Lineup against Santana

Santana_1 Ryan Raburn gets to start in center against Johan Santana tonight. As well as Granderson has been hitting lately, Leyland said he didn’t want to put him in a situation where a pitcher like Santana messes him up not only tonight, but lingering into the games after that.

  1. Raburn, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Sheffield, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Guillen, SS
  6. Rodriguez, C
  7. Thames, 1B
  8. Monroe, LF
  9. Inge, 3B

This is not Raburn’s first game in a dome. He played at Tampa Bay during his late-season stint for the Tigers in 2004.


Maybe Santana is so effective because the opposing teams always bench their best hitters. 🙂

I think Alan Trammell had a theory about that a few years ago, when the Tigers faced Santana several times during the season and little-used Marcus Thames started each one. He started playing Thames more regularly, which helped Thames, but it made little difference against Santana.

Obviously it is going to be a difficult task tonight. RR just doubled to lead off the 4th–this guy is going to be a star. Polanco up and you know he is showing signs of struggling at the plate–let’s go Rock!
Miller has been drawing tough assignments, Glavine, Hernandez and now Santana.

Hey isn’t this Joe Mauer a gem! Morneau too. And LHB to boot.

Mauer is a tough out and rarely strikes out. mornea is a Canadian and kind of cut in the mold of Larry Walker.

Love to see another Canadian on Detroit’s roster (just across the border from Windsor).

Oops-comment coming Sheffield with another poip up at a critcal RBI time.

Anyway–Canadians on the Tigers–John Hiller, Mike Kilkenny, Reno Bertoia sure would like to see Eric Gagne added to that list!

Nice job this inning and Carlos had a memorable AB but you gotta give it to Santana. Does this guy ever walk anybody? In fact does he ever throw a ball? His pitch count tonight so far is 70 and 53 have been strikes. That is incredible. Guillen’s AB was intense and it is too bad he wasn’t rewarded with a hit but you can’t do much better than that. Ordonez did a nice job and that is good to see as he is showing signs of weariness.

Wow. Defining moment. Morneau up with the bases jammed. Ooh. HBP on a guy he struck out twice.

Geez. Remember Punto? Lead off walk against a mendoza type hitter.

Wish Andrew could get more run support. He throws well but seems to be suffering from Nate Robertson 2006 syndrome!

Just struck out Kubel and it is now time for the offense to reward this young man.

Not a good idea to leave seay in against Redmond and then Cirillo. Fingers crossed.

JL pulling Seay in the middle of an at bat. But this is the right move to make.

Ya gotta love coming in to face a RHB sub and inheriting a 1-2 count!

what was I saying earlier about defining moments?

****. Looks like we are going back to the Twilight Zone in the bullpen again. It’s just a shame that this happens to Miller.

Jl is earning his dough tonight. McBride’s problem is control and he is in tough here against Mauer.
Go get him McKay.

Thames is a player right now–excellent. Hopefully he is not hurt too bad.

Hold your breath (and maybe your nose) looks like TJ in the 9th.

Dan — looks like you could use a blogging friend…just impressed by McBride. He threw strikes and with a bullpen that can struggle at times that’s what we need. Thames picked him up, but that’s why there are 9 guys out there. Let’s hope Thames is okay.

Jones did the job. Not sure if he has an agreement with Roche Laboratories to elevate our heart rate but you gotta give him credit for having the stuff to get it done.

I really think JL/DD are getting this bullpen turned around. Recently, there’s been talk of them being interested in Dotel of KC. I hope we don’t do that. The guy’s an underachiever who’s injury prone. I’d have to see more than this little roll he’s on now to be interested. No prospects for Dotel please.

Somehow the second half of the season was easier when the Tigers were losing 90+/year. Not better by any stretch of the imagination — just easier. Tomorrow’s lineup card should be interesting. With the day game there will probably be no Monroe or Thames after tonight. Luckily Raburn is impressive at the plate and Infante has proven to be at the very least adequate. Unfortunately it will likely mean no off-days for any of the regulars who might normally have a chance to rest, including Pudge (with Rabelo seemingly still sore).

One note that has to be made was brought up at the end of the game by the FSN North guys (for those of us stuck watching MLBtv). Ordonez knocked in all four Tiger runs in the first two games. That doesn’t make him an MVP for the season. It doesn’t make him the best right fielder in the game. But over the course of the season any team that’s going to compete needs to be carried by individuals at times and this has been Ordonez’s series so far. That just seemed worth mentioning.

Also worth mentioning:

The Twins saw Miller for the second time and were not as effective as I expected some teams to be when they saw him for the second time. Hopefully that’s a good sign that he’s improving enough to keep teams off-balance the second and third times he’ll see them this season. He has pitch count problems and the Twins put some runners on, but tonight he was good enough against a good team.

The White Sox almost took all three games from the Indians. The Royals took 2 of 3 from the Red Sox. There won’t be an easy series the rest of the way. I’m not sure Roche needs TJ to make sure we’re excited every time the Tigers play. He did get the job done, though.

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