Whatever happened to …

Finally, we have a firm answer to the question of where Fernando Vina ended up. From the New York Post:

A two-time Gold Glove winner and former Mets infielder, Viña has agreed in principle to a contract with ESPN that would make him the newest analyst on Baseball Tonight. He will also appear on SportsCenter, ESPN News, and ESPN Radio.

Viña, whose deal will likely require him to appear on the air 60 days next season, worked briefly on Fox Sports Midwest’s coverage of the Cardinals last year.

"Fernando is just a terrific addition to this group," said Jay Levy, Senior Coordinating Producer of Baseball Tonight. "We’re always looking to add."

Vina didn’t play long after he signed with the Tigers a little more than three years ago, but he was always a good quote when he was around. Hopefully the new job works out, though it begs the follow-up question: What kind of analyst could the sometimes outspoken Bobby Higginson be?


This gives me an opportunity to say something I’ve always thought. While Pudge gets all the credit, and rightfully, for putting the Tigers back on the baseball map following that woeful 2003 season, I’ve always thought Fernando Vina was the first legitimate major leaguer to agree to come to Detroit. He had playoff experience leading off for the Cardinals, then he came to Detroit. It was like, finally, a real major league ballplayer. I remember being fairly excited about that. I just think that opened the door a little for others, like Rondell White and finally, Pudge. Made the Tigers a little bit more legitimate. I always think fondly of Fernando because of that.

I want Harold Reynolds back, doggone it. BBTN has not been the same, since he left.

Jason…….very cute, the comment about Higginson. Of course, you have a “conflict of interest” in suggesting this. You would no longer get E-Mails asking “whatever happened to Higgy??”. Think how boring THAT would be…………..(right….lol).

I see Sheff says he will hit 30 dingers. I wonder, what kind of protection he will give Ordonez and Guillen? I am thinking, both of them are gonna see a lot more fastballs.

Those innings that both Grandy and Polanco get on, will be followed by Carlos, Sheff, and Maggs. That ain’t bad.

Living in San Diego, spring training cannot start soon enough. The Chargers axed their coach, and the 3 or 4 Charger fans in town are getting upset. We ALL need a little diversion.

Didja see the Sporting News’ “Power Rankings”?

1. Yankees

2. Indians

3. Red Sox

4. Tigers

The Indians?? Do a couple of relief pitchers really make that much difference? From 4th place in its division, to the 2nd best team in baseball?

I KNEW there was a reason I stopped buying that rag……..

Their power rankings had the Tigers fourth? Their baseball preview had the Tigers second behind only the Twins. Did the balance of power shift during TwinsFest and TigerFest or something?


Musta been the way the Tigers boarded the bus, or something.

Well, I got the answer to my “Whatever happened to …” question when Dmitri signed a minor-league deal with the Nationals. I figured somebody would take a flier on him – I wondered whether the Devil Rays might go for the set.

Any further rumblings about this A-Rod rumor, Jason? I personally would rather see us re-sign Carlos, but who knows what might happen. With his knee problems, a long-term deal might be difficult to swallow.


Aw Matt, somedays a writer has to find something to write about. Instant rumor.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Dimitri Young is at firstbase for the Nationals on opening day, what with Nick Johnson’s broken leg. Nick, however, should be back in about a month from that time, and the job is definitely his. Then maybe they can trade DY for A-Rod or something…. 🙂

In the above post, I had a specific writer in mind. It’s not anyone here. 🙂

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