More on Yorman Bazardo

For those of you looking for a low-down on who the Tigers acquired, Baseball America’s Chris Kline broke down his game after last night’s performance at the Caribbean Series. Bazardo had been designated for assignment when the Mariners signed Jeff Weaver, so his performance the last few days (Al Avila was scouting the Caribbean Series for the Tigers, by the way) probably ensured Seattle wouldn’t be able to sneak him through waivers if they had any chance before. He has one option left, so the Tigers can send him down this spring.


Jason– In your bullpen column, I didn’t see Campusano’s name. Was this an oversight or is it highly unlikely that he’ll make the team? As much as I’d love to see Eischen (or Byrdak, Seay, or Heredia) to emerge as Walker’s replacement, I always get excited when there is young guy in line for a spot. I know I’m guilty of the “grass is always greener” mentality but I was excited when they got him this winter. Thoughts?

Regardless of how it plays out, it should be interesting to see who will join Rodney, Zumaya, Mesa, and Jones in the ‘pen this year.

Total oversight on my part. I was trying to fit in everything about the bullpen into one story and I moved off the lefty angle too soon. He’s definitely a in the mix. My apologies.

I am pretty high on this guy too and must congratulate the front office for having the vision to listen to scouting and go after him. He is a very high strikout/low base on balls guy and will fit in vry nicely this year IMO.

There is added pressure in the Campusano decision. He either makes the team or he is gone back to the Cubs. No chance for a year in the minors.

What a great time to be a Tiger fan.

The only spots “open”, are in the bullpen.

The trade for Bazardo is interesting. Trusting DD as we all do, Bazardo must have something. Possibly 5th starter potential, if Maroth is not ready? Ledezma needs to be in the pen. Also, if he has a good spring, does this make Maroth the second lefty in the pen a possibility?

DD seems to be creating nothing but options, options, options. Many outfielders, players capable of different positions, hitting anywhere in the lineup.

This team is set up for just about anything. Slumps, injuries……………….anything.

A great time to be a Tiger fan.

It’s always a great time to be a Tigers fan, ain’t it Scratch. Appreciate the positive comments on Mike Maroth. I pull for this guy above all other Tiger players; even more than Chris Shelton. I’m not much for predictions,we take what we’d like to see happen and then try to convince ourselves and others that it will happen by making predictions. When we’re right it makes us feel smart.If anybody predicted the Tiger’s roller coaster finish last year,step forward, you win. Whether or not Mike wins 15-20 games this season or even for some years to come, he deserves a chance. World Series appearances are rare gifts and Mike didn’t get his chance yet. What a great story for him (baseball)if he were to have a standout year and then a World Series shot as a starter. It’s not my prediction, it’s my hope.

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