Pudge batting third

Curtis Granderson and Placido Polanco are 2-for-3 off of Roy Halladay. Ivan Rodriguez is 10-for-21 against him. Hence, that’s the top third of the Tigers lineup tonight, putting Pudge back in the third spot for the first time since last year. Gary Sheffield, Magglio Ordonez and Carlos Guillen all move down a spot in the lineup for a game.

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Rodriguez, C
  4. Sheffield, DH
  5. Ordonez, RF
  6. Guillen, SS
  7. Casey, 1B
  8. Monroe, LF
  9. Inge, 3B


How long before we see Guillen hitting 4th, Monroe 5th, Sheff 6th, and Maggs 7th?

I know, I know……..JL is making this “move” tonight based on their history with Halladay………..but we’re lucky to be 6-3, the way the middle of our lineup is performing.

Too early for such a move? Consider, that if some slumps continue for 6 or 7 more games, we’ll be a tenth of the way through the season.

Verlander is 0-0, and has not given up a run. I worry about how he is handling that………

Watching the Carl Crawford debacle on BBTN, one has to wonder how it would be handled by JL. Not picking up the signal from the third base coach was bad enough, but then not staying on third, and THEN pouting and not hustling, and getting thrown out at second without even a slide? He should be sat for at least a couple of games………

Just glad we have JL on our side, and his belief in playing ALL nine innings. Crawford is an immense talent……….I hope he is coached to use it for both himself, and his team.

Is there one team, in the American League, that is sad that Joel is NOT our closer? It was the same for Mariano, when he was used as a set up.

Opponents of the Yankees(during those years)knew the 7th & 8th were “shut down”, and ya had to do your damage either against the starter, or against the closer. Same for the Tigers.

No disrespect against Jones, he is still getting it done. However, if YOU had to face Jones or Zumaya…….who would you pick?

Yeah, that’s what I thought…lol.

Two dingers from Sheff tonight, and 4 rbi from Maggs oughtta fix things.

At least our lineup is intact. Toronto has 3 subs starting today and McDonald and Smith are pretty weak hitters.
Hope we can take advantage today and win one for Bondo to get him on the board.

Good point Dan…………..

I’m new to this blogging thing so bear with me please.
Is anyone else as frustrated with Rodney as my wife and I are? I can’t figure him out his numbers show him to be good but whenever he gets in a pressure situation he seems to fall apart as shown on opening day and tonight, he might be a good middle relief man but in a win or lose situation he gets all flustered and appears to stop playing like he’s 1 of 9 instead of the whole team. No matter what happens I’m looking forward to the October parade,I think we can and will go all the way this year, It sure is great to have to open up extra TV stations to handle all the sports in Detroit this year.

i wish fernando rodney would get traded or fall off the world…. every time that man has the ball he blows the game. it never seems to fail. the tigers would do well to trade him to some team, ANY team. i dont know why he is held in some circles in such high regard.. he’s a tiger killer… 1-2 record through 10 games?!??1? he’s a RELIEVER! i mean, realistically, 20% of the games he is in, are blown. and thats assuming he played in all 10 games! i’m sure that percentage skyrockets compaired to the amount of actual games he’s played in… come JL and DD, get rid of rodney…..


(can’t wait to see them april 23rd at anaheim!)

You and me both flipper. Rodney is an exciting pitcher with phenomenal stuff but he does seem to perform miserably in pressure or “must” situations. To compound matters he is called upon to serve as aan infielder when he is on the mound and that seems to be a contradiction in terms for the fellow.

Shame that tonight the vaunted Tiger lineup couldn’t muster together a run or two for their ace. They are not hitting and when they get in a funk like this it seems almost understandable that they won’t be hitting. Good teams have to be able to score 4 or even 5 runs a game to make the post-season.

Ordonez hit an HR today, Monroe the other day, Sheffield earlier but there is no consolidated attack apparent yet. They will need to be able to be imposing at the plate throughout the lineup more often than not in order for us to be able to get as enthused again.

Wow, what a pitcher’s duel. That was like 1965 or something. No poor hitting tonight, that was all pitching.

