Mesa suspended two games

As if the Tigers aren’t losing enough players as it is, Jose Mesa will miss the first two games next week. He’ll serve out a suspension he received with the Rockies for intentionally throwing at Omar Vizquel Mark Sweeney last September. It was originally a three-game suspension when it was issued last year, but he appealed it down.

For those looking for the background on what got Mesa suspended, here’s the story from the Rockies site last September.


All I can say is thank god there is a day off between the first two games so that Joel, Fernando, and the rest of the bullpen can be used on both days.

Boy somebody is sure trying to rain on my parade. I have been so excited about the season and it seems as though there is not a day lately without bad news.

No kidding. I was in joy over the opening day forecast of 65 degrees until I saw the chance of snow showers for Wednesday and Thursday.

Hi all,

I lurked here all last year enjoying the posts and comments. I’m a Tigers fan, born & raised in the Detroit area… just old enough to remember the ’84 series, so I have a lot to learn yet compared to most of you guys.

I’m now transplanted to Minneapolis, and have seen a lot of good Tigers-Twins games over the last couple years, including the 8th inning implosion in the Bonderman-Santana duel last year that seemed to signal the beginning of our fade down the stretch.

Anyway, just wanted to point out that you know it’s a different kind of year when there are no less than 3 major stories on the Tigers on the main ESPN MLB page, including Jayson Stark picking us to go all the way. (!)

As for the forecast for Mon/Wed? It looks like it’d be rain, if anything, during the day on Wednesday… snow later. The scarier thing for me is the 20-30 mph winds each day.

Looking forward to listening to the game tomorrow at work.

Go Tigers!

Welcome, Brideck. Stick around……….don’t let some of us and our age(we ARE a little long in the tooth)keep ya away.

It was good to get through a day(yesterday)without more bad news.

Ya know, snow is considered a “home field advantage” for the Chicago Bears………why not us? (Sorry, couldn’t help myself…….gotta remember to stay off the JW Blue……….lol).

Last year, it seemed the pitching staff fed off each other. One would have a quality start, and the next would follow suit. AND, when things went bad for a while, the reverse happened.

When things went well, starting-pitcher wise, it felt like Rogers was the one leading the way. I think this is where they will miss him most. It was almost like the “old man” was challenging the youngsters to keep up with him. Who will take that role this year? Is Bonderman up to it? I hope so………

I really, really like Guillen hitting fourth, with Sheff third and Ordonez fifth. I hope JL keeps playing it that way, the possible R-L-R is a beautiful thing. Also, no one on the team keeps rally’s going more’n Carlos.

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