Mesa released

He’s out to make room for Rodney, who’s activated from the 15-day DL. The Tigers will pay what’s left of Mesa’s $2.5 million contract. He said after the game that he’ll see what takers are out there, but he’ll have no regrets if this is the end of the line.

Rodney, meanwhile, will provide some stability back in the bullpen. Instead of mixing and matching from the seventh inning on, the Tigers have a dedicated guy for the eighth inning again.


what a terrible terrible, terrible thing… gosh, how will the tigers ever replace a pitcher with such lack of production (or **********)….

i pitched in little league 20 years ago, put me in there, i bet i’d do better……

i never liked the signing of him this ‘offseason’ and i was right.

however i didn’t like the sheffield signing either, i’m being proved wrong there i guess.

the tigers need to do some inventive trading before the deadline to shore up the pen…

filling in the question marks at first and 3rd would be nice too… i dont think texiera from texas is the answer either….. but its obvious to me, that regardless of Casey’s production as of later, management isn’t thrilled with him for whatever reason. why keep putting thames at 1B for the past week basically, only to insert casey later in the game. makes no sense to me. none at all…..

i dont care how big of inge fans you are, he has to go. either leave infante at 3b and have inge backup, trade inge and a few minor leaguers for quality production, i dont care, but i’ve had it to my wits end with inge. 240ish last year, 240ish this year….. i know he and bondo and maroth are leftovers from the 2003 horror show, but why keep a relic around of the worst times, ESPECIALLY when they aren’t producing (INGE)….

As much as I am a bit uncertain about Inge, deadhead, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. Unless I am mistaken, he has usually hit better the second half of the season. Plus, although he sometimes muffs a routine play in the field, he certainly has more range than most and does cut down some “sure hits” others would give up on. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for the moment. Maybe he will start to hit just when Maggs or others start to drop back to reality a little. We might need the run or two he may produce. I guess I also don’t see anyone handy and available around the league that would be any real improvement. Things seem to balance out in the end. Even a 240ish hitter will end up there eventually. In Inge’s case, that 30 point improvement might come at just the right moment! I remain overly optimistic about our lineup when healthy! Go Tigers!

I haven’t commented this year, but just a remark about Inge. Practically everyone started slowly,i.e. Monroe, Casey ,Sheffield, Thames etc. If you added five hits to Inge’s first 0-20, he’d be about.240; no bragging rights, but at least working through it. How many number 9’s in major league baseball have 8 homeruns, and how many third basemen make the plays that Inge makes routinely. He is quite an athlete, and worth having on any team. You’ll never get .300, but we can take .250 with 25 home runs a year. Until we get a Ryan Zimmerman prospect ready, lighten up on inge pleae. As always, I say these remarks respectfully as a Tiger fan of 48 years. And one more thing. How many teams in MLB could lose a starter, and two premier bull pen guys, plus the left side of your infield for a week, and still be only 2.5 games out on June 3.Our months this year will be August and September. Remember Jake Wood!

and Chico Fernandez?
I remember Jake well–he could steal a base and played a decent 2B.

That Tiger team in ’61 was a good one-and almost caught the Yanks that year winning over 100 games. That was the year that Stormin’ Norman led the league in hitting and Colavito tore the league up as well. Senator Jim Bunning and the “Yankee Killer” Frank Lary led the staff. Lary had 22 complete games that year—wonder how many pitches he threw per game?

Many a Saturdy I walked from the tunnel bus and down Michigan Avenue to watch the Tigs play for 75 cents!!

Nice trip down Memory Lane–thanks for the Jake Wood reference!

Good comeback by the team–real good, considering the injuries to Guillen and Inge. They need to iron out a few problems yet though and Jones next couple of outings will be under a lot of microscopes. Robertson needs to pick his game up and Maroth has to stop throwing gopher balls.

Fingers crossed that Rodney is able to transition himself back into an effective pitcher.

Good points DavidTiger. I like Inge a lot, especially his defensive play. I just happen to like Infante as much. It’s a dilemma of course but one the Tigers are grateful to have, as long as Infante is satisfied. Infante is very smooth and fluid and Inge has excellent reflexes that are well suited to 3rd base. On this team Infante is the 4th infielder, but he could start on some teams I’m sure… Love hearing those memories Dan. You’ve obviously been a passionate student of the game for a long time. Great hearing those names along with the stats forever seared into your memory. Like it was yesterday. Pretty impressive. We aren’t always in total agreement but that’s probably more a compliment to you. Without a doubt you are the premiere fan/student on this blog. You take losses about as hard as anyone, ie. Friday night. Good thing we got Rich to keep everything in perspective. Did anyone else appreciate Neifi’s play at SS over the series? Two quick hops and a strong accurate throw, very interesting style. Now if he could just hit….

Neifi did a good job of getting himself back into shape this past winter. He appeared to be playing out the string with the Cubs last year then suddenly found himself being counted on in a tight pennant race. That, and Leyland’s comments about him may have motivated him. He’s playing a solid infield and is indeed a very serviceable utility man. As far as his hitting goes, he’s a .260 hitter at best and won’t reach those numbers without playing much more often. Since that won’t happen, we’ll just have to live with it. He can just put the ball in play, lay down a bunt when needed, and it’s all good.

I did see what I thought were two hard hit singles in the left side hole this weekend that Inge may have gotten to. I tried to keep track and, as I recall, I don’t think those hurt us. Infante played excellent considering he’s had very little thirdbase time. He’s just a good athlete, like Brandon.

my problem with inge, right now, is with the teams bullpen being thin right now… they need run support… and with the bottom of the order finally hitting (with inge, being the exception) you can basically count on inge for a well timed strike out or double play, subsequently killing the tigers and any rally they might be able to come out with….

omar doesn’t seem to have that problem, he hits. every game he’s been in he’s been at 2-4ish at the plate…

the tigers need run support more than relics of the 2003 season…. if infante is hitting and fielding well there, leave him in.

if casey is hitting well (which he is) why play thames at 1B?

if starting pitchers are throwing well why take them out and get into the depleted pen because of a 100 pitch rule?

wow, what a relief… c’mon guys give inge a break. he’s showing signs that hes seeing the ball well, by the way mark my words casey will be at or above .300 by seasonms end, he hits for average,not for power, but with this lineup, who catres if he hits for power or not, the guy fits in perfect…

We can’t rip on Inge, really. Even though his batting average is really poor, and he strikes off too offense, we need his defense. Who would we have there? Infante can’t field the position well enough. He’s had arm trouble before, if I’m not mistaken.

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