I had anticipated I’d be in a distinct minority with my opinion of Rodney, but maybe not. Now, before you say they never hit a ball hard, I’m aware of that, and it’s not the point. The point is, the man is a disaster waiting to happen. I saw him warming up, I saw Bondo on the bench putting in a plug of chew, and knew this game was gone.

Leyland relies heavily on him and I don’t even want him on the team, so we couldn’t be further apart on that score. He’s not going to improve and all he accomplishes is to give the opposition a chance. He walks hitters, he hits hitters, he works so slow that the defense gets back on their heels, thus these strange fielding plays that seem to occur whenever he takes the hill. He didn’t even get an out, unless you count the game winning sac fly. This is not going to change. I really wished they’d moved him when his stock was high. Maybe they could have held onto Sanchez by going that route, I don’t know. So he pitched two scoreless innings against Baltimore, so what. He shut down the big bad Orioles, who are becoming the Lions of baseball. I’ll take Mesa any day over Rodney, when the game is on the line.

I’m done. Tell me where I’m wrong. I’d like to return to my desired optimistic self.

Dan, I think the offense is overrated and, depending on who’s talking, sometimes vastly overrated. I do, however, think they can score enough to be successful. It can be frustrating, but I’m not too worried about that. I’m just remembering the Minnesota bullpen during their extended run last season. That wins games.

I still like the offense it is the team chemistry/psychology that worries me. The whole team can enter the choke zone at the same time. There are a couple of areas that I think we would be better off correcting though. We need a thumper who can play first and another who can PLAY Right Field.
I don’t think OforDonez is the answer. Sheffield is a short term problem solver (if and when he comes around at the plate).

Casey obviously does a nice job around the bag and can get streaky enough to get some RBIs but he clogs up the bases and is a double play threat with men on base. There is virtually no home run potential with him at the plate and this club needs a hoe run threat batting in the 6 or 7 spot. Great guy, good in the clubhouse and everything but we need some juice out there. I am pretty envious of clubs that have guys like Morneau, Howard, Teixeira, Pujols, Delgado or Wiggington they can trot out there every day.

I think you are right on about Rodney, Rich. We actually had a few guys that we could have benefitted from offering up as trade reciprocal (sounds better than “bait”). I think we may have been able to dangle Ordonez, Thames, Jones, Infante and Grilli too.

Tough loss tonight and one that the club needs to take as hard as we do. Not just justify it. Bonderman has become this years Nate Robertson and this kid is too good and too young to have him start worrying about the negative psychology that a lack of run support will create.

JL will throw Rodney back in the fire pretty quickly. I’m not sure if it is best that he succeeds or fails. Perhaps it is better that he becomes a middle inning reliever again.

Here’s my 2 cents. First of all I’d liked to have seen JL let Bonderman pitch one more inning. Sigh. It was a mistake taking him out imo. I understand JL’s wanting to take care of his arm but Halliday went out in the 10th, and I think Jeremy could have matched him and upped the ante. Jeremy seemed fine to me, though they were tagging him pretty well in the last couple of innings. But there was a rhythm going. You all felt it. It was great. These two pitchers put on a clinic for us and we were fortunate to see it. Had Jeremy shut them down in the 10th, I really doubt Halliday comes out in the 11th. We needed to MATCH them inning for inning. So that was the mistake. The second mistake was putting Rodney in. This is not a good situation for him at all. We all saw it coming, before the first batter. Yes he was great in his last two outings, but terrible in the one before that. That’s what you get with Fernando. I still like him, he’s a better than average reliever so why deal him unless you have a better replacement. Sounds like some of you are ready for that. I just think JL should and probably will re-evaluate his use of Rodney. I think he could enter a game in the 6th or 7th with a 2 or 3 run lead or deficit. Not a blow out mop up guy, but not in the bottom of the 10th in a great game. I still believe he can do the job. But for now the guy’s going to take some heat. I’m worried teams will start bunting on the Tigers more often. They haven’t shown they can shut it down. Anyway, I couldn’t think of a more deserving pitcher to earn the win than Halliday. Tip your hat. And Jeremy was JUST as good! Tip your hat to him too.That’s all I got to say about that.

