Footnote on Gomez/Perez

If there were any lingering questions about whether the Tigers tried to re-sign Alexis Gomez, the answer was that they couldn’t. Talking with Dave Dombrowski, the road block was that because of Gomez’s situation, where the Tigers signed him back in August and then took him off the roster last month after the Rule 5 draft, the Tigers couldn’t have re-signed him until March 15. So they effectively had no shot at bringing him back.

As for Perez, he’s expected to serve as insurance and start at Triple-A. Part of his value is that he can play all three outfield spots. At this point, barring any more moves, it would be very difficult for the Tigers to fit in a reserve outfielder besides Marcus Thames, who isn’t likely to be traded.


If I am Marcus, I INSIST on being traded.

This just might be his one and only chance at a payday. He isn’t young anymore, and who knows if he’ll ever get enough at-bats to have a mid-twenty dinger type season again?

He’d hit 40 in Colorado or Texas or someplace like that.

Baltimore would sign him for 30 or 40 million.

Bye bye Alexis………we barely knew ya.

Two factors …

1. The fact that no team has overwhelmed the Tigers with an offer suggests the market for him isn’t as impressive as first thought. He could potentially be an everyday player on some other teams, but I don’t think it’s a slam-dunk.

2. Even if he had leverage in this thing, Marcus is not the kind of guy who would ask for a trade, even if it would be his best shot. He’s a quality character guy who’s not going to feel entitled.

Jason, I hear what you are saying.

But a “quality character guy” still needs to worry a little about his future, no?

On the other hand, an injury or two could get his at-bats back to aplace where his production could lead to a better deal, with the Tigers or someplace else.

If he has as much character as you say(and, I gotta trust you on this one, you spend a LOT more time around the team than I do, for sure)here’s hoping he is rewarded for his patience, and his stand-up behavior.

Nowadays, a guy that shuts up and does his job is rare, indeed. He is to be commended.

As a Tiger fan, it is nice having him ready, in case he is needed on an every day basis. I gotta ask though………Leyland couldn’t find him ONE at-bat in the Series? For such a “character” guy?

Things that make ya go: Hmmmmmmm

I agree with you about not finding an at bat for Thames in the WS is a shame. He (Leyland) seemed to be able to play Nelfi Perez when he should not have much to everyone’s dismay. It’s nice to see a player not complaining about his role. On a side note, does Bobby Seay have any chance of making the club as a reliever?

Amen to that Scratch. Marcus’s character goes beyond quality. I’m glad he’s still a Tiger but it may not be in his best interest. Marcus’ not playing in the 2006 WS is one of those questions we’ll never have an answer to. There had to have been a spot for him somewhere in those five games, yes?

Sometimes there seems to be a fine line between the guy who gets 8-10 mil a year and the guy who gets 750,000-1 mil/year.

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