TV notes not involving DirecTV

If you’ve checked the Spring Training schedule lately, you’ll see the television slate is out — two games on ESPN, four more on FSN Detroit. Both ESPN games are against the Yankees. (I’ll let you insert your own editorial comment here.) FSN has another Tigers-Yankees tilt on March 25 and a game against the Rays on March 18, both Sundays. Then FSN has back-to-back games in the final week against the Braves at Disney World and then at home against the Dodgers.

Also, if you look ahead at the regular-season schedule starting in May, you’ll see some 3:55 p.m. starts on Saturdays — three of them in June alone. That is the new start time for games on the FOX network — not FSN, but the FOX broadcast network. Not sure whether all those games will end up on FOX, nationally or regionally, but they’re strong possibilities. It’ll be a different feel from Saturday night starts (or even early Saturday afternoon), but if it means the Tigers on TV more, I’m guessing most folks won’t mind.

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Wow, Bonderman might be unhittable in that time slot. Verlander too.

Interesting to see Joey Eischen being signed to a minor league contract. I got to see a lot of Joey in 2005, coming back from his broken arm (seems like that happened in a household accident). He’s a scrapper, gives a good effort, and can be effective against lefthand hitters. In Washington, he had to also finish the righties and that didn’t always go so well. I’d rate him an even shot to make the big club. Best of luck to him.


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