Guess I wasn’t done. Some good points being made above. Strong opinions on Rodney. This isn’t the perfect lineup I’d like to see either. I wish there was more speed in the outfield. I wish there were some defensive options there. Clevlen comes to mind. I like Casey, he’s made several saving plays already. But I agree Dan,he’s not the prototypical 1st baseman. Would be nice to have more power there and more speed in the outfield. This is not a team that JL has a whole lot of options with. I mean meaningful options. I’ve said this before, too many guys with similar skills. Sheffield is a great player, but I questioned the fit when they signed him. He would hit better if JL played him but how much does that improve the defense? Then what does he do with Ordonez? One question after another. Hopefully the bats get going soon or a retool/trade might be in order. We have a lineup full of rbi guys but no one’s gettin on. Tonight though it was Halliday not poor hitting.

Guess I wasn’t done. Some good points being made above. Strong opinions on Rodney. This isn’t the perfect lineup I’d like to see either. I wish there was more speed in the outfield. I wish there were some defensive options there. Clevlen comes to mind. I like Casey, he’s made several saving plays already. But I agree Dan,he’s not the prototypical 1st baseman. Would be nice to have more power there and more speed in the outfield. This is not a team that JL has a whole lot of options with. I mean meaningful options. I’ve said this before, too many guys with similar skills. Sheffield is a great player, but I questioned the fit when they signed him. He would hit better if JL played him but how much does that improve the defense? Then what does he do with Ordonez? One question after another. Hopefully the bats get going soon. We have a lineup full of rbi guys but no one’s gettin on base. Tonight though it was Halliday not poor hitting.

The club right now actually looks like a poor club. Good teams lose but they never really look bad. The Tigers are looking bad right now.
Durbin in no way is going to fill the bill. He certainly won’t be able to replace Rogers. He is not a major league starter. Period.

We’re gonna see some boys from Toledo soon I think.

The guys collectively look just brutal at the plate. How does that happen?

The poor quality of play is contagious. What the heck is Infante doing stopping at 2nd base on Pudge’s 2 OUT looper to right even with the throw going home? Bad baserunning.

Granderson is lost and defeated again-I really thought he had found the answer during spring training. It hurts to watch such a good kid and major talent struggle like this. JL will not play him against the next lefty.

What happened to everyone’s confidence? Absolutely nobody is hitting now with the exception of Polanco and Inge who has boosted his average to .100

Now I have got to admit that this year Rodney has been a **** shoot. But don’t forget that he did have 7 saves last year when Jones was out. It is only the second week of baseball.

And lets not forget our guys today clawed back and won a tough fought game, scrapping out some runs, hitting the ball and capitalizing on mistakes by the Blue Jays, that is what good teams do. Dont give up so fast, what you have all got to remember that this team has really not been hitting well or consistently and they are still 7-4 on the road. Give em a brake.

Now Durbin is another story, I am not sure how long he will make it. It is funny last year and in spring training when I saw him pitch, I thought this guy could be good, and maybe in middle relief he could, but starting I don’t know. Although I have to remember thinking that about Miner last year, I was at the Red Soxs game, the first start that he had and he wasn’t so good himself. But correct me if I am wrong he went on to win 7 games and I believe even outpitched Santana one game.

Way to Tigers, way to grind one out. All Tigers except for Sheffield had a hit today and he walked 3 times.

Today was a good example of why you never turn off the TV and walk away. How about that one from Monroe that bounced backwards? How does that happen? Props to Jason Grilli for doing exactly what a middle reliever needs to do.

I wonder how many more starts Durbin gets? You have to give him a chance, I just wonder how many it will be. One more, maybe? Two? Of course, if he’s not starting you have to replace him. You can take Grilli or Ledezma from the bullpen, but that messes up the bullpen. Bring Zach Miner back? Durbin’s next start would be against the White Sox unless they skip him.

I’m convinced that yankeism is growing on Tiger fans. I think that we all need to take a deep breath and remember that we are only 11 games into a 162 game season. The hitters will eventually hit, so I would leave the line up alone.
Rodney and Zumaya have switched roles with Zumaya now taking over the 8th inning and Rodney the 7th, but lets wait a little while until we start trading players who can be difference makers.

