Dmitri explained

Dmitri Young basically came clean on his year from **** today in an interview with a few outlets, including From the standpoint of someone who watched him most every day when he was around the team, the fact that he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes explains a lot, especially the mood swings. Talked with a couple of Dmitri’s friends on the team, and Sean Casey said he didn’t know about it until a reporter told him today. Craig Monroe had apparently found out at some point this offseason.

As for another reason for his release besides what we’ve written all along, that he was a clubhouse distraction, read down in Bill Ladson’s article towards the end:

Young, however, believes the Tigers should not have given him is
unconditional release last September. He said he was solid citizen
prior to 2006 and that the Tigers should have stood by him. But even if
the Tigers kept him, Young most likely would not have been involved in
the postseason because a Michigan court told him to stay in Detroit for
30 days
and take a breathalyzer test. He called that situation the
lowest point in his life.

Personally, I’m glad Dmitri got a second chance — not just in baseball but in life. I have no idea where it goes from here, especially with a National League club, but if anyone could use some better karma in his life, it’s this guy.


The fact that DY has diabetes is obviously not a good thing, but having it diagnosed is. Now he can get treatment and, if he sticks with the program, can learn to live with the disease. And he was definitely displaying classic symptoms, as described in that article.

I for one will be rooting for him. I had said a few days ago that I thought he had a real chance to start on opening day with the Nationals. If he makes the club, I’m going to drop by RFK and see if I can’t give him a “welcome.”

DY, Nook Logan, who’s the next National? Brian Moehler? Bobby Higginson?

No comment from on the “Type II Diabetes” thing.
I’d rather like to say that Brandon and Shani Inge are the kind of people that should be congratulated for their generosity, thoughtfulness and involvement. (Donation to the Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor)

Kudos to them and every other professional athlete that behaves in a socially responsible fashion like this.

Let’s go teammates–step up to the plate!

The interview indicates that he has not fully returned to his old ways.

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