Sheffield autobiography

Here’s the link to the NY Times article on Sheffield’s upcoming autobiography. It goes into more topics and more detail than the wire story, on denying steroid use and other topics. Here’s one cutout from Ben Shpigel’s article:

According to the book, after agreeing to train with Bonds in Northern California after the 2001 season, Sheffield grew tired of Bonds’s uncompromising control over their workout routine. He nevertheless agreed when Bonds said he would give him “vitamins” from the Balco founder Victor Conte Jr. Sheffield said that Conte gave the vitamins to Greg Anderson, Bonds’s trainer, who gave them to him.

As he acknowledged during testimony before the Balco grand jury, Sheffield said that he rubbed cream on his knee after surgical stitches popped out while working out. Sheffield said that Anderson gave him “some cream that’ll heal you up in a hurry,” but he went to a doctor anyway.

“My understanding was that the cream was no different from the Neosporin you buy at Rite Aid. Only it worked quicker,” Sheffield said. “It did work fast. It healed me in about a week.”

As far as how much of a distraction the book could be, time will tell. What was mentioned in the article really isn’t different from what he has said in the past. It’ll keep him in the headlines for a while longer in NY, but that might be it. At least now you have something to do with that bookstore gift card you received for Christmas.


From the Times article: “He planned a lunch meeting with Braves officials at a restaurant in Tampa, Fla., where the Yankees’ principal owner, George Steinbrenner, often ate with the hopes that Steinbrenner would intensify his interest in signing him.” The IHOP again?



I’m going to have to go hang around that IHOP and see if I can talk my way into a job with the Yankees………as a spy for the Tigers. 🙂 At any rate, the employees there must receive pretty good tips.

The arguments with Torre is an interesting bit, although I doubt there’s a player alive who hasn’t scrapped with some manager somewhere. I took the most comfort in the Sheffield deal from the fact that both JL and DD know who and what they’re getting. Should be no surprises on either end.

IHOP? I was thinking the very same thing.🙂

Jason, I hear that Rodney’s one year deal is for 1.05 mill? That doesn’t seem very much, relatively speaking. Is the plan maybe to sweeten that with the two year contract?

What is your take on the Infante contract? Business as usual, or a hint that he’s indeed in the plans for 2007?

Actually, this leads into the question about the “odd man out” in the infield. My guess is Santiago will go. The only way to drop Perez is by trade or outright release and eat his contract, is that accurate?


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