March 11th, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

Wanted to wait until after the NCAA tourney seedings before posting.

I can’t comment on what happened over in Clearwater since I wasn’t there, but it was definitely a lower-key day here in Lakeland. Vance Wilson said it felt a little flat because of the split squads on both sides, and I’d agree.

  • As the story said, I wouldn’t expect Magglio to be out long. He was moving around fine in the morning, and since his bruise is behind his ear, it’s hard to find any sign he was hit by a pitch yesterday.
  • Funny thing about split-squad matchups: The Mets sent maybe a handful of guys from their 40-man roster on the trip, but two of them happened to be some of the brighter talents in baseball. Lastings Milledge was one of the top prospects last year, and Fernando Martinez is #22 in Baseball America’s most recent rankings. Martinez had three hits; he isn’t expected to crack the Majors for another couple years, but he looks pretty good right now.
  • Maroth seemed to get into trouble with his fastball early on before setting up with his offspeed stuff from the second inning on. I don’t think it has anything to do with trying to show his velocity. Rather, I think he’s trying to work his arm strength back in. He got back into the lower half of the strike zone once he got his other pitches working, though he didn’t throw many curveballs.
  • Ivan Rodriguez, DHing and batting leadoff with Curtis Granderson playing in the other game, made good contact on all three of his at-bats, taking Aaron Sele to the warning track in the third inning.

Magglio update

He came into the clubhouse Sunday morning looking a lot better and saw the medical staff before working out. He said he’s feeling pretty good, still a little dizzy, but he thinks he’ll fine.

"I’ll be OK tomorrow," he said. "I’m going to go out there and work out."

He’s hoping to play again by Tuesday against the Dodgers, though it’s a bit of a trip to Vero Beach.