The only thing that I’m concerned with is Durbin. I think that he can be an ok starter, but if he doesn’t pitch good the next few outings he will be in the bullpen. I could see a minor trade then with Durbin having no options left. I could see the Tigers trading for a lefty and putting Ledezma in as the 5th starter. Or trying to place Durbin trough waivers and calling up Miner or Tata.

But the Tigers are at a rate to win 96 games! So go Tigers!

You assessment is accurate Hoot. We tend to react to every game like each game is the definitive Tiger example. Sheffield is still a presence, Ordonez can be, and is coming around, Casey is still a positive factor on this team and I believe the glue that kind of keeps everybody loose and on the same page. When I said Rodney was a better than average reliever, that was not giving him enough credit. He’s one of the better relievers I think. I was just saying that a 1-1 tie in the 10th inning is not the right spot for him to enter a game. I think Durbin deserves more chances. Its the long haul, 162 games. I agree Hoot. The Tigers are going to win 95 games one way or another. Wouldn’t want to be a Blue Jay fan today. Think about what they just witnessed. The Tigers stole one from them and can now take the series tomorrow.

There were some good things that happened today. Regardless, they still are playing poorly right now. We have been gifted several times this year. Today was a huge gift. Leyland had a good game today. Putting Polanco in was an astute move. It beefed up the defense as well as getting Polanco to the plate. Not putting Thames in was also a very good move. The easy thing would have been to make a straight substitution for Casey.
Grilli threw very well and even though Ledezma gave up a surprise HR to Overbay, (which at the time was a crucial mistake) he did pitch well the rest of the inning. I think he learned something out there today.

I don’t think Durbin is going to cut it. A fifth starter is important especially with the jury still out on Mike Maroth.

Although he didn’t hit the ball with authority on Thursday, I liked the way Rabelo swung th bat. He didn’t look out of place, that’s for sure. Did a nice job behind the plate too.

Monroe is going to be a big time ball player. At times he already is, but he needs to keep his head on the ball when the pitch is in the lower half of the zone. Ted Williams used to say that a good hitter can actually see the ball leave the bat. It doesn’t look like C-Mo has his eyes on the ball when he goes after the low ones.

Good pitching and good fielding have helped the club while they are finding their strokes again.

Yankeeism? I don’t know about all that, now.

I’ve pretty much been repeating what I said for most of last season; that I’m not comfortable with Rodney in tight situations. Nothing new there. What I’d like to see tried with him is a concerted effort to speed him up, have him work quickly. Not so much thinking.

Besides, we always see more posts after a loss. Human nature, I guess. We all want to “fix it.”

The one guy who has completely changed my opinion of him is Ledezma. I really think he should be a starter, even if it takes a trade like Hoot mentioned.

What you are forgetting is that Ledezma did start at the end of the year when Miner started to tank. Ledezma is really good one time through the lineup and after that the batters have a real easy time picking up what he is doing, I don’t think that he has enough stuff.

I don’t know about the “Yankeeism” idea above………….not on this blog anyway.

One thing that has been discussed at length here, this year and last, by the regular contributors, has been the TREND of the team and the players.

One bad game has been pretty meaningless.

Here, we all discuss the trends of ballplayers, and the team as a whole.

“Yankeeism” loses faith based on an inning by inning approach, for gosh sakes…..lol.

Rodney is one of those ballplayers, who seems to have a better reputation, than he deserves. I say “better reputation”, because they rave about him on BBTN and elsewhere, and always include him when discussing Zumaya and Verlander, etc……..like he actually belongs. When one watches him over a full 162 game schedule………..the only reaction one can have when he enters a game is holding ones breath.

If Rodney has a reasonable season, DD would still be able to get value in a trade. As a Tiger fan(who likes to breath), here’s hoping he does.

We had friends over all day yesterday, ya know………..the BBQ and tee many martooni thing…………and the last I saw, the Tigers were down 4-0 early.

A nice surprise this morning, to see the win.

7-4, and play is spotty(at best). I’ll take that.

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