Pitchers fielding practice

The Tigers today completed what might rank among the most watched sessions of PFP in modern big-league history — certainly most watched by the media. Manager Jim Leyland said he indeed considered not having it on the first day as he had threatened, but changed his mind when pitching coach Chuck Hernandez suggested that delaying it would add to the attention. This way, they got it out of the way early, dispensed with some of the attention, and they can go about their business with less of a crowd starting Saturday. Plus it helps them not think about last year from here on out, as Leyland wants them to do.

The players for the most part weren’t wrapped up in the attention, though they were wrapped up in long sleeves with temperatures in the upper 40s. They were taking it with good humor, including Joel Zumaya, who didn’t have to worry about whether to throw to first or third.

So how was PFP? It was pretty routine. Guys line up at each base and a coach hits ground balls or hoppers to them. Some guys fielded them cleanly. Some guys saw a ground ball or two go through their legs. Some guys (Kenny Rogers) make a diving lunge to their left to catch a line drive. But it wasn’t an ordeal. As Leyland said afterwards, his players had no trouble fielding ground balls during the World Series; it was throwing the ball that was the problem.


Pitchers Fielding Practice. Although I have to mention that although the many errors by the pitching staff didn’t help matters at all I think they may have been able to overcome them if they just could of hit the ball a little bit.

It was almost like what ever charm they had on them during the season and the post season ran out. Nothing could go right this series: Pitchers made errors they probably haven’t made since they were in high school. As much as I love Casey, Inge, and Guillen (although Guillen always hits well) those are the only three guys that could hit. What kind of crazy hex doesn’t allow Placido Polanco, Pudge and Magglio to get a hit. I mean

Polanco not batted .000 in the world series. The rain didn’t stop, Curtis Granderson made an error. The Kenny Rogers incident who up until that point had been the poster child of this magical post season, that messes with their heads. These are just things that went wrong that never go wrong at least not all at the same time. I mean it was just one thing after another.

That being said I am dying to get baseball going, have my tickets for opening day. GO TIGERS.

You are so right. But don’t forget about the managerial gaffes as to the pitching rotation. No way a rookie with a tired arm opens and closes the series.

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