January 25th, 2007

TV notes not involving DirecTV

If you’ve checked the Spring Training schedule lately, you’ll see the television slate is out — two games on ESPN, four more on FSN Detroit. Both ESPN games are against the Yankees. (I’ll let you insert your own editorial comment here.) FSN has another Tigers-Yankees tilt on March 25 and a game against the Rays on March 18, both Sundays. Then FSN has back-to-back games in the final week against the Braves at Disney World and then at home against the Dodgers.

Also, if you look ahead at the regular-season schedule starting in May, you’ll see some 3:55 p.m. starts on Saturdays — three of them in June alone. That is the new start time for games on the FOX network — not FSN, but the FOX broadcast network. Not sure whether all those games will end up on FOX, nationally or regionally, but they’re strong possibilities. It’ll be a different feel from Saturday night starts (or even early Saturday afternoon), but if it means the Tigers on TV more, I’m guessing most folks won’t mind.