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Lots of cheers for the returning Tigers on Wednesday, but Sheffield was the primary story and a very good interview. As I wrote in my story for the site, he’s an outspoken personality. But I don’t think he’s going to be a distraction for the Tigers. If anything, I think he can benefit this club because he knows how to deal with attention.

I couldn’t get all of Sheffield’s quotes from the caravan stops in the stories, but here are a few others:

On leadership: "I don’t see myself as a leader yet, because I haven’t gotten in the locker room and gotten to know the personalities. One thing people have to realize is when I come into a locker room, I don’t ask for any of this [role]. Guys gravitate to me because I’m open. You can approach me. I don’t put myself on a celebrity status where I go dress over here and everybody else dresses over there. I do everything with the guys. I play jokes with guys. A lot of writers might not see it, but I’m just like one of [the other players]. I think that’s where my leadership comes from."

On watching the Tigers from afar: "Obviously everybody in the league knew they had a great pitching staff and they were becoming a great team. And as the season went on, they became that great team. Now, going forward, it’s pretty much the same team with the addition of myself. Hopefully I can just add to the pieces."

On his goals as a home-run hitter: "My goal is always in the 30s. I know that I can reach 40 home runs, somewhere in that range, but I’m always consistent in the area of the 30s. If I can do that, I’ve done my job, but the main thing here for us is to win championships."

On his book: "It’s an inspirational book. I looked at a lot of guys’ books, and a lot of it is all about baseball and what their experiences were when they were in a 3-2 situation, things like that. I think my book is more along the lines of when you’re going through certain situations, what is your mindset and how you get out of it. It’s inspirational to younger people."


I’m glad to hear that you don’t think IHOP will be a distraction, Jason. I hope you’re right. He certainly seems to be saying the right things, and I know the bat will help. I think I’ve forgiven him for being a Yankee and I’m ready to cheer for him.

I’m not so worried about Perez. If he can’t hit in Spring Training, I have to think the Tigers would release (or try to trade) him. Sure it would cost them, but why jeopardize the kind of success we’re having?

I wish I could come to some of these events, but as far as I know, the caravan hasn’t scheduled any stops in Red Sox Nation…


Hey Jason,
I was at the Caravan stop yesterday at OU. I’m with The Oakland Post and saw you in the media room. It was good to put a face to a name. Keep up the good work.


As I mentioned in a post on “Winter Caravan Time”-Sheffield dramatically improves the lineup from the cleanup spot. It changes the whole complexion of pitching around a guy or 2 and dealing with someone in a slump. This makes Ordonez see better pitches if Leyland has the foresight to bat him 3rd.
This is now a tough lineup to have to deal with as a pitcher. And this is coming from someone who is not an insane Sheffield fan.

Oh, there’s no questioning the impact on the lineup. When the players you’re looking at for the bottom half of the batting order are guys like Monroe, Pudge, Casey and Inge, you know you’re dealing from a position of strength. I’m very excited by the prospect…


It is a tough lineup to deal with. Let’s keep the White Sox in mind, however. They added a big thumper, scored a bunch of runs, but their pitching let down. On the other hand, 90 wins is nothing to sneeze at. It will be fun.

Since I’m convinced Perez will be on the team, I’m looking at his positives. He’s an excellent bunter. I suspect that, like Casey, he had a tough time adjusting to AL pitching. The dude has got to be a better hitter than what we saw last year. He seems very professional, and appears to be a likeable person from what I’ve witnessed. I think much of our complaint last season was when JL started him in about ten straight games. I do think he can make a useful utility backup.

So there’s my sunshine on a gray day.


I hope you’re right Rich. He looked very awkward last year and was pretty much an easy out at the plate. He did win a gold glove at short for the Rockies and had a couple of 160+ game seasons there as their SS.

He just seems redundant. I would rather have Santiago around and Infante is a lock as the primary utility man.

Oh I agree with you. In fact, Santiago hit for a higher average than Perez. I’m just looking at what will probably be the realities. Perez does have a history of being able to hit some, whereas Santiago hasn’t shown that yet.

Hey, speaking of looking awkward, you remember Casey swinging at that pitch that bounced five or ten feet in front of the plate? I think that was my most embarrassing moment as a Tiger fan last year. Probably didn’t do much for Sean either. 🙂


Sheffield joins the team, spouts off a bit, writes a book, and all we talk about is Nefarious………….too funny.

Every fan needs something to complain about. Without Nefi, what would we have?

Scratch, if we as a group need to be called anything, it’s a no-brainer.

The Beckaneers!

Yeah, I can see the commercials on Fox now…………..”Who’s your Beckeneer??”

Ummmm, maybe not……

Ugh. How many days until spring training again?

Obviously…….too many.

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