Let the games begin

Had a bad thunderstorm cell roll through a litlte while ago, but they’re planning on starting a little late once they dry out the field.

The lineup looks a lot like an everyday batting order except for Pudge out … 1. Granderson, 2. Polanco, 3. Sheffield (DH), 4. Guillen, 5. Ordonez, 6. Casey, 7. Monroe, 8. Inge, 9. Wilson. Leyland says not to make anything out of his order today, although he did say he thought the idea of protecting a hitter with a quality hitter behind him was overrated. Batting Guillen ahead of Ordonez is a twist off of last year, but again, it’s early.

Most of the regulars will get one at-bat today. The only regulars slated to head to Port St. Lucie tomorrow are Granderson and Casey.


Ha! Grandy and Casey get the three hour trip to Port St. Lucie. Casey probably volunteered because it gives him three hours to talk. To somebody. Anybody. 🙂

The two lefties are going?

No wonder Jamie Walker left the team(snicker, snicker).

I loved JL’s “three rules of ST”……………especially the play .500 ball so the fans don’t panic.

No kiddin’, huh? After so many years of fultility, it wouldn’t take much for me to panic……….lol.

Pulling hard for Maroth, over here.

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