Zumaya update

Tests Thursday showed inflammation in his right wrist and forearm, the same injury he had in September. He can’t have a cortisone shot this soon after the last one, so they have to try to settle it down through rest and ice and other normal treatment. They’re treating it as a day-to-day injury, but it sounds like he’ll be out Friday at the very least.


I’m tempted to say “I knew it was too good to be true.” Is it possible that no human being can throw this hard without damaging their arm? I realize he’s young.

Well, yet another challenge for these guys. You couldn’t have a better starter in this situation than the ol’ Gambler, though.

Seems to me that just pitching in the weather I see in Detroit would be all the ice an arm would need.

Best case scenario are 2 games with big run differentials. Wouldn’t it be nice to breeze through the next 2 games and then as Van Morrison says get “the healing done”

I posted this on the ALCS blog and will share it here too:

I just want to add a word on tomorrow’s weather. What with all the talk of cold, the main factor will be wind. I see a 20-30 mph wind from the SW, which in Comerica Park translates to a gale blowing directly out to leftfield. There are a lot of righthand sluggers in both lineups that could have a big day. I’m talking Bradley and Swisher hitting from the right side against Rogers, along with big Frank, plus Monroe, Ordonez, Inge, and Guillen if he goes the other way. Throw in late day shadows, if there’s sun, and this could be a crazy day of baseball.

Bet the over then?🙂

Wishing everybody in the Motown area a snow free day! 2 ft in Buffalo!

Anyway, as far as Zumaya is concerned—-it’s another bad break to deal with after Casey. Let’s hope for the best case scenario I mentioned above and maybe he comes back renewed.

A most encouraging thing I saw about ZoomByYa was a quote in the paper:

“Didn’t have my ‘A’ stuff, man,” Zumaya lamented that night. “I was all over. I was just throwing. That ball Milton Bradley hit” — a knee-high fastball for a double — “was a very stupid pitch.”

That tells me a lot. It means he is well aware of needing to augment an arrogant fastball by cultivating the strike zone and pitch selection. When he masters this he will truly be awesome.

Providing of course his mechanics aren’t the source of his nagging inflammation problems.

Get well Joel—and try to be quick about it!

I’ve been hearing a lot hyperbole about Leyland’s brilliance in choosing lineups, i.e. Gomez.

I’ll be the first to say it was a good move but it really was not a comparision to putting Mickey Stanley at SS.

I mean with Casey out, Thames struggling, it was clear that a left handed bat with some power would be nice.

Playing Perez tells me that Leyland is not a genius.

Not playing Gomez (and playing Stairs ad nauseum) down the stretch tells me he is not a genius.

Not dressing Shelton but dressing Perez tells me he is not a genius.

Leyland is a very good manager, a noble man and a great guy, but he is not, IMO, a Casey Stengel or Walt Alson. I don’t mean to put the man down I just think that media perspective has a tendency to manufacture stories to make it appear that he ( and any other hero of the day) can walk on water.

Keep up the excellent work JL (but please give Neifi a chair).

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