Tigers on Dmitri

Dmitri Young’s comments that he was disappointed in the Tigers releasing him did not sit well with manager Jim Leyland.

"I like Dmitri Young very much. In my opinion,
and Dmitri or anybody else can hold me totally responsible, Dmitri Young was
not an asset to our ballclub on the field last year, and he also needed to take
care of some very important issues for the welfare of Dmitri Young. And you can
hold me totally responsible for the dismissal of Dmitri Young. Don’t put it on
the organization. Don’t put it on anybody else. I did not feel that Dmitri’s
performance on the field was an asset to this organization, and it broke my
heart. We wanted a left-handed hitter all year.

"Dmitri Young was a guy that I
was counting on. The part that upsets me is this guy missed a lot of the season
taking care of a problem that he created, not that the Tigers created. So [his
comments are] very disappointing to me. But don’t put it on Dave [Dombrowski]. Don’t
put it on the organization. Put it on Jim Leyland. And to this day, I hope that
Dmitri Young has got his life intact because he’s a good guy, and I like him
very much. But he had some issues that needed to be taken care of, and it was
best for Dmitri Young, if you want to know the truth."

On the issues behind releasing him: "It really wasn’t an issue. I just felt like,
‘You know what? It’s just not working.’ I’m not looking to have a bone to pick
with anybody, but I think — and I was only here one year — knowing what went
on last year, for Dmitri to criticize the organization for lack of support, I think
it’s totally out of line. And I’ll leave it that."

"I really like him. But if you want to know the truth,
it appears that Dmitri feels the organization disappointed him. And I’m sorry
he feels that way, but I feel like Dmitri disappointed us. It’s a non-issue.
He’s got a new lease on life and he’s on another club now and I wish him the
best. And I mean that sincerely. The fact of the matter is that if Dmitri Young
was the Dmitri Young we knew that could hit like Dmitri Young could, he was the
left-handed hitter we needed. It didn’t turn out that way."

From president/GM Dave Dombrowski: "I always have liked Dmitri and continue to do so.
I feel for him, because he went through a tough situation. But I couldn’t disagree
with him more. I think the organization was behind him strongly. We helped him
a great deal. And because of the personal nature of it, I can’t get into all of
that. I know myself, because I was personally involved with a lot of that, we were
very patient with him and gave him an opportunity. And unfortunately for him,
he didn’t perform, and that’s why we gave him his release. But also I think at
that point, it was probably the best thing for him from a personal perspective,
because he was struggling through a lot of things."


I couldn’t agree with JL and DD more. I thought last year that DY was a potential hazard in the clubhouse. He can be too outspoken about baseball issues (remember his criticism of Trammell re Marcus Thames getting sent down?).
He did not play well for the club last year and always seemed at the verge of turmoil. I think the club supported him more than any other club would have done. JL kinda stuck his neck out for the guy and now DY is taking hacks at it. Not very commendable. DY was far to interested in himself to fit in with the team mentality that blossomed last year. I think of the times we had to endure watching him flail around first base and ground into DPs while Shelton rode the pine. I think about Marcus watching the guy DH. When they let him go they did the right thing–in fact it should have happened sooner. Good luck to the Nationals.

Now if we could get JL to stop saying, “To tell you the trouth”, and “To be honest with you”!! I have always wondered a bit about people who preface their comments with these two provisos. but, to tell you the truth, I think JL is about as verbally honest a guy as you will meet. Brutally honest sometimes.

Since this is still the topic today…..

I find I’m in a distinct minority of people who have had anything other than negative things to say about DY. “To be honest with you,” I wasn’t a big fan of his while he was in Detroit. I do think, however, that he’s his own worst enemy and I feel sorry for him. I mean, how dumb is it for a guy who has barely scratched out a minor league invite to start bad mouthing his former employer? How really stupid is that? This guy needs a good shaking. So I’m rooting for him to get his act together, but not enough to write anymore posts on the subject.

I didn’t know Inge’s wife worked at Mott. I had moved away from there before Brandon came on the scene. Yeah, a visit there will open your eyes, that’s a fact.

Hopefully, dy(no CAPS on purpose)will now go away.

He’s had his say. Let him even have the last word. Just……..go away. Please.

Hey Jason, not to get off topic but can you tell us what former players are down there helping the team? I saw at the Free Press website that Sweet Lou was helping Thames with fielding first base. Thanks for the info.

Good question, jezuits…………..would like to know myself.

Lou Whitaker and Al Kaline are in camp.

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