdak is ready does he replace McBride, assuming you can’t remove a right hander for him? I would have to give the nod to Byrdak simply because I like the guy and have pulled for him all season. He has earned his chance with this club and helped them through the lean part of the early season. McBride has filled in well to this point though.

Dan, I still believe Todd can do the job. He will be much more effective when/if Zumaya and/or Rodney return. Their speed sets up his style and slower velocity.

If JL thought something “smelled funny” yesterday he might have to scout up a clothes pin for today’s game too. The defense just seems to be an instant behind the play and are really pressing.

The defense needs to pick up its game for sure. Granderson doesn’t seem to be able to make a good throw lately. Something may be wrong with his arm as I think teams are actually running on him.

Guillen is a great player but he is always a bit of an adventure in the field.

Inge is great if he doesn’t have to much time to outthink himself. Great reaction fielder but his errors often come at times when he has too much time on his hands.

Polanco is rock solid and is contending for a Gold Glove as well as a batting title. By the end of the year I think he will have a higher average than Ordonez.

Casey is simply superb at 1B.

Pudge is not playing his position as well as he did last year.

Ordonez lets a lot of balls fall safely and is lost on anything over his head.

Left field has been pretty steady all year.

Royals are going to very annoying again today. That Butler is tearing us up.

Tigers need to piece something together before the late innings today.

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