Rogers on DL

He’s listed with a fatigued arm and is being examined today. Chad Durbin moves into the rotation, with Bobby Seay called up to the bullpen. Dave Dombrowski sounded optimistic it wasn’t serious but was not sure.


OH MY GOD, I am going to freak out if he isn’t back in there pretty soon. I truly believe that he is a critical part to the success of the this years club.

Jason keep us posted.

And I was just thinking this morning how the Tigers were lucky to have everyone healthy while their rivals are fighting injuries (Liriano, Sabathia’s bruise etc.)******… Let’s hope Durbin gets it done.


How does this affect the rotation? Will Durbin simply pitch in Kenny’s 2 hole or will they move Maroth up there since he has a similar pitching style?

I realize it’s just a fill-in term until the real problem is diagnosed, but I’ve never really heard of going on the DL for a fatigued arm. So I wonder what we’re dealing with here? Kenny’s age makes me nervous about this, although I always thought he’d end his career diving for a groundball.

Smart move bringing up Seay, and for the reasons mentioned in the article. Putting that 32-man roster to work already.

Randy, hopefull we hear what the rotation change will be today sometime.
As I see it, this is a perfect time to reward nate Robertson for his efforts. The upside would be maybe the honor bestowed upon him might really light a fire under him. He is a solid dependable guy with flashes of brilliance on the mound.

Durbin moving in on this spot would likely rub some folks the wrong way. JL would have to change things up on Sunday in order to give Nate the nod against the Jays. Quite simply, Nate deserves it.

It’s guess along with Leyland time! I would think Robertson or Maroth makes the most sense in the two spot. Push Durbin back to five against the Royals next weekend. The Jays have some big bats.

I don’t see being selected as an emergency number two as a real honor and I don’t have the impression these guys think that way. I’d think it would be which guy matches up best with Toronto next week. Maybe I’m wrong.

If they really expect him to only miss one start, wouldn’t they slot Durbin in to Kenny’s normal slot so he (Kenny) can step in the second time around? If they mess around with the order of the rotation, it will be harder to get back to the intended order later.


I disagree Rich. I think it is an OPPORTUNITY for JL to show a little confidence in a guy who might be our next Mickey Lolich. I think it does matter to these guys when they are designated as 2,3,4 or 5.

As far as “messing with the rotation” goes- being that the season has not started there virtually is very little rotation to mess up. Kenny goes down he comes back they put him where he needs to go–simple as that.

This is not going to be the most important issue we talk about this year and in essence, is no issue at all. I just think it’s a chance to give Nate a stroke he deserves.

Hey–who is this Clete Thomas guy? He had a good game today.

That’s Charlie Spikes’ boy, Clete. Didn’t you know? 🙂

Actually, there’s no point in planning a rotation at all till we know what kind of injury Rogers has.

“Arm fatigue”???

And, on the DL??

This doesn’t sound quite right to me. I am not a big “conspircay theorist”, but something just doesn’t sit right.

If he’s back pitching in 15 days, then never mind. But my “spidey sense”, is telling me he is going to out a LOT longer……if some of the rumors floating around are true.

Miller may be up, a little sooner than we thought(maybe August?).

Ouch. We’ll just have to wait and see. Lets hope Kenny will be ok for the long haul. To me he is THE guy (of the 5)that I EXPECT to get a win every time he takes the mound. It’s a long season, better now than later. That doesn’t have a very sympathetic ring to it but what else can you say? To me Kenny Rogers is simply a machine. A strong middle defense is absolutely essential to consistent winning. Rodriguez, Rogers, Polanco, Guillen, and Granderson could arguably be the best five, collectively, in baseball. I’m just breezin’ here, but we might as well give ourselves something else to think about.

JL is right on top of the game as usual. He replaces a left hander with a right hander and then counters with bringing up the left handed Bobby Seay for the bullpen. I think the one reason that JL can normally go with one lefty reliever is that he already has 3 lefty starters. Now, temporarily with just 2 lefty starters, he plugs in Seay.

Nate deserves any recognition that comes his way. Why not move him up to Kenny’s spot if Kenny is out for any extended period of time. But if he only misses one or two starts it makes sense to just plug in Durbin, and keep the original rotation on track.

By the way Scratch, nice blog about the days when you could watch the Tigers and eat for $3. I enjoy those stories probably the most.

On the Lions. Any owner or team that selfishly (foolishly) lets Barry Sanders walk away from the game when he could have eventually set a rushing record that conceivably may never have been beaten is…well… can you say “cursed”? He was a joy to watch, and with him playing, the Lions at least got televised nationally and even made it to the playoffs once or twice. He had the courage to stick with his convictions. Many less deserving players are making more today.

Love the helmet but Hawaiian Blue doesn’t exactly strike fear into the heart of the opponent. I know, some things are sacred, but seems like every other team has tweaked their uniform in some way over the years.

I have heard rumors of a blood clot that can be treated with anything from medication to surgery. A lot of details here

I don’t think there’s anything
to worry about.Using this adjusted starting rotation ensures JL’s lefty righty lefty rotation against the blue jays.

By putting kenny on the dl even for the minimum 15 days

allows him to put another arm in the rotation and bullpen

rather than do without.


Just heard while listening to the game that Rogers had successful surgery to remove a blood clot from his shoulder. Out 6-8 weeks.

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