Fan satisfaction rankings

In a surprising turnaround, the Tigers ranked second among Major League teams (behind the Angels) and 12th among all pro sports teams in a fan poll conducted by The survey involved more categories than I care to explain, so I’ll just let you look at it for yourself. The Pistons are fifth, the Red Wings aren’t far back from the Tigers, and the Lions are dead last.

Interestingly, the Tigers placed in the top 10 for baseball teams in stadium experience with the same ballpark that used to draw low ratings. Winning makes any ballpark look good, and losing can make a lot of ballparks look bad.


I’m really glad to see that the Tigers are that well liked– they’re a fun team to watch and I stress the word TEAM. I’m also very glad to see that Sheffield is fitting in. I was really worried over the Winter when they traded for him as I thought he could disrupt team chemistry. Its still early but it seems like he is fitting in quite well.

Its sad but true about the Lions. Man, they’re a depressing team…

Well, the roster is a done deal now. I hate to say it but as much of an Infante supporter as I have been it seems to me he is probably the one that shouldn’t have made the club. yeah, I know he can play CF. But that’s a but and an if. And let’s face it he is no more a CF than any pretty much anyone else if you had to put someone out there.
If he continues to struggle at the plate and in the field I think we will see Timo Perez or Brent Clevlen get a call. His saving grace is that he can play bout in the infield and outfield—but geez–so can Ryan Rayburn.

Maybe he can turn things around but I don’t think he is going to get the proportion of at bats that he has been getting in spring training.

The reason I think they might consider timo is that he had been hitting, hits from the left side (we need a lefty swinger), can play all 3 OF positions and he is not a young home grown prospect that needs to earn his stripes and cultivate his skills in the minors. The Tigers don’t have a huge committment to his long-term success and I think they won’t worry too much about how much inactivity he might get if he were on the bench.

The leftys have looked pretty darn good this spring-expecially Nate. Bondo will be very good and let’s just hope Verlander figures it out.

Polanco looks like he could win a batting championship the way he handling the lumber and you gotta give it to Pudge–he is playing and performing like an all-star.

Kudos to Granderson and to the staff that have influenced his remarkable turnaround at the plate.

Best of luck this year to all the Tigs and to all the fans, wherever they are on this planet of ours.

I know Dan, no one is talking about it but what the heck is up with Omar’s batting. I know that he is not a 300 hitter, but he is not a .172 hitter either. I would like to know from Jason if anyone is at all concerned or talking about it???

The other guy that is not batting well is Carlos Guillen, although I think that he will probably work it out. I mean for gods sake Nefi is batting better than Carlos.?? Whats up with that??

I agree, Brent, they are a fun team to watch, and had become so even before they began winning. I got hooked on both the ’04 and ’05 teams. They have a group of interesting personalities, something Mr. Ilitch touched on a few days ago. If anyone was fortunate enough to see today’s game, Verlander and Jones arriving in the broadcast booth unannounced, then taking over the play by play, was priceless.

The Lions, on the other hand, have caused me to stop watching NFL football altogether. I could stand no more.

Funny thing about being a Tiger fan: there seem to be no bandwaggoners.

You’re either a Tiger fan for life, or you aren’t. No middle ground.

Sitting in the bleachers of old Tiger Stadium as a kid(my gawd, my dad used to flip me $3, which was more than enough for a $1 bleacher seat, a ‘dog and a coke), and sitting and talking to all the “old men”(I am at least as old now………….ouch), I was taught to not only respect the game, but to be a true Tiger fan. Their history, the integrity of the franchise, and to always root, no matter what, for the home team.

Even during ’03…………..on the radio I listened, hoping against all hope, that they would NOT set the record for losses in a season.

Now, we have once again come full circle(it seems the Tigers are always good at least every twenty years or so……..), and have done it the right way. Home grown players, some additions to fill out the talent, a manager and players with real character, and a team that only real fans can be proud of.

Having lived in California during the ’84 season, I got to see the Tigers set the record for best start beating the Angels three straight, to start 35-5.

Being 12 years old, and sitting in those $1 bleacher seats, I got to see McClain and Lolich and the rest of the crew win a crown.

Now……….watching home-grown players like Granderson and Bonderman and Verlander and Zumaya and Inge make the Tiger fans proud……….dare I say, there are few sports franchises that mean as much to their fans as the Tigers. Thank gawd we have an owner who is willing to win, and sign his talent, and keep them together. A fan can ask no more.

The Lions? Yeah………I have neen disappointed, I must confess. Nothing good will happen to them, until Ford sells them. Anyone that can make Barry Sanders quit, is not good for the sport. Picture a Tiger owner making Al Kaline, or Alan Trammel quit! It is unheard of.

All I can say is, thank you Mr. Ilitch. You are a Tiger fans dream.

That’s a great bump from 116 in 2003 and 113 in 2004. What I don’t understand is how Comerica was ranked 60th in stadiums last year and 16th this year. Shouldn’t that number pretty much stay the same?

I remember my first game at Comerica. It was the stadiums first year and the Tigers were playing the Yankees. The place was packed and it was electric, since Clemans was pitching. Then I go down the 2003 year and almost get hit by a baseball thrown by Higgenson in the stands sitting behind the home dugout. There were maybe 2,000 people at the game and the Tigers made more errors then a little league team.

My dad made a comment that he missed Tiger Stadium, not because of the stadium it self, but all the memories that were left behind with it. Now that the Tigers are winning Comerica isn’t that new place were the Tigers stink. Its the nice new stadium that actually has heat bathrooms and urinals in them. That you don’t have to move around the pillar to see if the outfielder with catch the fly ball along with trying to move your neck and eyes to look past the overhang of the upperdeck to maybe see the ball land in the outfielders glove.

Comerica is a great stadium, it just needed a little winning memories to make it feel like old Tiger Stadium, and it is a plus to go without the obstructed views.

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