February 13th, 2007

Whatever happened to …

Finally, we have a firm answer to the question of where Fernando Vina ended up. From the New York Post:

A two-time Gold Glove winner and former Mets infielder, Viña has agreed in principle to a contract with ESPN that would make him the newest analyst on Baseball Tonight. He will also appear on SportsCenter, ESPN News, and ESPN Radio.

Viña, whose deal will likely require him to appear on the air 60 days next season, worked briefly on Fox Sports Midwest’s coverage of the Cardinals last year.

"Fernando is just a terrific addition to this group," said Jay Levy, Senior Coordinating Producer of Baseball Tonight. "We’re always looking to add."

Vina didn’t play long after he signed with the Tigers a little more than three years ago, but he was always a good quote when he was around. Hopefully the new job works out, though it begs the follow-up question: What kind of analyst could the sometimes outspoken Bobby Higginson be?