Trammell on Sheffield wearing No. 3

"I have no problem with that. I hope he does well. I think it was a very nice move by the Tigers to acquire him. He’s a super player.

"He’s been a great player for a long period of time. But again, the number’s not retired. But just for [clubhouse manager] Jim [Schmakel] to call, it’s nice."


What else would anyone expect gentleman Trammell to say?

This doesn’t border on controversial, but there WAS a classier solution to finding a number for Sheffield: leave #3 alone.

After I retired from the ballteam I managed and played on for 15 years, those clowns retired my number six. Seriously. I assumed they did it so they’d never be reminded of me.

I think the retirement of numbers has gotten out of hand. The Yankees, who of course have to be better than anyone else, don’t have many numbers left, do they? They’ll probably retire Steinbrenner’s turtleneck.

Does it matter that Jim Northrup wore Greenberg’s #5, or that Tommy Matchick wore Gehringer’s #2? Sheffield can wear the number now since it’s not retired. Yet.

Say, if I buy a Tiger jersey with no number, will people realize it’s a Ty Cobb jersey? Or would they think it’s Hughie Jennings?

Who cares? –the #11 would have been fine and I don’t imagine would have ruffled any feathers at all.

He CAN’T have #6 though!

I never much cared for numbers being retired either, unless the players impact on the game was truly “one-of-a-kind”. Ruth, Jackie, Gehrig, Mays come to mind…….can’t think of any players in the modern age that really revolutionized the game, except for Ozzie Smith(yeah, not a name on the tip of anyone’s tongue, but he changed the way the game is fielded).

However, respect is a different issue. If Sheffield came in wearing, say #56, and brought Detroit a championship…..NO ONE would complain if he changed to #3 his second season.

I mean, DO something before you wear an icon’s number on the field of your “latest” team.

Again, this isn’t anything terrible, but just a sign of how the modern day ball player expects to be treated…….

Is Jeter trying to get on Steinbrenner’s bad side standing on the Michigan sideline?

I don’t think Jeter cares about that. Derek is a huge Michigan booster. He’s the one that should come play for Detroit.

If life was a movie, we’d have won that game for Bo.

I’m going to jump the gun on this and announce that the Cubs just signed Soriano for eight years at 136 million.

I also want to add the guy’s stats. 46 HR for only 95 RBI, a .351 OBP and a .277 BA.

Is this what we wanted to pay for him?

Rich. In a word—NO.
It is morally wrong to pay anyone that kind of money to hit a baseball.

I don’t Sheffield wearing the number 3 is that big of deal. I love Tram but he wasn’t the first important Tigers player to wear the number either. I’m not saying Sheffield mean anything near what Cochrane or Trammell meant to the team but in the big scheme of things, who wears whose number has no affect on how the outcome of the game.

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