June 2007

Sheffield suspended two games

He dropped his appeal and will serve the suspension this Saturday and Sunday against the Twins.

Sheff appeal

It’s scheduled for Friday, but he indicated there’s a chance he could get a game dropped if he drops the matter. As of Thursday morning, he wasn’t sure what he wants to do. He saw Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca suspended for one fewer game than he was after Lo Duca threw stuff onto the field following his ejection.

"If I get treated like everybody else, then I’ll act like everybody else," Sheffield said.

In other news, most everybody appears to be ready to go after the rainout. Tim Byrdak is dealing with some fatigue in his forearm. Zach Miner was back in the Tigers clubhouse after throwing back-to-back outings for Toledo Tuesday and Wednesday. He feels good, but the Tigers are going to wait a couple days to see how his arm rebounds and wait until he’s ready to throw. He isn’t likely to be activated until at least Saturday.

Also, the game time has been pushed back to 1:20 p.m. No weather delay, but most of the umpiring crew was delayed coming out of Atlanta this morning. Not sure whether it’s related to the Northwest issues or not (the Northwest web site shows a 7:10 a.m. flight from Atlanta to Detroit that was cancelled).

Follow-up on Magglio

He said he’s fine, and he wasn’t wearing a bandage on his hand after the game.

Tigers rotation

It’s Rogers, Verlander, Miller, Bonderman and Robertson. Chad Durbin is being moved to the bullpen and will be available in relief beginning Saturday. Miller remains in the rotation for the near future, as Dave Dombrowski put it, and as long as he pitches well.

Maroth for PTBNL

Deal will be announced officially later today. The Tigers will scout a list of players in the Cardinals system and then have their pick. I believe it’s just one.


Still no official word on his trade to the Cardinals, but it’s expected to be imminent. In many of these cases, it’s a matter of notifying all the players involved before they can announce it, and the Cardinals are at home so players aren’t all centered in a team hotel. No word yet on what they’ll get in return.

Tigers assign Colon to Erie

He’ll resume his rehab stint at Erie rather than Toledo, where he’s accused of punching teammate Jason Karnuth in a clubhouse brawl that led to a seven-day suspension for Colon. The Tigers re-assigned him today.

Tigers trade Ledezma

He’s off to Atlanta for Macay McBride. I’m not in Washington for the series, so I can’t give you much more. All I can say is this looks like step 2 of the bullpen makeover (De La Cruz was step 1).

Rogers to go Friday if ready

That’s the plan, according to manager Jim Leyland, depending on how Rogers feels when he meets up with the team in Washington. That would seemingly allow Rogers to slot back in between JEremy Bonderman and Justin Verlander like last year, though Leyland didn’t announce the rest of his rotation for Atlanta.
Guillen is starting again tonight, and Sheffield is in LF. Monroe will likely play Sunday.

Guillen, Polanco return

They’re both feeling better and are back in the lineup. Thus, the lineup is a standard order other than Gary Sheffield starting in LF in place of Craig Monroe and, of course, Bonderman batting ninth.