Rogers out three months

Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers is expected to miss three months after undergoing surgery Friday to remove a blood clot and repair two arteries in his left shoulder.

It was a worse-case scenario for what was originally hoped to be a relatively minor procedure, and it ends up becoming a potentially major blow to Detroit’s defense of its American League championship.

The 42-year-old Rogers was placed on the 15-day disabled list Thursday with what was then listed as a fatigued arm. The original diagnosis was a blood clot, but the Tigers hoped it would be easier to repair. Pitcher Craig Dingman, for example, missed just a few weeks this spring after doctors removed a blood clot from his shoulder.

President/general manager Dave Dombrowski said Thursday that they hoped it wasn’t a long-term injury. Those hopes were dashed once Rogers had further examination from Dr. Greg Pearl, a specialist based out of Baylor University.

"The treatment of the blood clot was done a little bit differently," Dombrowski said.

Dr. Pearl had previous experience with Rogers, having performed surgery to clear an artery in the same shoulder back in 2001. Friday’s surgery removed a clot and repaired both the axillary and brachial arteries. The brachial artery runs down the arm before splitting into two arteries. The axillary artery runs in the middle of the shoulder.

Rogers will be under complete rest for about a month and is expected to resume throwing in 6-8 weeks. Given that timetable, Dombrowski said it would be "probably three months until you would anticipate him" pitching for the Tigers again.

Chad Durbin, who was moved out of the bullpen to replace Rogers in the rotation for at least one start, will remain the team’s fifth starter with the longer-term injury, Dombrowski said.

"I can’t look you in the eye and say Chad Durbin’s as good as Kenny Rogers," Dombrowski said. "But it doesn’t mean he can’t fill the role of a fifth starter and win enough ballgames to get us to the point where Kenny comes back or somebody else in ready. That’s why you have depth in the organization."


One could see, that is what more than “arm fatigue”. Players with Rogers don’t go on the DL, usually, for that.

Of course, no one wants to see Kenny gone for three months. However……..

If someone goes on the DL for arm problems, I guess he would be my first pick(I know, looking for a silver lining?).

I certainly wouldn’t want Bondo or Verlander or Joel or Nate to go on the shelf with arm problems. And btw, we lost Maroth early last year, and found a way to make it work. Would it have surprised anyone if Maroth had stayed healthy, he could have won 17 games? Instead of replacing Mike, we have to replace Kenny. Same thing……….

Vance being on the DL scares me a little. Ivan is not young………

Here’s hoping we are done with the DL for a while, and if we aren’t, that “32 man roster” does its job!

This is definately a real blow to my hopes for the season. I don’t necessarily agree, I think that Kenny Rogers is a huge part of the success of last season. This frankly scares the **** out of me.

But I agree with you about Vance too. I think that if is anything serious this could be a real problem. Lets just hope that the baseball gods won’t let Pudge get hurt. Please please please.

Guess I disagree Scratch. Sounds like you rate Rogers 5 as a starter. Or did you feel that Kenny would handle the adversity better? Last years’ post season is still fresh in my memory. At any rate this is a huge “change in course” shall we say. Well, Chad Durbin and Bobby Seay will now get their chance. That would be the of the upside of this equation….

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why there are no sure things in a 162 game season. Anything can happen in a marathon. This might be Maroth’s year. You heard it here first cause I don’t hear many Maroth praises coming from other quarters.

Anyway you take it one game at a time, and like last year everybody takes turns stepping up. I’d rather see a decent start, hang in there, and then a strong finish. Last year was just too strange, though I mostly mean that in a good way. Heal well Kenny, we’ll be needing you in the second half run.

Hi Marty. I’m with you on Maroth:

I’m a bit concerned about my enthusiasm for Infante in that posting though!

It’s too bad about Rogers but we could look at from the perspective that he might be arond for the really big games. This last year showed that is when he allows his emotions and adrenaline to raise him to another level. Best of luck to him in his rehab. I expect we will see Andrew Miller sooner than August.

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