The buffet line starts in RF

Nothing new on the Tigers front today, so if you missed it, I’ll leave you with this new chapter in ballpark marketing: All-you-can-eat concessions with your ticket to a Dodgers game. From the L.A. Times (registration required):

A ticket to the right-field pavilion — at $35 in advance and $40 ongame day — will entitle fans to an endless supply of ballpark staples,
including hot dogs, peanuts and soda but excluding beer, which hasn’t
been sold in the pavilion for years. The Dodgers tested the concept
several times last season.

"The fans really liked it," spokeswoman Camille Johnston said. "We know it’s a good option for groups."

Good option for groups. A potential adventure for individuals.


Thx for the update, Jason. It’s gotta be tough, coming up with “news” this offseason, for the Tigers. after all, they are “set”, right?

Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe not.

I personally, do NOT believe, they have done enough.

Here are the reasons:

Thames. His trade value will never be higher. Also, with the current configuration of the Tigers, he will never have as many at-bats, and will never hit as many dingers as he did in ’06. So, why the wait? A left-handed reliever could be had for him. Or, a prospect. Maybe not a front line prospect, but one nevertheless. Plus, we would be doing him a favor.

Guillen. I find it fallacy to think he can continue to play(healthy), at short. He is the perfect first bagger for our team. All it takes, is a little imagination, and pull a deal for a shortstop that’ll make this team better at TWO positions, SS and first. I do not post out of disrespect for Carlos, quite the opposite.

Lineup. Sheffield is not enough. Have any of y’all considered what we are heading into next year with? The injury possibilities aren’t only possible, they are probable. Casey, Guillen, Sheffield, Ordonez……….there is NO WAY all go through the season playing every day. Add Rodriguez(not exactly a spring chicken at catcher), and Polanco(ditto at 2nd), and it is a little scary. Another bat is needed. To carry the team for a couple of weeks, when injuries strike. I know, I know……but, may I mention Tejada, again???

One more big bat, that’s what we need.

Thanks for chiming in. I’m glad SOMEBODY is still reading. You can mention Tejada, but he’s not coming to Detroit, and every indication is he’s not going to be moved anywhere. Any thought of moving Guillen to 1B in 2007 was pretty much finished when the Tigers re-signed Casey.

Barring another deal, the key to the infield depth is going to be Thames’ ability to play 1B and a bounce-back season from Omar Infante. If Infante’s ever going to get a chance to start at SS, this has to be his time to emerge as somebody a team can rely on.

I’m still reading, although I admit I’m hesitant to see the majority of posts coming from me, so I lay back. Maybe I shouldn’t do that.

I’ve watched various highlights from the 2006 season over the past couple of weeks, and I’ll tell ya, Carlos Guillen really knows his way around firstbase. I agree that this is an excellent move for him, but in the future. And Casey’s one year contract fits right into that. And that leads to Infante showing his stuff, as you say, Jason. Oh, and a pre-emptive comment for “what about Big Red”: he’ll have to earn it again. Whether that’s fair or not, that’s the way it is.

I do have one thought on Thames, Scratch. If injuries do hit Ordonez or Sheffield, that’s all the more reason to keep Marcus around. He may end up getting plenty of at bats.

While some guys will have fall offs, others will improve (Inge, Granderson) and so it goes. All in all, I see a pretty darned good ballclub taking the field in a few weeks.


I’m still reading too, Jason, I just don’t have very much to add. Having periodic updates is great, and I always enjoy reading people’s ideas. During the off-season, at least I don’t have to read people second-guessing JL everyday after the fact!

If I am going to add one comment, it will be this: The Tigers didn’t really have many choices this off-season and did a good job. Sheff will help, and it is good to have Casey.

My crazy suggestion is to put Pudge in leadoff. I think he will show more discpline there. Haveing said that, I know it ain’t gonna happen…

Maybe for one or two games again…

So, I’m feeling a little nervous about the Sheffield book, Jason (reported on – how do you put the nice url links in your posts?). It sounds like the book is not a tell-all or inflammatory in any particular way, but do we really want the center ring of the steroid circus to be in Lakeland/Detroit this spring?

It will be hard enough to keep the team focused, I would think, without the added distractions. I will reserve judgement, though, as I think the whole doping scandal needs some saner voices to be heard. I just wish the book had been published in the off-season.

I wonder how long the Tigers have known about this…


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